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Falling For My White Werewolf – BWWM Paranormal Romance

Falling For My White Werewolf - BWWM Paranormal Romance

Part two in the White Werewolf series. Wes is a white man who can shift into a werewolf. Lucy is a black woman who’s learned his secret. The two are in love.

It’s no longer safe for Lucy now she knows of werewolf shifters, so Wes brings her back to his people. But will this be anymore safe? And will their relationship hold up with people hunting them, love rivals and the like?

An exciting paranormal romance by BWWM author R S Holloway.

BWWM Paranormal Romance, Read It Now

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Falling For My White Werewolf Sample – What Happened Last Time:

Lucy Mayberry, a defense attorney for one of the most prestigious law firms in the state (The Everest), meets a guest at a ball hosted by her employers. This stranger, who bore the name Wes Chamberlain, took a fancy to her.

Despite their resistances to get involved, her for employment reasons and him for a darker reason, they wind up courting.

After taking Lucy for a date, things took a turn for the worse when Wes discovered he was being followed. Despite his attempts, he wound up in a fight with the men after him, minutes after he had taken Lucy home.

For days Wes went missing, but finally turned up to meet an angry Lucy. He revealed his unlikely secret that he is not human after all, but a werewolf, and had been attacked and nearly killed. Derek, who leads a band of thugs intent on ridding the town of the ‘beasts’, launches a attack after discovering a new weapon. This weapon is liquid silver, and it could prove fatal to the werewolves.

As well as Wes’s secret, Lucy learns that at The Everest, there is a secret organization led by the main partners of the firm. They seek to protect the identity of the Kaio, the werewolf clan, and engage in clean up services in instances where the wolves have been implicated.

Not long after, in a bid to lure Wes into the open, Lucy was kidnapped by Derek. A blood-spilling battle took part later in the night, which leads to Lucy’s release and Derek escaping the wolves’ clutches.

Realizing she may need the protection of the Kaio now more than ever, Wes makes a bold attempt to introduce Lucy to his people. But this introduction was not met as keenly as they were hoping. Violet, intent on making Wes her own, charges at the two, ready to stake her claim on the man intended for her.

And this is where the story picks up…

Chapter 1

Violet flung a deadly flash at the duo, standing in the clearing of the woods and right away launched her attack. “What is the meaning of this Wes? Why have you brought her here? I thought I made it clear…”

Wes cut her off before she could even think to continue that train of thought. “Before you what? When did you become gate keeper to the Kaio? Please tell me because it has obviously escaped me,” he spat, clenching his jaws in the process.

“You know the rules Wes. She doesn’t belong here,” she shot back defiantly. She was now standing directly in the path of the two as if her small frame could do much to hold the giant that was Wes.

He stole a glance at Lucy, who was standing there; seemingly very uncomfortable with the conversation they were having about her as if she wasn’t there. Violet, realizing she may not have the power to win a verbal battle with Wes, or any other for that matter, turned her attention to Lucy. Maybe she could make him tremble from that angle.

“Did he tell you that he and I are intended?” she asked Lucy. Lucy was not sure how to respond to that, nor did she understand what Violet meant. She turned her attention now to Wes for some clarification. He looked firmly ahead, intent on not entertaining anything Violet had to say. Suddenly he burst into laughter, as if what she had said had just registered in his mind.

“Intended?” he asked with a mocking glance back at the girl who seemed to have lost all power when he laughed. “No one dictates to me who I am ‘intended’ for. That is my decision to make.”

“Well, wasn’t it the others’ decisions to make when the laws of the Kaio forbade anyone to take in a human mate? Do you not remember how many times others have compromised on the matter? You are our next presumed leader. I would think you would show more respect for your people,” she replied hotly, with a sweeping glance of her hand to indicate a representation of the entire population of Kaio.

“That rule was never mine, and I have never stopped any one from doing what they pleased so long as it didn’t jeopardize the tribe. And being with Lucy surely won’t lead to our extinction, so cool it!” he barked at Violet and pulled Lucy along. Violet remained behind, stewing, but there was nothing further she could do. For now.

They walked through the rest of the persons milling about, pretending not to have noticed the little debacle just now. They all greeted Wes as he passed, and while some shared genuine smiles with Lucy, she could sense resentment in others. She had not anticipated a warm welcome so to speak, hence her lack of enthusiasm when she realized where Wes was headed not so long ago. She was not even sure he knew why he brought her there, nor was she certain she wanted to stay.

She looked around at the reservation; there was one large enclosure at the center of the dwellings, which was surrounded by several huts made of straw and wood and other materials that the woods offered. There were two men standing by a bonfire they were hoping to make before night fall, but by all indications the wood was wet and it was posing quite a bit of a challenge. Most of the persons she had seen earlier had retreated to their personal dwellings, and one little girl now ran past Lucy, grabbing her by the finger and smiling up at her as she passed.

“I think you are pretty,” she hurried to say before she was swept away in the current of her mother’s fury because she had ventured so far as to touch the intruder. Despite that, Lucy could not help smiling at her innocence, wishing that some of the other inhabitants would offer her the same. She saw some another group of boys standing by a tree, and they smiled and waved to her and Wes as they passed. At least she was not hated by them all, she thought as she waved back to them.

She was not sure she could have felt differently as a Kaio, but then, she hadn’t shunned him as a Kaio and other humans had accepted them unconditionally. The idea made her think that perhaps something had happened to make them so reserved, or maybe that was their real nature.

