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Are You In A BWWM Couple? If So, Post Your Picture. :)

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    J A Fielding

    If you’ve a picture of you and your partner, feel free to post it in this topic. I look forward to seeing the face of love. 😉

    P.S. Use the ‘img’ tag when replying to add a image. It will have to be online somewhere and you add the link for it to show up.


    I have no trouble talking about my experiences. However, I’m not into putting too much of our lives on internet, but I’d say our honeymoon pics show two “nice looking people a couple of 7’s unless you have size prejudices.

    I have dated WM almost eight years before meeting my husband 22 years ago. I was also not my husbands first black woman, all though I did go out with white guys where i was their “first” I’ve been over average all my life with most of the time in the lower end of 18/20 but topped out at size 32 and got a lap band last fall. I’m down to mostly my 26 clothes but wearing some 24’s. Add to that my 6 years older than my husband I hit most growing genres. If I could just latent paranormal powers I would be the “ALL THAT CHIPS AND DIP” :))

    J A Fielding

    That’s totally understandable about not wanting to share too much online Joy, I know some people like sharing their pictures but others aren’t too keen. Thanks for sharing your story though, I enjoy getting to know my readers that bit more. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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