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BWWM Books

If you’re a fan of books with black women and white men, you’re in for a real treat! On this page you’ll find a list of all our books released under the BWWM Romance (.com) name. These are by various authors who release books through us, all of whom you’ll see below.

So check out some of the best BWWM books from the best BWWM authors around.

Important: Latest BWWM Romance Books At

Note: The below list will soon be updated with the newest and best BWWM books soon (early 2018). If you can’t wait, you can see the best books now at or Romancely, as the below list is somewhat dated. I know you’ll enjoy the ones at BWWM Club, be sure to share your best around. πŸ™‚

Free BWWM Romance Novels:

Oh yer, and you can get some free ones here too. πŸ˜‰

BWWM Book Series By J A Fielding

Home And Hearts Series

Home and Hearts - Billionaire Interracial RomanceMy Man, My Family - BWWM Billionaire Romance Kindle BooksThe Proposal - BWWM Billionaire EroticaThe Other Man - A Black Woman White Man Billionaire Romance BookThe Wedding - BWWM Billionaire Romance s

  1. Home Is Where The Heart Is.
  2. Jealousy And Trust.
  3. My Man, My Family.
  4. The Proposal.
  5. The Other Man.
  6. The Wedding.

Popular BWWM Book Series By Cher Etan

Mr Russia Series

Russian Dream - BWWM Russian Romance smallMy Russian Lover - BWWM Billionaire BBW s

  1. My Russian Dream.
  2. My Russian Lover.

Billionaire Step Series

How Times Change - A BBW BWWM Billionaire Romance Story smallMy Whirlwind Romance BWWM BBW Billionaire Kindle Unlimited Series s

  1. How Times Change.
  2. My Whirlwind Romanc.

Paranormal BWWM Stories

Want something a bit different? Then check out our paranormal BWWM books (opens in a new window). Perfect for those who want their books with a supernatural flavor. Novels include vampires, werewolf shifters, shark shifters, Angels, Dragons and more.

More BWWM Series By J A Fielding

The Mr White Series

Is Mr White Mr Right Cover 4Mr White Proposes BWWM RomanceWedding Planning With Mr White BookMy Honeymoon With Mr White Front CoverMaking Babies With Mr White - Pregnancy Black woman white man storyGiving Birth To Mr Whites Baby - PregnancyMy Future With Mr White Igniting The Passion With Mr White - African American EroticaHealing Mr White Cover

  1. Is Mr White Mr Right? – Also on Barnes & Noble / iTunes.
  2. Mr White Proposes.
  3. Wedding Planning With Mr White – Also on Barnes & Noble / iTunes.
  4. My Honeymoon With Mr White.
  5. Making Babies With Mr White.
  6. Giving Birth To Mr White’s Baby.
  7. My Future With Mr White.
  8. Igniting The Passion With Mr White.
  9. Healing Mr White.

My Ex White Soldier Series

Part 1 White Ex Soldier BWWM RomanceMy White Ex Soldier's Past BWWM BooksMy White Hero Soldier Romance StoryMy White Lottery WinnerFront Cover - Line of Trust -By J A FieldingA Fight For Love

  1. My White Ex Soldier – Also on Barnes & Noble / iTunes.
  2. My White Ex Soldier’s Past.
  3. My White Hero.
  4. My White Lottery Winner.
  5. Line Of Trust.
  6. A Fight For Love.

Real BWWM Couples

Want to see the real people who are in black women white men relationships? Then check out these famous BWWM couples. See, interracial relationships are becoming more and more mainstream. πŸ™‚

One Off BWWM And BWAM Novels By J A Fielding (Newest First)

A Vampire, A Shifter - Paranormal romance like twilight alternativeCaring For Him CoverMy Asian Lover BWAMWhy Do I Like White Men Cover BWWM Ebook

  • A Vampire, A Shifter.
  • Caring For Him.
  • My Asian Lover (BWAM).
  • Why Do I Like White Men.

BWWM Book Series By Esther Banks

Love Over Color Series

Another Man's Baby Final Artwork

  1. Another Mans Baby.

Strong Love Series

My Instructor BWWM BBW Sports Romance

  1. My Instructor.

Mr Online Series

Find Me Online Cover WMBWWhat The Heart Dont Know BWWM Novel

  1. Find Me Online.
  2. What The Heart Don’t Know.

My Angel Series

My Guardian Angel - Angel Romance Book

  1. My Guardian Angel.

BWWM Dragon Shifter Romance Series

Loves Fire BWWM ParanormalA Dragons DanceLove By Fire - Dragon Shifter Romance

  1. Love’s Fire.
  2. A Dragon’s Dance.
  3. Taken By Fire.

One Off BWWM Novels By Esther Bank (Newest First)

First Born Cover Esther Banks Paranormance Romance Like TwilightLove And Money - A Woman Billionaire Interracial Romance

  • First Born.
  • Love And Money.

Paranormal BWWM eBook Series By R S Holloway

While Werewolf Series

Secrets Of The White Werewolf - Shifter Romance Series]Falling For My White WerewolfThe White Werewolfs Love - Boxed Set

  1. Secrets Of The White Werewolf.
  2. Falling For My White Werewolf.
  3. The White Werewolfs Love.

White Vampire Series

My White Vampire Romance

  1. My White Vampire.

One Off BWWM Novels By Crystal Williams (Newest First)

The Cowboys Song - A BWWM Cowboy RomanceNight By Night Urban BWWM Interracial Romance

  • The Cowboy’s Song..
  • Night By Night.

What Makes A Good Black Woman White Man Romance Book?

Here at BWWM Romance, we believe in giving you the highest quality BWWM books to read. We want our books to be the best in the genre, whether you’re into multicultural & interracial Kindle ebooks, African American romances or other.

We have a number of authors writing for us, all working together to give you, the reader, what they want. This is why we created our forums; so we can get feedback on what is and what isn’t working in our books, and make sure future ones match your expectations.

Yes, you play a big role in the books that come out of the BWWM Romance publishing group. This site is run by authors for you. We’re all people, so we like to let the people decide what direction our stories take.

So if you want the best BWWM books around, you need to look no further than the above.

We’ll be compiling a top 10 list of WMBW books soon, so keep your eyes pealed. πŸ™‚

Can I Search By BWWM Authors?

As you can see, the above books are categorized by the BWWM author. Scroll down to see books from a specific author or writer you like.

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