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Did You Help Write My Latest BWWM Romance Book?

Home and Hearts front cover

Home and Hearts front cover
Hi, J A Fielding here; I hope you’re well. Two really cool things for you today so be sure to read till the end. 🙂

New BWWM Romance Out This Week

Firstly, Esther Banks is back with a new book this weekend, and it’s set to be a big one. A pregnancy romance is one many of you requested, and this one has a big twist to it…

It’ll be released this Friday or Saturday (the last bit of proof reading is getting done now) so I’ll send you an email when you can pick it up. I can’t wait till it’s available, I know you’ll love it. 🙂

Are You Credited In My Latest Book?

A few months ago, I asked people signed up to my newsletter to let me know what kind of BWWM book they want to read next. Every now and then I like to keep things fresh and start a new BWWM romance series for you. I was at the stage where I wanted to start a new one, but wanted to make it something you would enjoy reading. So I asked my readers:

What kind of BWWM romance do you think this should be?

Did you want to see ‘normal’ couple with every day issues? A black woman who falls for a white million or billionaire? A fuller black woman romance? A interracial couple and their family life? Other?

I got back a LOT of good ideas which I’ll be using in the future, but initially I decided to go with a billionaire based story due to your suggestions. The end result? The book Home Is Where The Heart Is! A big thank you to everyone who suggested that theme:

  • T. Alston,
  • Kristina Green,
  • Rebecca Anderson,
  • Tanya,
  • Patreen / Maureen,
  • Meia Batiste,
  • Sharise,
  • Joell Walker,
  • Marcella,
  • Stephanie Kelly,
  • Tee, and
  • Rae.

A big thank you to you all for getting involved and suggesting what you want to read about. All of your names have now been credited in the book on the first page with text. So pick up a copy and tell your friends to do the same… You can even show off a bit if you want. 🙂

There were lots of different spin offs to the bwwm billionaire romance theme, but as I’ve only so much time to write these books (the curse of the kindle author) I decided to credit you all in a general billionaire romance storyline.

Want to suggest an idea for a future book I or one for the other authors writes? Then be sure to become a newsletter subscriber and I’ll let you know when you can email in those ideas. Alternatively, leave an idea right now on the forums. I make sure I read all the posts left there. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the new book.

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