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First Born – BWWM Vampire Romance Books

First Born - BWWM Vampire Romance Books

A vampire romance book by BWWM authors Esther Banks and J A Fielding.

In a world where vampires can no longer create other vampires, they live life to the fullest while they wait for extinction. But when the first vampire baby is born in hundreds of years, how will the vampire and human communities react? Find out in First Born, a top rated BWWM vampire romance novel.

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You can get First Born in full at the BWWM novels page.

BWWM Vampire Romance Book Sample

The dim lighting inside the theater wasn’t enough to hide the beauty of the young woman’s face. Gavin’s silver eyes lingered on her deep, honey rich skin, caressing so intently it seemed she could feel him – and turned her head suddenly. She searched the darkened theater, but her eyes weren’t nearly as used to the shadows as his. Her gaze passed over his face without distinction.

“What’s stopping you?” Lucas lounged down in his seat, his feet propped on the back of the empty chair in front of him. “If you want her…you know what to do.”

Gavin cast him a dry look. “I don’t play those games and you know it.” His gaze returned to the woman as she took a seat two rows down from them. A young, rather pretty man sat down next to her. Their heads nearly touched as they talked quietly and laughed. Gavin breathed her soft laugh in deep, inhaling it, almost tasting it. “Besides,” he told Lucas. “She’s with someone.”

“So?” Lucas gripped the lapels of his black leather jacket and crossed his ankles over the back of the seat. His black leather pants hugged his legs quite snugly and the silver tips of his black cowboy boots almost glowed. One hand swept up through his thick black hair, fingers combing through the swirl at the front; Lucas had always preferred to look the part.

“So, she’s got a boyfriend.” Gavin pointed out. “I’m not gonna hit on another guy’s girl.”

“No worries.” Lucas smiled slyly. “I’ll take care of him for you.”

Shaking his head, Gavin shot him a serious look. “No – you won’t.”

“What?” Lucas’ lips twisted in a smirk. “I’m not gonna hurt him. Trust me, he’ll have the time of his life.”

Gavin shook his head again and shoved his hand through his blond locks. “Just…behave yourself for once.”

“Well hell,” Lucas winked. “That’s no fun.”


She could feel eyes on her, as she had earlier when she and Rory had first come in. Though it wasn’t creeping her out, it did make her want to squirm.

“You okay?” Rory frowned and chuckled. “Got ants in your pants?”

Michele laughed quiet. “No.” she rolled her eyes and nudged his arm. “I just keep getting this feeling someone’s looking at me.”

“Well, you are a hottie.” he smirked. “Want me to kiss you and make them jealous?”

“No. Eww.” Michele laughed and shoved at him. “That’d be like kissing my brother.” She and Rory had been friends since grade school and, indeed, he was more like a brother than anything. They had never went the romance route, always content to be pals and nothing more.

“Your deathly pale brother.” he grinned. “Next to you, I look dead. Like a zombie or something.”

“Aw, but a cute zombie.” Michele pinched his cheek.

Rory laughed and swiped at her hand. “Knock it off, nut case.”

Something hit in Michele’s hair and she frowned, reaching back to pull out a piece of popcorn. “What the hell?” She looked at Rory and frowned, smiling. “Someone just threw popcorn in my hair.”

“Maybe it’s your secret admirer.” Rory whispered conspiratorial.

Michele clucked her tongue. “I don’t have a secret admirer in here.”

“Okay.” Rory shrugged. “A stalker, then.”

Another piece of popcorn hit her hair. “What the…” She turned and looked behind her. The first thing her eyes locked onto were the soles of a pair of cowboy boots propped on the back of a seat in the row behind her and Rory. The boots dropped suddenly and the owner leaned forward, resting his arms on the same seat. His black hair swept back in a wave and his black clothes nearly blended him into the shadows.

“Sorry about that.” he winked. “I have horrible aim. I was trying to flirt with your cute friend.”

Michele just stared at him in mild shock. Her cute…She looked at Rory who turned sharply at the man’s confession. Even in the dimness of the theater, she saw his cheeks deepen a shade darker.

The man smiled at Rory, then flicked an eyebrow flirtatiously. “Hiya…I’m Lucas. What’s your name?” When Rory just stared at him, slack jawed, the guy grinned and winked. “That’s okay, I’m cool with just calling you cutie.”

