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What The Heart Dont Know – Will The Secret Come Out

What The Heart Dont Know - Will The Secret Come Out

Cherelle and Michael have started a relationship and things are going well. But one thing; Cherelle is pregnant, and she’s not sure if it’s Michael’s or her ex’s!

Who will the baby belong to? And how will she let her man know?

Will The Secret Come Out, Read It Now

What The Heart Don’t Know is part of the Mr Online series. You can get both parts of the series here page.

What The Heart Dont Know Sample

“When are you going to tell him?”

Stuffing the last of her items in the small suitcase, Cherelle zipped it up then looked at Olivia. “I don’t know.” she admitted tightly. All last week she had been searching for a way to tell Michael about the pregnancy test, but every attempt had failed. Her words would die in her throat before they even made it up into her mouth, much less out into open air. Had it not been for the issue of Brant being tied to it… perhaps she would have told him by now. But that guilt was like a lead weight, preventing her confession from gaining wings.

“This weekend, perhaps?” Olivia sat on the edge of the bed. “You’re going to have to tell him. This isn’t exactly something that will stay hidden indefinitely.”

“I know.” Cherelle replied crisply, then sighed. “It’s just…”

“The Brant thing?”

“Yes.” Cherelle moved the suitcase to the floor then sat on the bed. “I feel so awful. It hurts every time I look at Michael, knowing what I’ve done. I don’t know how he doesn’t see my guilt when he looks in my eyes. I can feel it there, plain as day.”

Olivia scooted over and wrapped her arm around her friend’s shoulder. “Maybe you should take this time alone with him this weekend and just talk to him – about everything. This stress and guilt isn’t good for you, especially now.”

Sighing, Cherelle shrugged. “I’ll try. But every time I start…it just won’t come out.” She took hold of Olivia’s hand and squeezed it gently. “I want to be honest with him, I do. And I can’t tell him about the pregnancy…until I can tell him everything.”


“You’ve been awfully quiet, babe.” Michael said. “Everything okay?”

The car idled at the stop light and Michael reached over and slipped his hand into hers. She smiled. “Yes.” He returned her smile then leaned over and kissed her softly. It had the promise of so much more and she ached for it. When she was in his arms, and they were making love – everything else just disappeared and there wasn’t a care in the world.

“Okay.” he said lightly. “I’ll take your word for it.” The light turned green and the car rolled forward down the street through the small town. “Are you hungry? Want to stop somewhere and get a bite?”

I’d rather have a bite of you. The thought inspired a sly smile to snake across her lips – which Michael picked up on instantly. He chuckled. “Does that smile mean what I think it means?”

“That depends.” Cherelle murmured. “What do you think it means?”

He just chuckled again and slid his hand over her thigh, squeezing lightly. “You’re quite a woman, Cherelle.” He glanced at her with a glint in his eyes. “I can so appreciate a woman who can’t get enough of me.”

“Then you will be appreciating me for a long time to come.” she informed. They both laughed lightly and Cherelle gazed at his handsome face, resonating joy and contentment. It broke her heart to think of wiping all that away, leaving a look of hurt and betrayal in its place. Everything felt so perfect when they were together. She had never expected to feel this with anyone.

Why did you have to be so quick to make assumptions and do something so stupid? Why didn’t you give him the benefit of the doubt?


“Huh?” Cherelle blinked then realized they were parked in front of a small diner.

“I said we should eat an actual meal before…indulging in dessert.” The corner of his mouth jerked a little and the look in his eyes melted her all the way through.

She shrugged. “If you say so.” Her eyes swept over his body. “Although I don’t mind ruining my appetite by going for the dessert first.” Unfastening her seat belt, Cherelle leaned across and slid her hand between his thighs, palming his crotch firmly, pleased to find it nice and solid. She nibbled his earlobe as a tight groan squeezed up his throat. “So hard.” she whispered hotly. “Think all this hardness will melt in my hands…or in my mouth?”

Good Lord, girl, you’re starting to sound like Olivia. That couldn’t be a good thing.

Michael cleared his throat anxiously. “I, uh…think it will melt in whatever gives it the most attention.”

Laughing softly, Cherelle nuzzled his neck just below his ear and rubbed him just the way he loved – it hadn’t taken her long to figure out precisely what he liked. “Mmm.” she moaned when the space inside his trousers began to slowly disappear and his chest hitched a little, his breath suddenly quick, ragged. She grinned and grabbed his earlobe between her teeth. “I think I could live on dessert alone.” she whispered. “My…sweet tooth…is insatiable.”

“So I’m learning.” he groaned and leaned his head back, closing his eyes, a faint pinch to his brow as his lips tightened, his hips lifting a bit and pressing his need into her palm. “Oh god, baby…it isn’t nice of you to do this to me just before we go out in public.”

“Then maybe we should just go find a secluded place to park.” she suggested. “And make out in the car. Pretend we’re naughty teenagers.”

Michael chuckled. “You do come up with some very clever ideas.” he opened his eyes and twisted his head, gazing at her with unveiled desire. “Maybe I should hire you as a consultant.” He shook his head and grinned. “Then again – your ideas might be too spicy. I don’t want to start a porn site…of course, if I did – I would just have to post some home videos of our bedroom activity.” He gasped suddenly then laughed when she squeezed him with added force. “Easy there.”

