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Giving Birth To Mr White’s Baby – African American Romance

Giving Birth To Mr Whites Baby - African American Romance

Part 6 in the Mr White series by J A Fielding: Giving Birth To Mr White’s Baby. An African American romance.

The baby is due! After months of ups and downs, the third member of the Schmidt family is on their way! But will everything go as smoothly as Natasha and Mitchell Schmidt plan? Find out in this gripping new WMBW story with a twist. 🙂

African American Romance, Read It Now:

This book is part of the Mr White Series. See it and all parts to the series on the BWWM Books page.

Giving Birth To Mr White’s Baby Sample:

Natasha felt a cramp go through her tummy for the umpteenth time. She was not sure if she was going into labor or if it was the damned Braxton Hicks contractions. God knows she’d had enough if those during her pregnancy. She stood up and walked around the living room again. Her OB/GYN had suggested walking it out and taking long deep breaths every time the contractions came around. He had said that Braxton Hicks were a common feature for many women whether they were on their first or tenth pregnancies.

However, today was different. Natasha had been walking up and down for hours and she could have sworn that the contractions were only getting more intense. She had been trying to call someone, anyone, but all she got were voicemails and phones turned off. Mitchell was in some meeting, he’d told her in the morning. Rita’s phone was turned off. Mona and her Nan were not picking up; they were probably having some bake off. Her father and Stacy’s phones were on voicemails. She was all out of options. But then again, this could just have been the Braxton Hicks.

She clutched her tummy tightly when she felt another nerve wrecking contraction. She grabbed the phone and punched in the first number she thought of, Mona’s.

“Hey girl,” Mona answered cheerfully. Natasha felt a thrill of relief go through her body when she heard her voice.

“Oh my god, you picked up,” Natasha said almost out of breath.

“Honey, you sound like you’ve been doing laps on the track. You okay?” Mona asked sounding concerned.

“I think I’m in labor, Mona,” she said panting. “These damn pains won’t go away,” she said again leaning against the wall. She was now in the kitchen trying to get a grip on whatever sanity she still had left.

“Okay honey. I want you to relax. Tell me, how frequent are the contractions? Five, ten minutes apart?” Mona asked. She sounded frantic. Natasha guessed that she was looking for her car keys. They never seemed to be where she left them.

“I don’t know…maybe twenty, half an hour maybe?” Natasha said. “Oh my God!” she cried out when she felt another contraction. She slowly made her way to the kitchen and yanked the freezer door open. She took some ice cubes and put them in a cup. “I think I need to go to hospital Mona. Get here, now!” she said before stuffing two large cubes in her mouth.

“Okay baby. I will be right there,” Mona said and hung up. Natasha sunk to the floor and put one hand on her baby bump. She did not understand how something so beautiful could cause so much anguish. She took long deep breaths as she sucked on the cold ice cube. Apparently, the ice was supposed to help but she was not seeing the effect. She had heard stories of how labor would sometimes get worse than this. She wanted to cry. This could definitely not get any worse. Her whole pregnancy had been about mood swings and a dry spell. She had probably had sex three times during her entire term. She felt another tear rolling down her cheek. She could not tell what was going on, whether she was crying because of the pain or the frustration of the entire situation. She heard her phone ring and rolled her eyes. She had just gotten settled on the floor, no pain, no discomfort, no nothing. This was the first time in hours she had actually felt her body being relieved. She pulled herself to her feet and slowly made her way to the living room. She looked at her phone and almost smiled. It was Mitchell.

“Baby, what’s up? I found all these missed calls and I know….” His voice trailed off when he heard her heavy breathing. “Tasha, what’s wrong? You sound all out of breath,” he said.

“I think the baby is coming Mitchell,” Natasha said. He suddenly went silent. Natasha knew that he was freaked out. He had always planned on being there when the baby came and it seemed that he could miss it.

“I’m on my way,” Mitchell said.

“No, Mona’s coming. You could meet us at the hospital,” Natasha said. She heard Mitchell breathe a sigh of relief.