“Knock it off, Lucas.”

Michele blinked, then shifted her attention to the man’s friend who had been slumped down in his seat – no doubt in embarrassment. The guy scooted forward. His blond hair was slightly long with a bit of a wind blown look. Very appealing. “I apologize for my…friend here. He just can’t help himself.” he smiled. “I don’t often bring him out in public…as you can surely see why.”

A smile curved Michele’s lips. This one had a charm to him.

“He usually keeps me chained up in the basement.” Lucas smirked then shifted his attention back to Rory’s face – still resonating a measure of shock. “So, cutie…” he murmured, his eyes gripping Rory’s stare with intensity. “You wanna have a drink with me after the movie…don’t you?”

Michele just stared at the guy, incredulously.

“Yes.” Rory whispered – and Michele’s jaw dropped. What?

Lucas chuckled and winked again. “I thought so.”

His friend punched his arm, hard. “Knock it off.” There was a note of seriousness to the man’s tone, a look of warning in his eyes.

Lucas threw up his hands defensively and chuckled. “All right, all right.” He slumped back into his seat and propped his feet up again.

“I’m sorry.” the other guy offered. “He won’t bother you anymore.”

Michele smiled uncertainly, still stunned by Rory’s answer to Lucas. She and Rory faced forward again, her eyes glued to his face. There was a slight pinch of confusion to his brow. She leaned close and spoke low. “What the hell was that?” she hissed. “Why did you say you wanted to go have a drink with him?”

“Huh?” Rory looked at her, his brow tightening. “What’re you talking about? I didn’t.”

“Uh, yeah, you did.” Michele insisted. She cast a quick glance back at Lucas. His arms were tucked up behind his head and he was staring at her, a wry smile on his lips.


When the movie ended and the credits began to roll up the huge screen, the overhead lights came on. Michele and Rory scooted out into the main aisle with the rest of the movie crowd. She glanced quick at Lucas and his friend who remained seated as the flow of people poured out through the doors.

Lucas’ intense gaze followed Rory – who was careful to ignore him. With the lights on, Michele grabbed a quick, yet thorough, look at Lucas’ friend. The man’s short sleeve shirt revealed very defined biceps and forearms, and he stared back at Michele with gray eyes that turned silver when the light caught them just right. He smiled and nodded. Michele smiled quick and turned away, moving towards the doors with everyone else.

Outside, the evening air was warm with a slight breeze. She and Rory stepped over in front of the dark, empty ticket booth to get out of the flow of people. “Do you want to grab something to eat somewhere?” Michele asked.

Rory leaned against the booth, still looking a little flustered from Lucas’ attention. He shrugged, “Yeah…I guess-”

“So we meet again.” Lucas appeared suddenly, dropping against the edge of the booth.

Rory yelped and jumped.

“Jumpy.” Lucas grinned.

“What do you want?” Rory asked quietly. He’d never been big on confrontation and wasn’t handling Lucas’ advances all that well.

Lucas leaned closer to the booth, arm above his head and resting against the wooden frame. “I want what you want.”

Michele glanced around. Where the hell was his friend to rein him in?

“I want you…to leave me alone.” Rory mumbled, avoiding the guy’s eyes.

“Nah, that’s not what you want.” Lucas reached out and touched a fingertip to Rory’s chin, lifting his face, drawing his stare. He leaned in a little closer, “You want to go to the club with me…have a drink…dance-” He grunted suddenly as he was shoved hard, and stumbled away as his friend appeared, shaking his head.

“Again, my apologies.” he said. “He clearly needs a leash.” The man’s eyes delved into hers, as if he were seeing a part of her soul.

“I’m…Michele.” her hand was thrust out before she knew what she was doing.

“Gavin.” He clasp her hand, his fingers tightening just enough to let her know how nice it was to meet her.

She swallowed thick then glanced at Rory. “This is…Rory.”

Gavin smiled and shook his hand. “Well, it’s a pleasure meeting you both.” he sighed and cast a sidelong look at Lucas who stood a few feet away, head ducked but eyes still lingering on Rory. “Wish you could say the same. Again, I’m sorry for my friend flirting with your boyfriend.”

“Oh.” Michele looked quick at Rory then back to Gavin. “He isn’t my boyfriend. We’re just friends.”

