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    Esther Banks
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    I’ve just finished reading His Woman ( by Sam Crescent. It’s different from the normal type of BWWM book I read, but it’s definitely worth picking up. If you haven’t read it yet have a look.

    So what’s the last book you read and recommend? Leave a link to the book as well so we can all see. And if you’ve read His Woman let me know what you think.

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    The Full Circle series is amazing. Warning it is a bit out side the norm but done so well.

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    I also just finished His Woman and I thought it was okay. Not my normal read but a good fluff book and I need fluff every once in awhile ; ) This next book on my list is by Toye Lawson Brown, Proving His Innocence. ( I always enjoy this author books so I’m sure this one will be a great read.

    kathy jones
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    I just read Suddently Blue by Tressie Lockwood. A great read

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    I read Ester Banks the instructor and really liked it but it left me wanting more. It just seemed to be getting good. If enough of us read it and give a review she’ll finish it. I so want to see how the two couples flesh out and how a certain nasty person gets her due.

    J A Fielding
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    Thanks for the book suggestions guys. Proving His Innocence looks interesting, I may pick that up. And glad you enjoyed Esther’s My Instructor book Stephanie, I really enjoyed that one myself.

      I’ll search Suddently Blue now Kathy.

      Anyone else read any other good wmbw books recently?

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    I am a huge J.J. Murray fan. I just read Until I Saw Your Smile. He always has characters that are likeable and good stories.

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    I have to recommend Bad Habits by Sienna Mynx. It’s a long book, but very worth it. With it being 2 stories that interlink, you don’t even notice just how long it is. It’s crammed full of twists and turns, suspense, “hot adult scenes” and is just very well written. I thoroughly enjoyed it and still can’t get over it!

    J A Fielding
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    Thanks Michele and Mpho, both of those are quite long reads. Since they’re both highly recommended I might just have a look. 🙂

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