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J A Fielding

Hi Stephanie, Jay, Kassie, Sackiena, Sgurl and Schawndria. Great to hear from you all and your stories. I’m glad you found the one Stephanie, like you said acceptance is always a big hurdle in relationships. So happy for you. 🙂

Jay, you’re more than welcome here any time you want. Lovely picture of you and your husband, you look really good together.

Kassie, you’ll find more than enough people to talk to on here. Just reach out to other forum members in the other topics, everyone here is friendly enough.

Sackiena, sounds like you’re well traveled. 🙂 Yer if you’ve any questions about our books / us / other forum members then ask away. There are some other threads which already have questions and discussions, or feel free to start your own. The more people make that first leap with the posting, the more others will do so too. 🙂

Sgurl, there are a lot more fans on here too. What are some of your favorite BWWM books? Let us know over here:

Wow Schawndria, sounds like you’ve got your hands full with four kids. 🙂
Great to have you part of the forum, glad you liked Home Is Where The Heart Is. The follow up to that is out now if you haven’t seen it:

Thanks all for letting us get to know you that bit more, I feel so privileged as an author. Have a look at the other forum threads and let’s get to know each other better. 🙂