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Healing Mr White – Romance , Black Women White Men

Healing Mr White - Romance , Black Women White Men

The 9th in the Mr White BWWM Romance series, a black woman white man novel collection.

When a Mitchell picks up a sporting injury he becomes housebound. Usually a workaholic, will he be able to adjust to this new role? One thing’s for sure, his family don’t mind having him there. Especially his hot blooded wife…

Romance , Black Women White Men, Read It Now

This book is part of the Mr White Series. See it and all parts to the series on the BWWM Books page.

Healing Mr White Sample

Natasha let her gym bag drop to the floor as soon as she got home, then rushed to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door. She grabbed a bottle of water and downed it in big gulps before she looked at the contents of the fridge again. There was a leftover slice of cake and half a blueberry pie that called out to her. There were also two slices of pizza that seemed to beckon with every lingering look but she knew they were all not a good idea. She had finally managed to shed her baby weight and stuffing herself was the one thing that would guarantee her looking like Mrs. Porky. She groaned as she grabbed a slice of watermelon, an orange and some strawberries. At least she could make her own shakes…tasty ones, nothing like that nasty stuff sold in stores branded “protein shake.” To Natasha, they could have very well taken tar and gravel and called it a healthy shake. It tasted like such anyway.

She combined all the fruits in the blender and in minutes, she had a nice glass of tropical smoothie without the milk. She looked at the time as she drank it and sighed. She had exactly forty minutes before Rita walked in with Alexis and that would be the end of her personal quality time. She quickly walked to the living room and picked up her gym bag before she rushed to her room. She took a quick shower and then put on her night shirt and a pair of sweat pants. She then picked up her laptop and switched it on. She had every intention of working but she found herself looking at a blank page of her diary.

I may as well just do this,” she thought as she took a deep breath.

Dear Diary,

Whoever said that women can do anything and everything that men can had obviously never had a child. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, but sometimes I find myself picturing an island where I am all alone…sometimes being fanned by a scantily dressed Hawaiian man. Okay, maybe sometimes I picture Alexis and Mitchell there with me, but hey…that only happens every so often. But on a lighter note, I love being who I am…a wife, a mother and a career woman. The fact that I can juggle the three makes it all worthwhile.

She stopped typing and carried her laptop to the living room where she sat down and reclaimed her smoothie. She took a long sip before she went on typing.

The most important thing that keeps me going is that I have to be the kind of mother to Alexis I always dreamed of having, rather than having to be MIA in her life for whatever reason. It is just that simple. I love my family, and I would do anything for them and there is no way I would ever be a messy mother to my daughter. I learned from the best. I…

She paused as she took another sip. As she sipped on the drink, she could not help but notice just how quiet the house was. With Alexis out of the house and Mitchell away on one of his business trips, the house was like a ghost town. She was still thinking about that when she heard the doorbell. She walked to the door and opened it, smiling at Rita who had a sleeping Alexis in her arms. Natasha relieved her of the heavy two year old as Rita walked to the living room.

“She might be out till tomorrow. She was excited to be at the zoo,” Rita said when Natasha came back. “I now understand what people mean when they talk of ‘hands on parenting,’” she added. Natasha laughed as she walked to the kitchen.

“Smoothie?” she called out to Rita.

“What kind?” Rita asked.

“Homemade tropical,” Natasha said.

“Cool,” Rita said. Natasha poured her a glass and then walked back to the living room. “I must say, this new diet thing is a really strange thing for me to get used to,” she said as Natasha sat down.

“Well, those love handles were not going to disappear on their own, now, were they? And the only way I make sure that they don’t come back is by controlling my eating habits,” Natasha said before she took a long sip.

“Yeah, I know that but you have always been petite,” Rita said.

“Yeah, until I had a baby. Now I have to make sure that I work hard to bring the sexy back; otherwise I will be a Liza Minnelli till I die,” Natasha said smiling.

“So anyway, how is the new job going?” Rita asked. Natasha smiled at her and shook her head as she tried getting the right words to describe whatever emotion she was feeling at the moment.

“Amazing. I don’t think I have ever worked on anything so big,” she said excitedly.

“Yeah, I can see it in your eyes. Hey, it even got you to the gym so it must be good,” Rita said as she took the last sip of her smoothie. “Damn, what was in this? This is awesome,” she said as she put the glass down.

“Watermelon, orange and strawberry,” Natasha said as she put her own glass down. She looked at Rita and shook her head. “What do you mean, it got me to the gym?” she asked.

