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A Dragons Dance – BWWM Dragon Shifter

A Dragons Dance - BWWM Dragon Shifter

Maia and Anthony are an interracial couple, and those among a rare breed of dragon shifter. What’s more, they’re doing rather well for themselves. They’ve capitalized on the fact they’ve both shifters, forming a successful media company and spending a lot of quality time together.

But when a new filming location throws up unexpected surprises, the couple’s relationship will be tested. Will they be able to come out the other side unscathed?

A sexy interracial dragon romance story from Esther Banks. Part two in the BWWM Dragon Romance series.

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BWWM Dragon Shifter Sample

Maia gasped as Anthony came up behind her and grabbed her slim waist.

“You can’t believe how much I want you right now,” Anthony murmured as he kissed the side of her neck.

Maia relaxed in his arms and tilted her neck aside.

“You scared me,” she whispered softly.

Her disapproval was far from sincere as she basked in his caress. He continued to massage her belly.

“Tony, we shouldn’t be doing this here. Someone could walk into my office at any moment,” she sighed.

Antony looked at the opened door in annoyance. He flicked his hand to shut it using this new powers, even though it was half way across the room. He then circled his forefinger to lock it. Maia watched in amazement.

“It’s not fair that you can do that,” she pouted.

He laughed.

“Just a trait I inherited from my great, great grandmother. I’ve known I’ve had it since I was about ten years old. I was already struggling with being a dragon; adding witchcraft to my repertoire was more than I wanted to deal with,” he chuckled. “But now as an adult, I think it’s time that I begin to use it. It may come in handy one day.”

Maia pulled out of his arms.

“Too bad you hadn’t perfected it when we encountered that terrible Travis,” she said regretfully.

“That old dragon was no match for either of us. I didn’t need sorcery to defeat him,” Tony reflected.

“But it must be nice to have magic at your disposal,” Maia mused.

He looked at her closely.

“Are you okay with me being a witch? I don’t have to use my craft,” he reassured her.

She caressed his cheek.

“Of course you should use it. Your powers are a part of you,” she insisted.


She touched her forefinger to his mouth.

“No buts. I am not envious of your magic. I wish I had such a wonderful gift too but I do not begrudge you such a blessing,” she said earnestly. “I think it’s very cool that you are mystical and I encourage you to utilize your powers.”

“Are you sure?” Tony asked gently.

“I am very sure. I love all of you, Tony. Including the witch part,” she smiled genuinely.

He pulled her against his chest.

“Have I told you how much I love you today,” he asked softly.

She put her finger to her cheek and tilted her head sideways. Her green eyes glittered with mischief.

“Mmm, no. I don’t believe you have,” she said sassily.

“Well, I need to rectify that, don’t I,” he smiled. “I love you, Maia Davenport with all of my heart.”

“And I love you, my adorable husband,” she murmured.

He then kissed her deeply. He walked her backward to the large red sofa on the other side of the office. He then lifted her in his arms and laid her on its plump cushions and came down atop of her. He continued kissing her as his hand pulled up her orange mini skirt. He had begun to finger her wet private when knocking sounded on the door. They both groaned.

“Haven’t you told your assistant not to disturb you when your door is locked?” Tony asked grouchily.

Maia smiled wanly as she pushed against his chest.

“Babs knows. It must be important,” Maia said.

Tony stood and Maia watched him as he tucked his shirt and zipped his pants. Maia grimaced as she thought that all of her handiwork had been for naught. She was definitely feeling the pangs of sexual frustration.

“I guess the work of your quick hands will have to wait,” he smiled crookedly.

Maia rose from the sofa and slapped him on his bottom as she passed.

“I’ll have my way with you tonight,” she teased.

“I hope so,” he retorted.

She laughed as she opened her office door.

Banisha Ballard stormed into the office. She carried a large vanilla envelope in her hands. She noticed Maia’s rumbled appearance and Tony’s unevenly buttoned shirt.

“Really! Can the two of you not wait until you get home?” Babs mocked.

Maia and Tony laughed unabashedly.

“We’re newlyweds. What do you expect?” Tony chuckled.

“A little decorum in the workplace would be nice,” Babs retorted.

“I have generous dispensation. It’s my company,” Maia grinned.

Babs snorted as she plopped down into a chair. Babs was an attractive African American woman of about five feet five inches with naturally styled dark brown hair. She was slender with a healthy bottom that men adored. She crossed her long shapely legs and sighed dramatically. Maia sat in the chair next to Babs and grinned impishly. Babs shook her head at them in mock despair.

“What’s going on, Babs?” Tony smiled as he sat propped on the corner of the desk.

Babs held up the large envelope and grinned.

“This,” Babs said excitedly.

“What’s this?” Maia asked curiously.

Maia took the envelope from her hand and opened.