“I’m on the other side of town. It might take a while,” he said. Natasha could hear the sadness in his voice.

“I’ll be okay Mitchell. Women have been giving birth in jungles for centuries. I’ll be fine,” she said as calmly as she could as she felt another cramp in her tummy. If she didn’t know any better she could have sworn that the contractions were getting more intense.

“You sounded a little off there. Everything okay?” Mitchell asked sounding helpless.

“Yeah. Just another bad contraction,” Natasha answered. She stood up and began walking around again. She had heard that walking sped up labor and she was willing to do anything to hurry this up.

“Okay. I’ll see you soon. Okay. I am driving as fast as I possibly can,” Mitchell said. Natasha smiled. She knew that he was not bluffing.

“Just don’t get yourself a ticket. Today is the worst day for that to happen,” she said lightly.

“I love you,” Mitchell said. Something in his voice let her know that he was smiling as he said that.

“I love you too,” she said before hanging up. As if on cue, she felt another contraction that made her lean against the wall. When it finally passed, she sank down to the floor and sat down. Even though walking might have sped the process up, she didn’t feel like she was strong enough to keep it up.

By the time Mona arrived, Natasha was sweating it out big time. Her contractions were now a bit closer; this was definitely the real thing. Natasha turned around to look at Mona who was walking fast towards her.

“Oh, honey. How are you feeling?” Mona asked looking at her. She bent down to lift Natasha up. “Let’s get you off the floor,” she said as she struggled to help the once petite woman to her feet. She held on to Natasha’s waist as they walked towards the living room. Mona breathed a sigh of relief when she finally set her on the couch. “Okay, how far apart now?” she asked looking around.

“About fifteen minutes,” Natasha said panting. Mona looked at her and then looked around.

“Okay, then we don’t have time to wait for the ambulance. That baby could be coming any time now,” Mona said. “I need your supplies. I am taking you to the hospital,” she said looking into Natasha’s tired eyes.

“There’s a go bag in the bedroom. It has everything I might need,” Natasha said. Mona ran to the bedroom and emerged momentarily holding a brown travel bag.

“Is this it?” Mona asked holding the bag up. Natasha nodded and Mona quickly opened the bag.

“What the hell are you doing?” Natasha asked as Mona rummaged through the contents of the bag.

“Making sure you have everything. Only one of us has been through this, you know. Where is your baby layette? All these are your clothes,” Mona said looking up. Natasha looked a little confused for a moment.

“There is a baby bag in my closet. It was supposed to be next to the go bag,” Natasha said. Mona did another sprint to the bedroom which Natasha found quite impressive considering she was in six inch heels.

“And this is why I had to go through the bag,” Mona said as she ran out. She came back after Natasha figured she had dumped the bags in the car. “Okay, what hospital is your OB/GYN at?” she asked as she helped Natasha up.

“First General,” Natasha answered. She appreciated how much Mona was trying to help but she was having a very hard time. Staying on her feet alone was proving difficult. “I am never having sex again, Mona, I swear,” she said her voice trembling. Mona laughed as she helped her into the car.

“Even girls who have seven kids say that every time they are in labor. I am sure you will be giving it up to Mitchell really fast once all this is over,” Mona said as she typed on her phone frantically. “Okay. I just texted your husband to meet us at the hospital. Now watch as I show you why I should be a driver in the presidential motorcade,” Mona said as she started her car engine. Despite the discomfort Natasha was feeling, Mona had managed to put a smile on her face and she was just about to make her heart skip more than a beat. The way she drove…Natasha had seen Formula One drivers driving safer. Even dirt bike racing seemed safer than the stunts Mona was pulling. What was supposed to be a forty minute ride to the hospital quickly became a fifteen minute drive. As soon as she pulled to the ambulance bay area, Natasha sensed trouble especially when two security guards began walking towards them first.

“You can’t park here ma’am,” one guard said as the two guards swiftly walked towards them.