“Don’t be smart, then.” she hissed playfully, then slowly dragged her hand from between his legs and let it rest on his muscular thigh. An ache spiraled through her and stabbed at her core. God, his strong legs always felt so good rubbing against her beneath the sheets, the tiny soft hair on his thighs tickling her smooth skin. She knew she had the power to talk him into taking her somewhere right this moment and making love to her, but each time he pulled her into his arms – she was reminded of everything she was keeping from him. It almost felt like a betrayal to make love to him without telling him the truth.

“Change your mind about dessert?” he wondered, his breath quick, a faint note of disappointment in his tone.

“Not at all.” she smiled. “But you’re right…we should eat first, then indulge.”

“Did I say that?” he questioned, an eyebrow raised, a smirk on his very kissable lips.

“Uh-huh.” Cherelle craned her neck and kissed his mouth.

“Damn.” He sagged against the seat and groaned. “Me and my big mouth.”


They ate a simple lunch of turkey sandwiches and green salad. Despite her hunger for Michael, Cherelle discovered her appetite for actual food was nearly as powerful. Almost.

“So.” Michael wiped his mouth with a napkin and dropped it on his empty plate then sipped his glass of iced tea. “Do you think you can restrain yourself till we get to my house?”

Cherelle glanced up, absorbing his teasing smirk. “As if you’re so irresistible.” she countered with a sneering smile.

“Aren’t I?” he cocked an eyebrow as his smirk stretched into a grin.

Dammit, he knows he is, Cherelle moaned inwardly. That isn’t fair, mister.

“Aren’t you full of yourself.”

“Didn’t answer my question.” he licked his lips and she instantly longed for a taste of that tongue.

She rolled her eyes. “Shut up.” she groaned, then laughed softly.

“Ah, the answer I was looking for.” he chuckled.

“I think I can manage to control myself.” she offered without a whole lot of conviction. “How much further is it?”

“Another hour, maybe.”

She sucked air between her teeth and shook her head. “An hour is a long time. I don’t know…”

Leaning forward, Michael rested his elbows on the table and picked up her hand, kissing her fingers. “Just so you know…I am quite good at multitasking.” his eyes flashed and he murmured, “I can drive and…receive pleasure at the same time.” He kissed her fingertips. “Not a problem at all.”

A funny tickled zipped around Cherelle’s naval then skittered down between her thighs, inciting a low burning ache. “Love your subtlety.”

“A subtle man is a deprived man.” Michael gently bit one fingertip between his teeth and grinned.

“And a blunt man is a depraved man.” Cherelle riddled.

A chuckle vibrated Michael’s chest. “True.” He kissed her hand before releasing it, then stood. “I need to use the restroom then we can go.” He tugged out his wallet and handed it to her. “You want to go ahead pay?”

“Yeah.” Cherelle grabbed the receipt and stood with him. “I’ll wait for you at the car.”

“Okay.” Michael kissed her then walked towards the restroom sign at the back of the diner. Cherelle paid for their meal and left the establishment.

The sun warmed Cherelle’s face as soon as she stepped outside. She squinted a little and went to the car, set Michael’s wallet inside on the dash then closed the door and leaned against the side. Her arms crossed loosely over her chest as she released a slow, drawn out breath. What’re you going to do, girl? You have to talk to him. This drive is the perfect time to do so.

Her arms slipped down and she hugged her stomach. What would it feel like to have a baby growing inside her? This should be an event that filled her with joy and anticipation. And had there been no doubt the baby was Michael’s, she would have been walking on air right now. She was sure Michael would be too. He just struck her as a natural father type. Such a perfect man…how could he not be the perfect father as well?

“You feel okay, babe?”

Cherelle jumped when Michael suddenly appeared at her side. She realized her hands were flattened on her stomach and she pulled them away quick. “Yeah.” she smiled. “That was quick.”

Michael grinned. “I can be quick and efficient when it calls for it.”

“Thankfully not all the time.” Cherelle pressed her lips tight and moved close to him. “Quick isn’t always good.”

He smirked and tapped his lower lip with his fingertip. “Very true.” he kissed her. “Shall we go?”

Nodding, Cherelle stepped back as Michael opened her door for her, waited for her to get in, then closed it and walked around to the driver door.

“So another whole hour in the car, huh?” she asked when he was seated behind the wheel. An hour, Cher – talk to him!

“Yes, ma’am.” He winked and started the car. “However shall we entertain ourselves for another hour?”

Cherelle rolled her eyes and looked out the passenger window, smiling. “I think maybe I did end up with a sex fiend from your site after all.”

Laughing deep, Michael backed the car around and got them going on their way again. “Well, I don’t believe I stated on my profile that I wasn’t a sex fiend. You just assumed. Not my fault, baby.”

“Well,” Cherelle looked at him and shrugged. “Maybe I wasn’t the only one who ended up with such.” She bit her lower lip and flicked an eyebrow.

“Oh I know.” Michael looked her over quick then turned his attention back to the road. “Thank the good Lord in heaven.”

“I don’t know how good we are for each other.” Cherelle admitted, laughing.

“Well, baby.” Michael grinned. “We may not be good for one another, but we’re damn good with each other. If you know what I mean.”

If I know what he means, Cherelle mused then shook her head. “Uh, yeah…I’m pretty sure I know what you mean.” She slid her hand over his thigh, the hard muscle pressing firm against his pant leg. He shifted in his seat a little and cleared his throat, swiping his hand over his mouth. Cherelle smiled – it thrilled her that she could get him riled up so easily.

You’re using sexual play to stall talking to him. She knew it was true. This was so much easier than voicing things that could hurt them…possibly end them. Their playful banter felt so natural, so light and fun. It made her forget the unpleasant things she was holding back.

The above is part of the first chapter of 7. Read the full thing here.

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