Gavin nodded and smiled. “I see.” He backed away. “Well, it was nice meeting you. Have a good night.”

You’re seriously going to let this gorgeous guy – who obviously likes you – just walk away?

“Uh…” Michele called after him, Gavin stopped and turned back. “Are you…really going to a club?”

Gavin rubbed a hand over his mouth, started to answer, when Lucas leaned heavily on his shoulder and smiled at Michele. “We are…wanna come with?”

“I, uh…” Michele glanced at Rory who seemed in a slight daze, then looked at Gavin questioningly.

“You’re more than welcome to join us.” Gavin nodded, smiling.

“Rory…” she asked slowly. “Do you…want to go to the club?”

He nodded slowly. “Yeah.” he murmured.

Michele looked at him uncertainly. What was wrong with him? Her gaze turned to Gavin and she nodded, “We’ll go.”

“Awesome.” Lucas dragged the word out, his lips twisting as his eyes fell heavily on Rory once more. He smirked, “I’ll walk with your friend.”


The club was small, not too crowded. Gavin and Lucas were clearly regulars as per all the hey’s and hello’s. Gavin stopped at the bar and a good looking bartender walked over, a smile cutting across his handsome features. “Gavin. Hey.” they high-fived each other casually. “What’s doing, man?” His gaze swept over Michele. “Ah, I see.”

Michele’s cheeks warmed at the implication. Gavin shook his head. “Be nice, Matthew.”

The bartender just chuckled and glanced at Lucas – who was hovering around Rory who, in turn, seemed oddly complacent about it. Matthew leaned on the bar and spoke low to Gavin, grinning. “So who’s Lucas’ latest victim?” Placing emphasis on victim.

“Not a victim.” Gavin assured, though Michele sensed it was for her benefit. “Can you give us four beers?”

Matthew cast Lucas and Rory another look, smirked and nodded as he pushed off the bar, then grabbed four bottles of Coors Light and slid them across to Gavin. “So, you going to introduce me to your new friends?”

“Was hoping to avoid it, but…” Gavin grinned. “Since you brought it up…this is Michele and Rory.”

“Charmed, I’m sure.” Matthew smiled wryly and thrust his hand across the bar to Michele. She accepted it tentatively and simply nodded, offering an uncertain smile.

Lucas leaned in and swiped two of the beers. “We’ll grab us a table.” He slung his arm across Rory’s shoulders and walked the guy through the small crowd to a table at the far side of the room. Michele watched them, brow pinched. What in the hell was going on with Rory tonight? Why was he just falling in line with whatever Lucas suggested?

“You all right?” Gavin asked, startling her from her thoughts.

“Uh…yeah.” she nodded and took the beer he handed her.

“Come on.” he smiled warmly and touched her elbow, directing her towards the table Lucas had picked out.

“So,” Lucas shucked off his leather jacket and tossed it across a stool. “Anyone want to dance?” He passed the question around, but his eyes rested on Rory. His lips twisted. “You want to dance, don’t you?”

Uncertainty shadowed Rory’s face.

“Leave him alone.” Gavin said. “He doesn’t want to dance with you.”

“Ah sure he does.” he looked at Rory and held his eyes. “Don’t you?”

Rory swallowed thickly – then nodded. “Yeah.”

“What?” Michele stared at him, floored.

Shrugging, Rory looked at her. “What? It’s just…a dance.”

A dance with a guy. She shook her head. “Yeah…but…”

“No worries, m’lady.” Lucas winked. “I’ll take good care of him.”

She stared in shock as he led Rory towards the dance floor. Gavin groaned, “Lucas.”

Lucas waved him off. An upbeat song was playing and the two just sort of fell in with the crowd where it didn’t seem anyone was really dancing with a partner. Michele finally pulled her eyes from her friend and looked at Gavin. “So…you’re a regular here?”

“You could say that.”

“I’ve never seen you around.” she took a drink of beer then licked her lips, noting the way his eyes followed her tongue. “Do you live here?”

“On the outskirts.” he murmured then shifted his attention from her mouth to her eyes. “I don’t get out and about much during the day. Long…work hours.”

She nodded, then smiled. “A creature of the night, huh?”

Enjoy this vampire romance so far and want to read the rest? Then get it now.

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