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Why Do I Like White Men – BWWM Kindle Books 2013

Why Do I Like White Men - BWWM Kindle Books 2013

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Why Do I Like White Men is the first BWWM ebook J A Fielding ever wrote. It tells the story of a African American woman coming to grips with the fact that she simply finds white men really attractive. Follow her in this journey of discovery.

Why Do I Like White Men Sample

When Antonia felt Alex’s hands around her bare waist, she was sure that she would get through this. I mean, how hard was losing your virginity? You couldn’t hold on to it forever. Like a band aid, you just had to rip it off and let it scab. And Alex wasn’t a bad guy. If ever there was a time she was going to do it, this was it.

“You seem a little nervous,” Alex said as he spun her around to look at her. She smiled and looked up at him.

“That’s because I am,” she whispered. Alex planted a kiss and held her close.

“We don’t have to do it if you don’t feel ready,” he said as he kissed the top of her head. Toni pulled him to the bedroom. “I am ready,” she said as she took off her jacket. Alex went on to kiss her full lips. He could feel his cock getting harder by the minute but he was determined to go slow. This was her first time but not his. He had been down this road so many times before and he knew that rushing a virgin was the worst thing that he could possibly do.

He let her lead and was impressed at the way she took her time undressing him as she kissed him. She then sat on the bed and looked unsure of what to do next. She had been on this bed countless times before but it was never this awkward. Alex smiled and joined her on the bed. By now she just had her skirt and bra on while he was bare chested dressed in just his jeans. He pulled her close and engaged her in a kiss as he undid the clasp of her bra revealing her big breasts. He could feel her warm nipples brushing up against his muscular chest as he continued kissing her. He then slowly pushed her on the bed so that she could lie down.

He straightened her legs on the bed before he positioned himself on top of her. He let one hand cup her breast as he kissed her neck. She took this opportunity to wrap her arms around his muscular body. He took this as an official okay and let his hand slip under her skirt to her warm inside thigh. He felt her gasp, which was to be expected.

“It’s ok,” he whispered as he moved his hand from her breast to her face. He looked into her eyes before kissing her. “Just relax okay?” he said as he kissed her again.

“Yeah,” Toni managed to whisper. She closed her eyes as she felt his hand slowly go up her thigh to her moist center. She was scared yes, but more than anything she wanted to have him naked against her own naked body. She wanted to hold him against herself and feel him ease his length in her depths. She suddenly felt a warm sensation on her breast and gasped. She opened her eyes to find Alex suckling on one of her breasts making her nipples to harden rapidly. His other hand had come from under her skirt to her other breast.

She felt his legs moving a bit too much and she guessed that he was kicking his pants off. After what seemed like forever, he withdrew from her breasts and kissed her lips again. His hand was once again under her skirt where he found her wet panties. He felt Toni raise her hips so that he could easily take them off. He then took off her skirt leaving her vulnerable and at his mercy. He stood up and took off his own boxer shorts revealing a thick cock which was almost bursting with angry veins. Toni shuddered at the thought of that massive cock buried deep inside her.

Once again, Alex laid his body weight on her. He used his knees to gently part her legs and smiled when his cock head made contact with her very wet pussy lips. He felt her shiver again under him and again, he looked into her eyes to reassure her. He kissed her lightly as his hand reached for the lube on the night stand. He put a generous amount on his fingers before proceeding to smear it on his thick shaft. He put took more lube and gently applied it to Toni’s pussy making her shiver when the cold gel touched her body.

She winced in pain when Alex poked a wet finger inside her pussy as he tried to get her ready. Even though she was already wet, he wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t get a split. After all, he wanted more than just one round. He poked two more fingers before wiping his fingers on the t-shirt he had just taken off. She suddenly felt a splitting pain as Alex pushed his massive cock head inside her pussy. Her heavy breathing soon turned into gasps and then heavy gasping cries as he struggled to get inside her. “Stop,” she suddenly said. Alex who was now in an awkward position looked down at her.

“You okay?” he asked looking at her face which was now flushed.

“Ye…yeah….I…just..need some time…to (gasp) get used to you,” she managed to say through her heavy breathing. “Okay, go on,” she said after what seemed like forever to Alex. Alex began pushing himself inside her again before she pushed him off with incredible force. A loud slushy sound was made when his cock was forced out of her wet pussy. He looked at her in surprise. She had her hands over her face which was now more flushed than ever.

“Toni, what’s wrong?” he asked concerned.

“Nothing,” she said. Her voice sounded as if she was crying. “This was a bad idea,” she said as she began getting dressed. “I’m sorry,” she said as she ran into the bathroom. Alex was confused. He thought everything was going well, till now that is.

When she finally emerged from the bathroom, she was fully dressed and her face was freshly washed. He was now sitting on the bed in a bath robe which gracefully hid his raging hard on.

“I need to go,” she announced as she walked to towards the door. “I’m really sorry Alex,” she said before slamming the door behind her. Alex was still seated on the bed unsure of what had just happened. He undid his bathrobe and looked at his cock which was still stiff. He grabbed the lube and poured a large amount onto his palm. “Looks like it’s just you and me buddy,” he said to himself as he began rubbing himself.

Chapter 2

When Antonia ‘Toni’ Baxter opened the envelope from the University Of Richmond, she felt like her life was over. She had hoped to get a scholarship but from another university in another state. Any state. Alaska was staring to look really good when her mother told her how proud she was of the fact that her baby girl was going to pursue her career while still living at home.

“You know I was scared that you would have had to go far away from me,” her mother had told her. Toni cringed at the thought of having to see her mother on daily basis. She had hoped that college would be her clean break from her mother’s overprotective nature. “Yeah, mom,” she said as her mother hugged her. “I am ecstatic,” she said sarcastically.

