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Do White Men Like Black Women? The Truth!

Do white men like black women

Something I often get asked is if white men like black women. If you’re a black woman who likes white men, will you be able to find one who likes you back?

The answer to the second question is simple:


There are plenty of white men who like black women, there’s no doubt about that. As social boundaries are getting broken down, more and more interracial couples are springing up. What was once seen as taboo is becoming more and more common place as cultures mix and become accepting of each other.

That said, no one rule applies to everyone. Asking if black women are liked by white men is like asking if people like bananas. Some people do, some people don’t. It’s all down to personal preference, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The one thing that matters though, is that if you’re after a white man, there will be one out there for you. You’ve just got to find him. 🙂

So what do you think, are there white men out there who like black women? Have you personally dated a white man before? Let me know in the comments, or head over to the forums and let us know.

4 thoughts on “Do White Men Like Black Women? The Truth!”

  1. I have had white men as friends but never really dated one . My youngest girl has dated white guys , that’s what she prefers which I do not a problem with it. I have wanted to date one myself . I do not know how to being !

    1. Alice Gulliver

      I am a black woman married to a white man. I have never dated a black man. It’s not that I wouldn’t have, I just never found one I was attracted to.

      1. J A Fielding

        It just happens like that sometimes. Thanks for sharing Alice.

    2. J A Fielding

      General dating sites can help you meet some Julie, otherwise just generally talking to people at social events can get you meeting all sorts. I hope you find the one for you. 🙂

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