They finally got to the thatched hut that seemed to belong to Wes. It was handsomely made, and she wondered why he kept one at all if he was hardly there. He pulled away the fabric that acted as a door and held it aside for her to pass. She bent and crept inside, not knowing what to expect but it was very cosy from what she witnessed. There was a makeshift bed in the corner that was handsomely made, including a rug, minimal decorations and a gentle ambiance. There were candles lit in the four corners of the tent (she wondered how safe that could be) and a chair across from the bed that appeared very cosy.

“Forgive the shabby appearance. I do not stay here much so I was not aiming at absolute comfort when I took these here.”

“It is quite plush for a dwelling in the woods,” she answered back. Just then he charged into her, sending her flying across the room and onto the bed. She lay there on her back as he attempted to pillage her. His tongue was making its way across her neck, her throat and a small whimper escaped her as he buried his face in her bosom and bit her nipple through the fabric of her cotton blouse. She held his head and brought his lips to hers, tasting the honey dew essence that clung to him. Her tongue probed the inner recesses of his mouth and just then he reached his hand down to squeeze her derriere. She raised her leg to greet him, as if expecting more, arching her back as pleasure washed her body.

She felt him perk up just then, and raised himself up, so that he was no longer laying on her, listening for a while before bringing himself to sit upright on the edge of the bed. She got up just then as well, curious as to why he had stopped so abruptly. She did not have to wonder long, for just as he was smoothing his hair with his hand, and using his index finger and thumb to remove love making evidence from his lips, they heard a sound outside.

“Wes, are you in there?” a voice called from outside.

“Yes Luke, come on in,” he replied.

The boy named Luke appeared through the opening in a flash. “Sorry for the intrusion, but I was too excited not to.” Wes laughed at this, and Luke now looked at Lucy with childlike admiration. “Hi, I am Luke and I am pleased to meet you Lucy. I can’t tell you how long I have been waiting on someone to make a move such as this, because there is this girl that I like and if not for all these Kaio rules I could be out there with her, but I am forbidden…” he continued to gush words like a burst dam so that Wes had to stop him.

“Whoa there Luke, don’t get too carried away. What is this talk of a girl? And here I was thinking it was me you wanted to see.” He grabbed him now and held him in a grip under his arm and ruffled his hair.

“Come on bro, I am not five anymore,” he begged, looking up now at Lucy with embarrassment. “And in front of a girl too.”

Lucy could not help but laugh at the two. “Hi Luke, pleased to meet you,” she said, extending her hand to him as she spoke. He broke free from Wes’ grip and held her hand in a firm handshake.

“So, I guess you have realized this is my kid brother, although not such a kid anymore.”

“Got that right,” Luke retorted, flopping himself down into the chair in that instant.

“And what is this you are saying about a girl now? Don’t be a rebel like me. I got lucky. Had no intentions of telling any of this to Lucy,” he said and shot a glance at her. She was sitting there with her mouth agape as if in disbelief. “This is not a world you just introduce to someone. There are many others out there who would do anything to get rid of us, and it was in the attempt that Lucy got caught up in this.”

“Well, if you weren’t seeing her in the first place, then she could not have been caught up,” observed Luke.

“The boy has a point,” Lucy interjected. Wes gave her a disapproving look, but Luke was just sitting there beaming.

“Hey, whose side are you on?” asked Wes.

“Just saying, he has a point. No sides,” she said and held her hands out in the air in a gesture of neutrality.

“What I am trying to say is,” Wes continued, “he is very young. Any girl he would want to tell about himself would not be mature enough to handle something like this. It might seem fun at first and adventurous, but sooner or later, the adults around her will want to meet you, and then what will you do when they want to meet your parents?” Wes seemed lost in reverie as he spoke, triggering suspicion from Lucy.

‘It doesn’t have to be the same for everyone,” Luke said, holding his head down.

That explained it, Lucy thought. She could tell he was speaking from experience.

“Look kid, I am not saying you should be a lone wolf forever, just be careful alright. Any mistakes we make could easily affect everyone here. I took a chance taking Lucy here because she is already in deep with us. Just be careful.”

Luke received another head rubbing from Wes before he left, leaving the two alone again, but with their sexual urges dramatically abated.

“So, did that happen to you?” Lucy asked.

Wes sighed and looked up into the roof of the hut, exhaling sharply as he did so. “Yes, it has happened to me before. It never got to where she found out what I am, because I would always disappear as soon as things started getting serious, just to avoid the questions. It is never an easy thing, to keep walking away. I don’t want the same thing to happen to him,” he said in a soft voice.

Lucy reached over and rubbed his shoulder. “I think Luke will be fine with you as a brother. Just don’t pressure him too much. You wouldn’t want him to start rebelling now. Just guide him. Sometimes kids have to live things in order to learn, and I don’t think he is stupid enough to reveal your secrets to just anyone. You didn’t.”

“Yeah, I got lucky.”

“Maybe he can get lucky too,” she smiled, and he couldn’t help reaching over and kissing her on her nose, and then her lips.

“The Kaio must be crazy to think I am going to give you up,” he said laughing.

Just then there was a commotion outside and Lucy looked at him instantly, expecting him to know what was happening. He told her not to worry, that they were probably getting started with their usual story telling by the bonfire. She appeared nervous just then; afraid to venture outside once more to feel the sting of Violet’s words or the nasty looks she received from others.

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