“Apparently word has gotten out that we’re searching for a tropical location to shoot our movie. That envelope contains an invitation to shoot on Crescent Moon Island,” Babs exclaimed.

“What! Shut the front door!” Maia cried. She pulled the document from the envelope and read it.

“Are you sure, Babs?” Tony asked dubiously. “Crescent Moon Island has shunned the outside world for decades. They have always refused to allow media production on their island.”

“I am positive. We have the letter as proof of their change of attitude,” Babs said.

Tony and Babs looked at Maia who was still reading the letter. She then looked up at them in stunned disbelief.

“It’s true. They have invited us to shoot Midnight Storm on their island. It’s unbelievable,” Maia said in awe. “Do you know how many production companies have tried to shoot there?”

“Tons. And they all received the same answer: no,” Tony said.

“We hadn’t bothered to ask for filming permission because we knew what their answer would be. Now here they are inviting us to come there. Unreal!” Maia said.

“Well? Should I pack my bags? Are we going to check out the island for production?” Babs asked. She already knew the answer.

“Yes! Yes. Yes,” Maia jumped out of her seat and hugged Tony then looked back at Babs. “We are going. Tony, will you contact Prime Minister, Carlos Manuel?”

“Of course. I am eager to speak with him,” Tony answered.

“I can’t wait to scout his island. This is such a coo. When word gets out, the other production companies will be green with envy,” Maia grinned.

“They’ll try to poach if they can,” Babs said knowingly.

Maia passed a knowing looked at Tony.

“Let’s not talk poaching,” Maia grimaced.

Tony grinned.

“But it’s true,” Babs shrugged. She uncrossed her legs and stood. “I’ll start the preliminaries for the trip.”

“Thanks, Babs,” Maia smiled.

“No problem,” Babs smiled as she left the office.

“I’d better go make that call,” Tony said.

“And I’ll do some research on Crescent Moon Island,” Maia said.

She moved around her desk and sat in her chair.

“Ciao, babe,” Tony said cheerfully.

“See you later,” Maia responded. She blew him a kiss as he left the office.

Maia grinned as she opened her laptop. She was blown away that such a reclusive, private location had opened its arms to their company. She and Anthony had started the production company nine months ago, shortly after they had married. Maia remembered turning in her notice of resignation. Her boss, Paul Scott had been disappointed that she was leaving but supportive of her decision. He had wished her well and told her that his door was always open to her. It had been an exciting adventure from the moment they had opened their doors. Maia had wanted to use her skills as a book editor and author to produce films. Tony had wanted to utilize his expansive his skills and work as a director of photography in motion pictures. They had decided to create a production company and aptly named it Dragon Productions. They had since produced several short films and documentaries that had received excellent critiques from industry critics. It was a very good sign for future endeavors. They now had their sights on producing a feature length movie. The screenplay had been was written by Maia and Kenya Monroe, Maia’s best friend was starring in it. Kenya was an outstanding actress and wanted to help cast the rest of the ensemble. They just needed to secure the movie location first. That was proving to be a difficult task as they couldn’t seem to find the perfect site; until now. The invitation to scout Crescent Moon Island was an incredible offer. Never in her wildest dreams had she thought they would be able to use such a lush, vibrant locale. They obviously had wonderful Karma in the bank. Maia breathed deeply and focused on her search for Crescent Moon Island. Several links appeared and she began reading about the island’s origin. Maia was thus absorbed for the rest of the afternoon.


Maia sat on the sofa in her house working on her laptop. She was reading a screenplay that someone had submitted to their company. They had spread the word that Dragon Productions would read screenplay submissions and they had received at least one hundred of them. Anthony came out of the kitchen and approached the back of the sofa. He stopped behind her and kissed the top of her head. Maia sighed and lifted her face to him. He proceeded to kiss her mouth at length. He jumped the sofa and gathered her into his arms as his mouth began to roam her body. Maia relished being in his arms. It only took a second for her body to respond to his touch. Sex with Tony was off the charts good and she could not get enough of him. Working in the same building with him often led to them playing hooky in the steam room or in one of their offices. Tony fondled her breast then reluctantly pulled away. She moaned her disappointment and reached for him.

“I want you too, babe but I need to tell you about my conversation with Prime Minister Manuel,” he said softly.

Maia was immediately attentive.

“What did he say?” she asked eagerly.

“He wants us to film our movie on his island. He said it would be good for all concerned,” Tony answered.

“Did he say why he has reversed his position on commercial use of the island?” Maia questioned.

“Not really. He only stated that he must be wise in his decision making and allowing us to film on the island would be a prudent choice. He thinks we are the best company to forge this venture,” he shrugged.

“What an odd way a putting it. I wonder what has happened to change his mind after all of these years. And why us. We hadn’t even pursued him,” Maia mused.

“Don’t know. We may find out more when we get there,” he said.

“And when will that be?” Maia asked in anticipation.

