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Jealousy And Trust – Best Billionaire Romance Books

Jealousy And Trust - Best Billionaire Romance Books

Jealousy and Trust is part two of the Home And Hearts series by J A Fielding, widely recognized as one of the best billionaire romance books of 2014.

It’s been a few months since Steven and Julie started their relationship. What started out as business dealings between the estates company Julie worked for an the vast empire of the billionaire Steven owned, soon turned into something much more personal. A black woman white man couple like no other; Julie was soon an employee and romance interest to her new man.

As the couple get to further know each other, how will things progress? Will the way women throw themselves at the billionaire be any cause for concern? Or will love trump all? Find out in this top billionaire romance story by J A Fielding.

Best Billionaire Romance Books, Read It Now

You can read this ebook and see the other parts in the series on the books page.

Jealousy And Trust Sample

“I’m not doing this Steven,” Julie exclaimed as she got dressed. It was a Tuesday morning.

Steven walked over. He gave her a kiss, pulled away and looked her dead in the eye.

“Oh yes you are,” he said with a cheeky smile. Julie looked at him as she zipped up her skirt.

“What’s the big deal?” he asked as he looked at her. They were having a discussion on whether or not she should sleep over again.

She had been at his place for almost five days and she was starting to feel guilty since she had lied to her father and told him that she would be out of town on business for a few days. Apart from that, she had barely spent two days straight in her new house and her father had not yet come over to her new place. She had been giving excuses almost too often, but this was getting a bit too much.

“The big deal is that I am lying to my father, the most important man in my life,” she exclaimed. Steven frowned.

“Hey, I thought I was the most important man in your life,” he joked as he walked towards her. He slipped an arm around her waist and pulled her close to him. “Are you trying to hurt my feelings?” he asked smiling.

“Well, until I met a man with a sexy British accent, Michael Parker was the most important man in my life you know,” she said as she held the side of his face. “And I would hate for him to think that our relationship is over just because I am dating again,” she added.

“So what you’re saying is you want me to sleep alone tonight?” he asked. She smiled and then shrugged.

“Well, if you want, I could sneak you in my room after he’s gone to sleep,” she offered with a smile. He raised an eyebrow and then shook his head.

“Maybe I can survive one night,” he said. “By the way, I have a client that I would like you to handle for me,” he added as he pulled away from her. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked at him as she put on her shoes.

“Why? Does Dana know about this?” she questioned. “Because I don’t really think she would be okay with me working for someone else,” she added. Steven laughed as he put on his shirt.

“Of course not. But then again, I wasn’t planning to go over her head. I wanted to work out a good bargain for Dana and you, you know, so that you can both have your fair share,” he said and then walked towards her. “I would do it, but I have to rush out to Vegas and I may not be back till late and these guys…they will be here at around two in the afternoon, but I won’t be back till around nine,” he informed Dana as he looked at her.

“So, you wanted to have me over alone?” she winked. He placed his hand on hers and smiled.

“I told you I will be back by nine, didn’t I? And plus, you already made up your mind. So I guess I could sleep over in Vegas,” Steven said. She looked at him and in one sweep got on top of him and straddled him.

“Now it is your turn to make me jealous, huh?” she said with a smile. He shook his head.

“It’s a business meet, babe, nothing more. Why? You want to come with?” he offered. She shrugged.

“Well, I’ve never been to Vegas, but then again I have to work,” she said.

“It’s fine. We can make a plan, maybe on one weekend,” he promised. She smiled and nodded.

“I’d like that,” she said. As he looked up at her, he could almost begin to feel his cock getting hard in his pants again. “Is that a cucumber in your pocket or are you just excited to see me taking control?” she joked, a sly smile playing on her lips. He laughed and held the small of her back.

“What do you think?” he asked as he pulled her down for a long kiss. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as she felt his tongue searching hers. “You know we could be late for work today,” he whispered. She smiled up at him and shook her head.

“We said that almost every day last week and yesterday…so, no,” she ordered as she pushed him off. She then walked over to the dressing table and put on a pair of silver earrings before she walked to the closet to get a jacket. “I think I should get going now,” she said as she grabbed her purse and keys.

“I could drop you over at the office if you want,” Steven volunteered.

“No, I’m good. I’ll drive,” she replied. Steven frowned when she said that. “What?” she asked, looking at him.

“I really don’t like the idea of you driving that…thing,” he confessed.

“Did you just call my car a thing?” she demanded looking at him.

“Well, if it was a proper car, maybe it wouldn’t break down every damn chance it got,” he argued. Julie shrugged and then shook her head.

“I am not having this conversation with you,” she snapped as she walked out of the bedroom. Steven quickly ran after her and caught her hand. “Steven, I seriously don’t want to do this right now,” she said as he walked round her to look into his eyes. It was too early in the morning to fight. She looked into his eyes and shrugged. “What do you want?”

“You can’t be angry with me for wanting the best for you,” he said,

“I’m not, but that is what I have right now and that is what I have driven for three years and newsflash, I’m not dead yet. So quit making a big deal about it,” she sniped angrily. Steven looked into her eyes and shook his head.

“Why are you trying to pick a fight? All I’m saying is that I would rather you drove something else, that’s all,” he replied honestly.

“Fine, but new cars cost money,” she said. “And no, I won’t let you buy me a car. You already got me a house,” she added.

“And is that such a bad thing?” Steven asked looking at her. She shrugged.

“Are we really going to have this conversation right now?” she responded.

“Well, clearly we have to have it sometime. And now is a good time as any,” he finished as he took her hand and led her to the living room.

“Steven, work…” she started saying before he shook his head.

“Work can wait,” he protested as he looked at her. “Are you not okay with the fact that I got you the house?” he asked. She shook her head and shrugged.

