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Hello everyone. I am new here. Just read my first J. A. Fielding book yesterday and decided to check out the website and joined this morning.

Usually it is the cover that catches my eye although some authors use stock images and it can be confusing at times. One of my pet peeves is the unattrative covers on some I/R books. Some have been simply horrible. The story may have been good, but the cover turned me off. Then, I read the reviews both positive and negative and have not had a negative review cloud my decision to by a book. I have found that even some of my favorite authors can not hit the mark every time!

Then, I look at the number of pages. I am willing to pay a certain amount for a certain number of pages (shallow I know. Afterall, the author needs to make the cake just like I do). I look for books 100+ pages. Then, I consider the author, Is it someone who’s work I read before or is it someone new to me. THe past few months, I have downloaded a lot of freebies. Some have been so so, some wanted me to read the authors other books, some have been exceptional and others so horrible I could not finish the first few pages. So, in a nutshell it is the cover that pulls me in and the writing that keeps me coming back.