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    J A Fielding

    Hi there, thanks for joining us on these forums. This is a safe place where people can talk about ‘black women white men’ relationships. We’re also open to talk on ‘black women Asian men’ topics, and other such variations.

    In order to keep this as a friendly and sharing community, there are a few quick ground rules I’d like to go over:

    Your first post will be moderated but you can still continue posting right away. This is just to avoid spam robot sign ups. After your first post or topic has been manually approved your posts won’t be held back anymore.

    No discrimination. Please don’t talk badly about other people just because their race. It’s not cool and it’ll mean an instant lifetime ban for you. If you see anyone being offensive, please click the ‘report’ button above their post.

    Respect other people’s views. Not everyone will agree with what others say, but if that’s the case, please still respect their preferences and opinions. Discussion on topics is welcome and you’re encouraged to share your view. But please don’t insult anyone or name call just because they have a different outlook on things. Doing so once will get you a warning, and doing so twice will get you banned. If you see anyone being offensive, please click the ‘report’ button above their post.

    Share the love. Please share the forums with your friends, on other related websites and the like. The more people hear about the site, the more people we’ll have involved in the forums.

    No bait self promotion. If you’re a BWWM author, you’re more than welcome to come join and post on these forums. That said, please don’t only do so to promote yourself. While you can occasionally start a discussion about your own book and link to it (please be open and mention it’s yours, don’t create fake hype), please also get involved with other discussions and become a real part of the community. I’ll sure the fans will love to be able to discuss things with your directly. 🙂

    That’s it for now, I hope you enjoy your stay. If you haven’t come and said hi yet, you can introduce yourself here. 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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