“This Friday. He seemed happy that we had accepted his invitation,” Tony smiled.

Maia grinned.

“As if we wouldn’t,” she responded. “We have a lot to do before we leave. We need to prepare our crew for shooting there. And­—

“We don’t know for sure if we will,” he objected.

“Oh, but we do. I researched the island online and there is no way we won’t shoot there. That island is a paradise,” she enthused.

Tony’s hand began to travel up her thigh. She slapped it away.

“Stop that. I’m too excited to think about sex,” she said.

“Which is the very time to have it,” he said as he kissed her neck.

“Tony! Seriously, I’m too wound up,” she protested.

“Let me take care of you,” he whispered.

Tony pulled her onto the floor. He quickly divested her of skirt and blouse and began fingering her through her panties. Maia felt the thrill of pleasure course through her. Maybe Tony was right about making love when you’re excited. It only added another layer of exhilaration to the sensual act. Maia arched her back as his fingers moved faster against her now damp haven. She pushed her panties off of her hips and Tony removed them completely. But instead of his tongue stroking her craving cavity he unclasped the front of her bra and suckled her nipples. Maia wanted to scream in frustration and elation all at once. She pushed his sweats down and he shimmied out of them. Her hand went down to his penis and grasped it. He jerked violently as she stroked him languidly. He gasped as she increased the pace of her hand. He kissed her all over, tracing her belly with his tongue. His tongue circled her navel and as he moved lower he playfully tugged on her curls with his teeth.

“Tony!” she gasped.

He only continued his assault on her tingling, hot body; licking her thighs down to her toes. Maia didn’t know how much more of this sweet torment she can stand. The desirous want inside of her was rapidly climbing toward an incredible crescendo. She was dying to feel his fully enflamed, throbbing cock inside of her. His sex was an alive, pulsating organ when ensconced in her. She was desperate to experience that electrifying sensation he would create. Tony kissed his way back to her aching private and licked it lightly. She nearly jumped a mile. He clasped her hips to restrain her as he delved into her. Maia screamed in delight and rotated her hips to receive more of his tongue. His fondled her to no end; reveling in her response. Hearing her joy made him want to stay where he was forever. He loved her lack of inhibitions. She gave and received pleasure unreservedly and unrepentantly. He could feel her begin to clench. He moved above her and pushed into her precious hollow. He pumped and pumped until he brought them both to an amazing climax. He marveled at how it was always spectacular between them. And he knew it would be so, even when they were ninety years old. The blaze would remain burning. He pulled out and rolled her onto his chest. He held her tenderly as they slept.


His Prime Minister Carlos Manuel paced his massive terrace. He was extremely troubled. He wondered if he had made the right the decision when he extended an invitation to Dragon Productions. The company was eager to come and film in his paradise. But they had no knowledge of the danger they would be entering when they arrived. Was it fair to endanger them so? Were the rewards worth the risk? And shouldn’t they have all the facts to make that decision? Undoubtedly the answer was: no. He was not being fair to them, but he had to think about the people on his island. He owed it to them to provide a beautiful and safe sanctuary to live. And he intuitively knew that the Anthony and Maia Davenport would be able to help him achieve his goal.

Elyana Manuel observed her husband expunge the shine from the cobblestone of the terrace. She saw his worried face and her heart broke for him. He so wanted to do the right thing for his beloved island. But his conscious was conflicted. Carlos was such an honorable man. That was one of the reasons why she had fallen so desperately in love with him. His convictions were strong and true. He would not turn a blind eye to injustice or wrongdoing. And his integrity could not be compromise. He was a loving, generous and good man; she could not have found a better human being. And it didn’t hurt that he was finer than wine. Elyana blushed as she remembered the events of that morning. Elyana had risen early to shower as Carlos slept soundly.

When she returned to the bedroom dressed only in a large towel she saw Carlos sitting up in bed completely nude. He had one knee casually bent with his arm resting atop it. He smiled sensuously. Elyana caught her breath at the sight of him. After twenty two years of marriage he still had the power to cause her private to ache with wanting. Carlos had then stood on his knees and rested his fists on his slim hips. His large, fully erected penis jutted proudly toward her; daring her to come get him. Elyana was no longer shy with her husband regarding sex. She felt the stirrings of passion in her loins and she needed a release that only he could give her. She had walked slowly toward the bed, allowing her towel to fall to the floor. Carlos gasped at her sexy, alluring body. She gently swayed her full hips; enticing and inviting. When she had finally reached the side of the bed, he had grasped her forcefully and pulled her onto it. She faced him on her knees and cupped his bottom tightly. He devoured her tantalizing mouth as she spread her thighs and pushed against his pulsating cock. Just the memory of their passion caused her cloistered haven to yearn for his touch. Their lovemaking had been thrilling and exciting and although Carlos was troubled about the island’s future, she knew that the night would begin as the morning had ended.

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