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    J A Fielding
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    As one of the benefits of being a member of this forum, I’m going to personally get in contact with any BWWM authors you like and ask them to come and talk to their fans (you) on these forums! I’ve often been told that it’s rare that I reply to the emails of my readers, it just generally doesn’t happen. I hope to change that for you.

    So who do should I get in contact with? Let me know 1 – 3 names of authors of black men white women books and I’ll use this thread as a way to show them they’ve been summoned. 😉

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    Good idea. How about Billy London? I like her (?) kissing the canvas book.

    J A Fielding
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    Thanks for the suggestion Jenna, I’ll definitely get in contact with Billy. Any other suggestions guys?

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    Mrs. Banks I am a faithful reader of y’alls. I want to know when the second book to First Born coming out. I have been patiently waiting. Hehehe. I’m really big on paranormal stories. That story I still remember to this day.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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