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Reply To: What got you into dating Caucasian men?


I always liked white boys even before I “liked boys” I was a tomboy who integrated two different elementary schools (we are talking 1 of 3 and 1 of 2) I had 3 years in all black schools then was bused in middle school. I had many crushes, but only one white “boyfriend” in Middle school. Unlike now I’m talking holding hands, passing notes, and a FEW kisses over a whole year. Even with those feeling I KNEW “bringing one home would cause issues. My family had white friends that we had over and went to their homes. But there was that unspoken line that was not crossed!

So when I moved for my first post college job to a single digit minority area from Memphis a near 50/50 area, I resigned myself to be alone, sharing or being the booty call. After almost 2 years of this I had an Aha moment, Why was I chasing after a VERY SMALL pool of black males when I was being actively hit on by white males? There were a few who I could tell just wanted to try a bit of “Chocolate”, but most wanted to go the real dating route. I decide to give the “white boys a try” and never really went back. I didn’t give up on black males for almost a decade, but I wasn’t lowering my standards just have one. I had VERY few dates, but I didn’t have what they wanted and they dumped me, usually after one date or never called after the first meeting. So I went to personal ads advertising for a white male and found “THE ONE”!