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what do you find sexy about a white/black man?

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    Jessica Felder

    For me the sexy thing I find for a white man is his eyes and hair. Mostly the blue eyes. What I find sexy for black men is hair and skin. I thought if a white man had long hair it was soft. If the black man’s hair was really short it was smooth and sexy.

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    Esther Banks

    Well put Jessica 😉

    For me a nice smile always catches my eye and can make me melt like butter, this is true for either color man.

    I like the dress sense of the white guys near where I live. They don’t have to have expensive clothes or anything, but a clear sense that they take care of themselves is always a good thing.

    While I’m more into white men (although I’ve dated both) I’ve found the average black man is more toned and I like that. But there’s men in both races who are sexy, that I can’t deny.


    I am impressed by their smiles and the way they carry themselves. Being confident but not always cocky is essential.


    Hi all. New here but enjoy the genre and the authors. It’s interesting but I find a man’s lips and eyes sexy regardless of race. It’s the look and the smile. If they can give you that I’m so interested look with that I can get you into trouble smile, I’m a goner.


    There is so many things I find sexy about a white man but I thing it’s their eyes! I also like the way they carry themselves! Don’t get me wrong some black guys have it too but you have to REALLY search them out!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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