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My Future With Mr White – A Urban BWWM Short Story

My Future With Mr White - Urban BWWM Short Story

Natasha, Mitchell and their daughter Alexis are the modern day interracial family unit. But is everything perfect for the couple and their child? A romance story showing everyday love, struggles and communication. A must read.

Features a special guest interracial couple from another popular J A Fielding series, read on to find out who it is. 🙂

A Urban BWWM Short Story Read It Now

This book is part of the Mr White Series. See it and all parts to the series on the BWWM Books page.

My Future With Mr White Sample

Natasha ran her hand through her hair as she looked at her computer screen. She had heard that it was best to have a good preschool in mind long before a child reached school age but the prices she was looking at were simply not encouraging. She sighed and leaned back in her chair.

This is a nightmare,” she thought as she looked at the list of schools. She was still looking at her computer screen when Mitchell walked in.

“Hey,” he said softly. She looked up and smiled.

“Hey. I officially hate education,” she said as she shut down her laptop. Mitchell smiled as he walked in and took a seat in front of her desk.

“Why? What’s going on?” he asked. Natasha sighed and looked at him.

“Do you know how much preschools cost these days? I think it’s cheaper to pay for college,” she said. Mitchell shrugged.

“I have heard quite a few people complain about it,” he said. Natasha rolled her eyes.

“That’s all you’ve heard?” she asked. “Do you know there are schools asking for up to fifteen thousand dollars a term? Julie from accounts told me she had to be on a two year waiting list to pay eight thousand a term and that was after a very quote unquote good recommendation from one of the school’s major donors,” she said. Mitchell looked at her and laughed. She looked at him and shook her head. “What?” she asked.

“Well, I fail to understand why you are so stressed out about Alexis’ school, yet she is only seven months old,” he said. Natasha shrugged.

“Well, Parenting Today reports that eighty percent of troubled teens never had a good education. I want Alexis to be successful,” she said softly. He looked at her and shook his head again. He stood up, walked around the desk and took her hands in his.

“Hey, sweetie. You are an amazing wife and an even better mother and the fact that you are this worked up about what school our seven month old daughter will be attending is proof of that. Right now, I just want to take you home, and pass by Estelle’s because if we miss that fried chicken she is going to hold our daughter hostage till kingdom come,” he said before kissing her forehead. She looked into his eyes and smiled.

“That may work really well for us. We have had the entire house to ourselves for almost three whole days and love being able to relive our glory days,” she said with a smile. Mitchell frowned. “I know it’s not something mother of the year would say but you like it too and I know it,” she said as she packed up her stuff.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” Mitchell said as Natasha zipped up her laptop bag. She looked at him and smiled.

“You know that thing you did last night in the dining room or this morning in the kitchen? Yeah, you can’t do that with Alexis in the house,” she said as she stood up. Mitchell smiled.

“Guess you are right,” he said as they walked out.

“Said the hypocritical father of the year,” she said.

“Hey, I already gave in. Not fair,” he said.

“I heard you but I have always to call someone a hypocrite and doing it to my husband, well…” she went silent as she tried looking for the right thing to say. “Okay fine, I’m sorry,” she said before walking out of the office. Mitchell reached for her hand.

“When Alexis goes to sleep later tonight, I will make you pay for that,” he whispered in her ear. She looked at him and smiled.

“I am looking forward to it,” she said as they approached Stacy’s desk. “Hey Stacy, I’ve emailed you details about the new energy drink clients. Set up studio time and photo shoots for tomorrow afternoon, okay?” she said. Stacy nodded.

“Sure,” she said as she looked at the bottom right corner on her screen. “Wow, it’s only four. Is everything okay?” she asked.

“Yeah sure. We are just headed to my Nan’s for dinner. You know how she gets with time,” she said.

“Yeah. We need to go now or we’ll miss the soup,” Mitchell said.

“Soup, really?” Stacy asked looking at him.

“I have it on good authority that she is making potato leek soup and I happen to love potato leek soup,” he said matter of factly. Stacy shook her head.

“Well, I would hate to get between a man and his love of potato leek soup. See you tomorrow, Stacy,” Natasha said as she and Mitchell walked out to the hallway. They decided to stop by the grocery store and got some food and a cake she had pre-ordered earlier that day because she was supposed to bring dessert and that had completely slipped her mind.

“What makes you think Estelle won’t know that the cake is store bought?” Mitchell asked as Natasha took the cake out of the box.

“I especially asked the Cake Factory to make pineapple upside down cake, my specialty, and I even paid extra so they would follow my recipe and put it on my own cake stand,” she said. “My Nan cannot know that this cake did not come from my kitchen and if she does I swear you will be denied all this for a year,” she said, looking at Mitchell.

“Fine,” he said as they got out of the car. “I just don’t like lying,” he said as he walked towards the front door.

“Well, no one is asking you to. Just select your words carefully and don’t answer unasked questions,” she said in a whisper as she rang the doorbell. Mitchell shrugged as Eric came to the door.

“Hey Daddy,” she said when the door opened.

“Hey princess,” he said kissing her forehead. “And my favorite son-in-law,” he said, turning to look at Mitchell. Natasha walked off towards the dining room where Estelle was just finishing setting the table.

“Hey, Nan,” she said smiling.

“Hey baby. You actually remembered the cake. I’m impressed,” she said as she kissed Natasha’s cheek.

“Of course I did. Why wouldn’t I?” Natasha asked as she walked to the kitchen. She placed the cake on the counter and smiled at Estelle who was now serving the soup.

