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Do your prefer ebooks or physical books?

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    Which do you prefer? While I like both I do personally like physical books. I guess because I work on the computer all day, so when it comes to my unwinding time I like to get away from the screen.

    That said I do like that ebooks are cheaper and they’re easier to travel with, so I buy both.

    Which do you prefer?

    J A Fielding

    Good question Jeena. I too prefer physical books, although I own more ebooks. A lot of the bwwm books are ebook only , plus they’re often a lot more friendly on the purse too. 🙂

    Esther Banks

    Ebooks all the way! So much easier to bring around. When I moved house I gave a lot of my books to charity as they were taking up too much space. Ebooks help with the de-clutter.


    I love “real books” but my whole office is now a library (we are talking 7 book shelves on every wall, even over one window) because hubby is a bibliophile too! I’ve had to break down and decide which genres to keep recently, and have many large totes to give away for trade, but can’t force myself to take the last step.

    On the other side I have thousands of Kindle stories due to freebies with a few hundred mostly on sale. Before there was a Kindle I have probably close to thousand of PDF’s ibooks, Nook books etc. These collections come from years working in bookstores, and then long term illnesses that I escape from with books.

    I think paper books will be like records they faded to near extinction, now they are back in favor, but will never be for the masses again.

    J A Fielding

    Sorry to hear about the long terms illness Joy, but glad you’ve got an escape from it. Yes Kindle books are great as there are always freebies or sales going on.

    While I love physical books like you said they take up a lot of space. When I moved house mine took up a lot of space in the moving van. I’ve since got rid of quite a few, but there’s some I simply can’t let go of. Those that I really enjoyed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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