“Well, you were not an active gym member before the account came through and now you are spending ten hours a week at the gym. Need I say anymore?” Rita asked rhetorically. “Plus, you have a gym in the house. Why do you have to use a commercial one anyway?” she asked.

“I need to see people who are actually bigger than me so that I can feel encouraged. Plus I needed the trainer,” Natasha said. Rita shook her head.

“You can get a personal trainer to come here,” she said matter of factly. Natasha nodded.

“True but every time I come through those doors, I just want to sleep because I have to keep up with Alexis, catch up with my husband, sometimes work a little and at times also fix dinner. Trust me, there was no way I was going to work a trainer into that schedule,” she said. “Plus, after all that, focusing would be hard especially when I know that my bed is just in the other room,” she added. Rita laughed.

“Come on. You could make it work. It’s just a matter of self-discipline,” she said. “Kind of like you are doing now with the whole healthy eating thing,” she added. Natasha frowned at her.

“Hey, you are my friend. You are supposed to be on my side,” she said. Rita laughed and leaned back.

“How is Mitchell anyway? I haven’t seen him in a while,” she said. Natasha shrugged and smiled.

“He is okay. He’s in England on business,” she said.

“Sometimes I feel like the two of you have a virtual marriage,” Rita said smiling. “It’s like he is never around. Wasn’t he in France last weekend?” she asked. Natasha smiled and nodded.

“Well, thanks to Skype, we talk everyday without fail but you are right. He has been a bit of a tourist lately,” she said. Since the Nassir contract got signed, Natasha had been crazy busy at work and coincidentally, Mitchell had to work on another contract, a new client from Europe. Their tight schedules made it almost impossible for them to spend more than two days together before one of them had to be called to work. “But I like to think that it’s a guarantee to early retirement,” Natasha added. Rita smiled at her and nodded.

“I know what you mean, girl,” she said. She then leaned in and looked at Natasha closely. “Lupe’s gone, right?” she asked in a whisper. Natasha was intrigued. Why would Rita want to know whether the housekeeper was in or not?

“Yeah, she’s gone. Why?” Natasha said. Rita moved closer.

“Awesome. Remember Tameka Sohn?” she asked, looking into Natasha’s eyes. Natasha frowned and shook her head.

“Well, the name is familiar,” she said still frowning.

“Come on, Tameka Sohn? We had her for tenth grade math,” Rita said. Natasha smiled.

“Ms. Sohn? Why are you calling her by her first name? Are you guys that close?” she asked. Rita shook her head.

“No, that is how juicy the gossip is,” she said. “So rumor has it that she is a cougar and that she is Jay’s new play toy,” she added excitedly. Natasha’s eyes grew big.

“Jay? My ex Jay?” she asked surprised. Rita laughed.

“Yeah, that very one,” she said. Natasha suddenly burst out laughing. “Guess you really ruined that one,” she said. Natasha wiped a tear and leaned back.

“Well, his loss. But it’s a good thing he messed up because I wouldn’t have had Mitchell if he hadn’t and I wouldn’t trade Mitch for anything,” she said. “But seriously though, Ms. Sohn? Did he run out of women whose lives he could ruin? How desperate must he have been?” she asked laughing. Rita nodded.

“I know, right? But like I said, you ruined him for other women,” she said. Natasha pretended to fan her face.

“What can I say, it’s genetic,” she said smiling.

“I wonder how his mother is taking it,” Rita said.

“Oh my god, does she even know about it? That drama queen may as well have had a heart attack,” Natasha said. “Do you remember how agitated she was when we broke up?” she asked.

“When you dumped him.” Rita corrected.

“Poh-tay-toh potato,” Natasha said. “Bottom line, the relationship was over. But serves her right. She does have a holier than thou attitude. It’s about time reality hit her hard across the face,” she added. Rita raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“That’s a whole new side of you I had never seen,” she said. “What have you been keeping all bottled up inside for this long?” she asked. Natasha shrugged.

“A whole lot of stuff. Let’s start with the fact that Jay was an ass and anything trickling down from that can be seen as valid collateral information,” she said.

“Listen to you getting all legal up in here,” she said in a mock ghetto voice. “Anyway, I’m hungry. Got any food?” she asked as she stood up.

“I have every kind of food, depending on what you are hungry for,” Natasha said as she followed her to the kitchen. “Leftover pizza, casserole…oh, I made a lasagna yesterday,” she said as she watched Rita look at the contents of her fridge. She pulled out the two slices of pizza and walked to the microwave. “None for me, thanks,” she said. Rita looked at her and smiled.

It’s not finished yet, click to read the full book.

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