“Well, you work sixty hours a week even after having Alexis and you are still in your work clothes. If I didn’t know any better I’d think that cake was store bought,” Estelle said smiling. Natasha silently cursed in her head. She had forgotten the most important factor in lying, covering your bases.

“Well, Nan, it isn’t. I baked it in the morning and then I had Stacy do the frosting and bring it back to me in the office. I had a meeting in the afternoon, so I couldn’t go home,” she said quickly.

“Sometimes I wonder if you pay that woman enough,” Estelle said smiling.

“Well, she is the best paid assistant in the entire company so yeah, she is well compensated and she is not complaining so neither should you,” Natasha said. Estelle smiled at her. “Can I help with anything?” she asked looking at Estelle.

“Actually I am done. You can carry the soup to the table though,” she said as she handed Natasha the tray.

“Where is Alexis, by the way?” Natasha asked as she and Estelle walked towards the dining room where her father and Mitchell were.

“She’s with Rita upstairs getting changed,” Estelle said. Natasha turned and looked at Estelle.

“Rita’s here?” she asked.

“Yes, since last night,” Estelle said. Natasha put the tray on the dining room table and put bowls of soup in front of her father and husband before she took one.

“I’ll take mine upstairs. I need to say hi to Alexis,” she said. Estelle gave her a disapproving look.

“You came for dinner,” she said.

“I know but I will be back in a few minutes,” she said looking at Estelle. “I promise to be here for the main course,” she said before walking out. Mitchell looked at Estelle and shrugged.

“Is she okay?” he asked. Estelle nodded and sat down.

“I just told her that Rita was here since yesterday and she just…well, you saw what she did,” she said.

“Well, if Rita was here, even I am intrigued,” Mitchell said as he took a spoonful of his soup. “Great soup, Estelle,” he said before taking another spoonful. Estelle smiled in appreciation and began eating her own soup.

Meanwhile, Natasha made her way up the stairs to her old room. She pushed the door open and saw Rita playing peek-a-boo with Alexis on the bed. It was the perfect picture. She smiled and softly knocked on the door.

“Can a tired old mummy join the party?” she asked.

“Hey. You are here,” Rita said smiling.

“Yes I am and so are you,” Natasha said as she walked towards the bed. She took a seat on the edge of the bed and gave Rita a hug before picking up Alexis.

“Yeah, I am,” Rita said exhaling.

“How’s my little girl doing,” Natasha said as she rubbed her nose against the baby’s nose. The baby hated that, she could tell by the way she frowned every time she did it, but she thought it was cute. So she always did it for her own sake. She put the baby back down on the bed and turned her attention to Rita. “So, do you want to tell me why I had to find out that you spend the night here from my Nan?” she asked. Rita took a long deep breath as Natasha took a spoonful of soup.

“I…it’s complicated. I didn’t want you to make a big deal out of it,” Rita started.

“Make a big deal out of what? What the hell is going on, Rita?” Natasha asked. Rita leaned back and looked at Natasha. “Come on, tell me already. I can’t stand the damn suspense,” Natasha said again. She could see the exhaustion in Rita’s eyes, as if she had not had a good night’s sleep in a while. Whatever it was, she did not understand why Rita felt like she could not talk to her. After all, the two had grown up together and seen each other through the hardest times. “Sweetie, please talk to me,” Natasha begged as she looked into Rita’s eyes.

“It’s Mama,” she started. Natasha looked at her.

“Okay. What happened? Is she okay?” she asked.

Rita shook her head and brushed a tear. “I don’t know. I think she’s using again,” she said. Natasha reached over and placed a hand on Rita’s. Six years ago, Rita’s mother had been hooked on prescription painkillers and it had been a hard time in Rita’s life especially because the two of them were never really close. The road to her mama’s recovery was hard and long but she did manage to get clean eventually even though she fell off the wagon a couple of times.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“No, I don’t know. She is just weird and distant. I never see her and when I do she is always in a hurry to go somewhere and there is this new guy in her life and…” Natasha shook her head and put her hand cutting her short.

“New guy?” she asked. “Since when?” Rita shook her head again.

“I don’t know. No one knows. I can’t reach her, she is not answering her phone and she is not at home and I am freaked out Tasha,” she said. Natasha looked at her sympathetically and smiled.

“Why didn’t you come to me earlier?” she asked.

“I wanted to…but there is also work and….” Her words trailed off as Natasha noticed a tear rolling down her cheek. This was not just about Rita’s mother. There was something else.

“How are you and Dave doing?” Natasha asked, looking at Rita. Rita brushed away another tear.

“I don’t know,” she said in a whisper.

“What do you mean, you don’t know?” Natasha asked. “When was the last time you talked to him?”

“Last week. I just can’t talk to him right now,” she said. Natasha raised an eyebrow.

“What do you mean right now? What happened?” she asked. She looked at Rita and she could have sworn she had never seen her so sad.

“Last week, he was supposed to be in Miami on some conference and we even Skyped in his supposed hotel but I saw what I thought to be his car heading into the Four Seasons, so I followed him just to be sure,” Rita paused and took another long deep breath.

“So, what did you find out?” Natasha asked.

“I saw him there with some woman and they were a bit friendlier than usual and I…..I really don’t know what to do,” she said.

“So, why don’t you ask him who she was? Why don’t you just talk to him?” Natasha asked. Rita looked up at her.

“I don’t want to know if everything is true…I can’t handle it right now. I need some time before I talk to him,” she said. Natasha shook her head.

It’s not finished yet, click to read the full book.

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