“I was at first, but now it’s like you want to get me everything,” she said.

“And is that so wrong?” he queried.

“Well, I do feel a little cheated…owned even,” Julie complained.

“You think I own you? Is that how you feel?” Steven asked. He took one of her hands in his and looked at her. “Is that how I make you feel?” he repeated. She shrugged and shook her head.

“Not really but it feels like you are on your way there,” she confessed.

“Why?” he asked surprised and confused at the same time.

“Because it starts with you buying me stuff and then in the event something happens, I end up desolate and destitute,” she confided. Steven raised an eyebrow and shook his head.

“Why would you even harbor such thoughts?” he asked. “Why would you be with me while deep down you are thinking of how we may break up?”

“Shit happens, Steven. Shit always happens and for you not to think that it might happen to us is…pathetic,” Julie declared as she looked at him. She pulled her hand away and shrugged. “You cannot blame me for thinking it. It happened with the men in my life before you, and it can happen again,” she said in a low voice.

“But Julz, I am not those men,” he reminded her. She smiled and shrugged.

“I know, that’s why I would rather avoid the fights when it comes to you,” she said. “I love you Steve but…you have to stop doing all this for me. I am not used to it,” she pleaded. A smile played on his lips.

“You know if it was any other woman, this fight would be because I don’t do the things I do,” he said. Julie smiled and nodded.

“I know,” she replied.

“Listen Julz, I hate that car and I’m not going to pretend that I’m fine when you are driving it,” he argued. He leaned in and held the back of her head. “If you don’t want me to worry then at least let me make sure your car gets a proper fix. I have a great mechanic there,” he said. Julie looked at him and shrugged. She knew this was one argument she was not going to win.

“Fine,” she grumbled. “But no more houses”.

“Well, I could take back the apartment if you want me to,” Steven quipped jokingly. She grinned and shook her head.

“You can have anything but that apartment,” she laughed. He smiled and moved closer to where she was.

“I could think of a few things I want,” he winked before he gave her a long kiss. She pulled away and looked into his eyes smiling.

“I thought we were going to be early for work today, at least I thought I was,” she huffed.

“Well, we just had our first fight. Maybe we should celebrate the making up,” Steven chuckled just as her phone rang. Julie looked at her phone and smiled.

“It’s Dana,” she told him.

“Ignore her. We’ll just say you had an early morning meeting that you forgot to mention,” Steven urged Julie as she undid the buttons on her blouse. It was getting harder for her to deny him with each button that came undone. She looked at him when he undid the last button and smiled.

“At this rate, I may not be employed much longer,” she said.

“Would that be too bad?” Steven asked as he slowly pushed her blouse off her shoulders. She smiled and shrugged.

“Maybe not,” she admitted in a whisper as he lowered his head to kiss her. She closed her eyes as she felt him gently pull away before he started kissing her jawline. He traced his kisses all the way to her neck as she raised her hand to hold the back of his neck. He slowly pushed her down on the couch and got on top of her.

“Still in a hurry to get to work?” he teased as he looked down at her. She smiled and shook her head.

“Not anymore,” she whispered as he traced his kisses down to her chest and kissed the tops of her breasts. She moaned softly when he slipped his hand under her and undid the clasp on her bra. She opened her eyes and looked at him as he took a nipple in his mouth and sucked hard making her shudder. Even though she and Steven had been making love regularly for the last few days, being with him again was like a new experience every single time. Every touch, every kiss was like a whole new thing. She moaned softly as he sucked on her already hard nipple as she arched her back, thrusting herself into his mouth. He gently caressed her other breast as he paid the ultimate attention to her. When he finally pulled away, he looked into her eyes and then brought himself up to give her a brief kiss before lowering himself to take her other nipple in his mouth. She let out a whimper and writhed gently on the couch as he sucked and caressed her. When he pulled away, he trailed his caress down her torso to her thigh. He slowly pushed her skirt upwards, higher and higher on her thigh until he was able to take off her panties. He looked at her and pulled away to take off his clothes.

She spread her legs and raised the skirt even higher as he got on top of her. She could feel his hard on pressing against her thigh, begging to get inside her. In her daze, she heard her phone ringing again. She could almost guess that it was Dana trying her again, but she didn’t want to ruin the mood. She whimpered again when she felt him pushing himself into her, filling her. She gasped out his name and he raised his head to look at her. He lowered his head and kissed her softly as he began moving in and out of her. She moaned softly and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Suddenly the fight they had earlier seemed silly to say the least. She allowed herself to get lost in the passion of the moment as he fucked her slowly. She moaned her pleasure as she felt him going deeper inside her. He always loved how sweet and tight she felt. It was almost as if he was claiming her for the first time every time they made love. As he moved in and out of her, he could feel her impending orgasm by the way her pussy suddenly tightened up around his cock. He wanted to fuck her harder and deeper. She looked up at him as his thrusts intensified, making her want to scream out.

Julie could feel her orgasm fast approaching, but he had other things on his mind. He suddenly pulled out of her and kissed her deeply, his hands wildly caressing her breasts. When he pulled away from her, she was panting and her chest was heaving up and down in time with her breathing. She looked up at him as she felt him realign his cock at her entrance again. She gasped when she felt him deep inside her, possibly deeper than he had been a few minutes earlier. She clawed at his back as he fucked her. His strokes were now longer, deeper and harder than ever. He kissed her again, muffling the imminent screams as he felt her orgasm approaching. He struggled to keep his cock inside her as she climaxed over and over until he felt himself emptying inside her. She moaned and gasped as she felt him slipping out of her.

“We should fight more often,” he said panting. She looked at him and smiled.

You’ve only read some of this ebook, a best seller billionaire romance book. Read the rest here and see other parts to the series there also.

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