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Free BWWM Romance Books – A Touch Of Class

A Touch of Class Free BWWM Books Online

Hi guys, J A Fielding here. Great news! I’ve just put together a free new ebook called A Touch Of Class. This is an exclusive ebook that’s only available to free subscribers of my BWWM Romance newsletter, you can’t even buy it! 😉

Or, you can get this free BWWM book emailed to you online when you add your details below:

If you’re sick of weak ‘heroines’, you’ll love this book. How will a billionaire man react when he encounters a woman who’s just as rich and as strong as him? That’s what you’ll get in A Touch Of Class!

On a quick side note, I know we’ve been a little bit quiet with the emails recently. This is because all the BWWM Romance writers have had our heads down writing quality books for you. I’ll hopefully have the follow up to Home Is Where The Heart Is for you this weekend, and Esther Banks has a new book coming out for you very soon too.

Until then, download A Touch Of Class now over here. Enjoy it, and know I really value as a reader, member of this site and a friend. Enjoy the free BWWM romance novel. 🙂

J A Fielding,
BWWM Romance (.com)

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