“Get me a wheelchair and I’ll move. This woman is in labor and I think she’s crowning,” Mona said. Natasha turned to look at Mona. There was a look of fear in her eyes.

“I’m crowning?” she asked worried that her wait could have cost her more than she would have bargained for. Mona smiled and shook her head.

“No, I just need a wheelchair ASAP. You good,” Mona said as one guard rushed outside pushing a wheelchair in front of him. “Bingo,” she said in a whisper. Natasha was about to smile when another nerve wrecking contraction ripped through her belly.

“Oh fuck! I can’t do this…It’s too much,” Natasha said in a whisper as a tear rolled down her cheek. “I want the drugs. Get them to give me an epidural, Mona. Please….get me the epidural,” she said again as Mona and one guard helped her to the wheelchair. A doctor walked towards them and took the chair.

“I got this, thanks guys,” the doctor said. Mona looked at the doctor and gave her car keys to one of the guards.

“Here, park it,” she said dumping the keys in the shocked guard’s hands.

“I’m not a valet,” the guard said as Mona followed the doctor into the hospital building.

“I’ll give you one hundred dollars for it!” Mona called out as they walked into the hospital building. “Okay, sweetie. I need you to tell the good doctor…” she trailed off and looked at the doctor.

“Mason,” the doctor said as he pushed the wheelchair through the hallways.

“Doctor Mason, would you tell him the name of your doctor?” Mona said practically running after them.

“Georges,” Natasha said still panting.

“Do you know a Doctor Georges?” Mona asked looking at Doctor Mason who was now nodding.

“Matter of fact, Mr. Schmidt called and told us that his wife was being brought in by her cousin. I’m assuming that’s you. So Doctor Georges sent me to get her. He is finishing off in the ER, he should be with us soon,” the doctor explained as they came to a halt in front of one of the rooms. “Here we are,” he said pushing the wheelchair through the door. There was a young nurse in the room who quickly rushed to help Natasha out of her clothes and into a hospital gown. Normally, that was the kind of situation that would make her uncomfortable but right about then, she didn’t give a crap. The nurse helped her onto the bed just in time for another contraction. She held on to Mona’s hand as the pain, which seemed to last forever, tore through her again.

“Okay, you need to get her an epidural,” Mona said when Natasha got her relief. The doctor walked round the bed and put Natasha’s feet in stirrups. Natasha felt her cheeks flush as the doctor took a long look under her gown.

“How long ago did your labor begin?” he asked as he checked her dilation.

“Four, five hours ago?” Natasha answered. By this time, strands of her hair were sticking onto the sides of her face. The doctor seemed concerned when she answered. “Why? Is there a problem?” she asked worried. Was this another joke like Mona had done a few minutes earlier?

“Your amniotic fluid is still intact. For someone whose contractions are so close, your water should have broken by now. We’ll need to do it manually,” he said.

“That should not be a problem. Should it?” Natasha asked looking at the doctor more worried than ever.

“No, but it is a bit too late for an epidural. Either way, we will have to operate,” Dr. Mason said just as Natasha’s OB/GYN walked in. She looked at him, her eyes hopeful, but Doctor Mason pulled him aside and whispered a few words to him. Dr. Georges then walked to Natasha’s bedside as the nurse applied some gel to her tummy. She was so tense; she didn’t even notice how cold the gel on her tummy was.

“He says I have to have surgery. Is my baby okay?” Natasha asked her doctor. Dr. Georges gave her a reassuring smile. He always seemed to be able to comfort her every time he smiled. There was honesty in his eyes, integrity in his smile.

“Nothing at all. But given how weak you have been in your pregnancy, a natural birth is not a very good idea. And your little guy is just fine,” Dr. Georges said as the nurse moved the scanner on the surface of her tummy. “Look, strong heart beat,” he said again as he pointed the screen. Natasha looked at the ultrasound and smiled. Her baby was fine. She was okay. “But we have to go right now,” he added as he looked into her eyes.

It’s not finished yet, click to read the full book.

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