“Come on, it can’t be that bad,” Mrs. Baxter said as she held her daughter at arm’s length. “This beauty is better off here, where I am sure no evil boys get to see you, like that Alfieri white boy,” she added as she tucked a strand of Toni’s curly hair behind her ear.

“You don’t have to look out for me anymore mom, I’m 19,” Toni said as she slouched herself on the couch. Her mother looked at her and gave a disapproving smile. Her daughter had grown from the sweet little girl into a curvaceous beauty that made every man be at risk of getting a stiff neck. Toni was a product of an African American and a Caucasian man. She had smooth fair skin that always seemed to have a honey glow. Her long curly hair was the perfect contrast to her deep brown eyes. Apart from the perfect facial structure, Toni had the smallest, supple waist thanks to her earlier gymnastic years and wide hips that gave the perfect complement to her big ass that prove that she was an African American inside and out. Her breasts were not big but they were just right for her body. She had thought of having them bigger but every time she looked at herself she would take comfort in the fact that she made everything she wore look good. Her body had been envied by many women, young and old alike. Everyone always thought she would have made a great model someday but much to the surprise of many, Toni was always more focused in school work. She had aspired to do law from a very young age.

“What happened to that nice boy from high school, Alex Wright?” Lauren Baxter asked. Toni shrugged and walked to the couch.

“I told you mama, I don’t want to talk about Alex,” she said. “Some relationships are just not meant to be,” she added. She actually had not spoken to Alex since that night when they almost had sex, or did they? Wasn’t sex just a penis inside a vagina? She wasn’t sure and clearly, she was not going to waste her time wondering about it. Alex had made up his mind to go to Duke University. The two had no future together. Somewhere along the line, Toni met Chris Alfieri, a web designer from New York that had just moved to Oregon Hill. The two had graduated from bumping into each other at the grocery store to casual coffee dates and finally to dinner, all of which Lauren was against. She was still hopeful that one day her daughter would get back together with Alex. He was a nice boy who went to church not like that cigar smoking, beer drinking white boy that had just moved to the neighborhood. Lauren had not always been against white people but ever since Antonia’s father walked away from her, from his daughter and responsibility, Lauren hated white people. She thought they were all wimps just out to get laid and live the fantasy of ‘screwing a black girl with a big ass’.

“Don’t you think he was good enough for you?” Lauren pressed.

“Mama, back off, seriously,” Toni snapped. Lauren looked at her daughter and sighed.

“Someday Toni, you will know that everything I do, I do to protect you,” she said before walking to the kitchen. “Can I make you something to eat? A sandwich maybe?” She called out from the kitchen.

“Sure, mama,” Toni called back as she settled in the couch to watch some TV. Maybe if she lost her thoughts in mindless ads for a while, she would forget that her life was practically coming to an end. She thought of calling up Chris for a beer or something. But, sandwich first, she thought as she flipped through the channels.

Chapter 3

Chris Alfieri walked out of the local Pizza Hut and hurried to his car. He was not about to miss the game again. He fumbled with his keys in one hand while balancing the pizza box and soda in one hand careful not to spill anything.

“Need some help there Alfieri,” he heard a voice behind him say. He smiled when he saw Toni standing there looking stunning as usual.

“Please,” he said handing her the pizza box.

“Where’s the fire?” she asked as she balanced the drinks in one hand.

“I just don’t want to miss the game, again,” he replied rolling his eyes. She smiled back at him as she watched him unlock his car.

“Did you ever think you just had to make a change in your sporting preferences?” she asked as she opened the passenger door to set the box down.

“Hell no, baseball rules!” he said as he did a slight fist pump. She laughed as she leaned on the car door. “So you want to join me?” he asked hopefully.

“I don’t know if I can, Chris,” she said as she produced a long shopping list from her purse. “I have to pick these up then start dinner,” she said as she began walking off.

“It was worth a try,” Chris said as he got into his car. “How about dinner and a movie next Friday?” he probed.

“Sounds good,” she said as she walked towards the grocery store. As he looked at her swaying hips, he knew in his heart of hearts that this girl was more than a friend. He was developing some very strong feelings for her and he wasn’t sure how this would end up for him or her. After all, her mother hated his guts, but he really liked her and she was fun to hang out with too.

Earlier that year when he moved to Oregon Hill, he thought that this was a life without parole kind of sentence. In a way, he was right. He was used to the high and fast life of New York and when the company decided to get new offices in Virginia due to the growing number of clients in the area, they chose him to spearhead the move.

“The place is not half bad,” Mike Patterson, his boss had told him when he proposed the move. “It’s kind of like Spring Valley and Las Vegas,” he had said in an attempt to explain that the place was not that different from the life he was used in the big city.

However, when Chris finally moved, he was more angry than shocked. The place was the complete opposite of the high life he had long enjoyed in New York. It was too quiet, too many residential houses, too…….damn boring.

“No bars or clubs,” he had said under his breath as he scanned the street once more. “Just great,” he said again as he ran his fingers through his thick black hair. His thoughts had suddenly been interrupted by the loud ringing of his cell. It was his boss. This was his chance to get back at him.

“Patterson, what the fuck,” he said when he picked up the phone.

“Whoa, dude,” Patterson said in protest. Chris could almost see him raise his hands as he always did any time he found himself in a tight spot. “I was just the messenger, remember?” he said hoping Chris would cut him some slack.

“Oh really? From where?” Chris asked scornfully.

“National office bro,” Patterson said. “They saw your annual track record and there are like a bazillion clients in the area,” he added in a hope-you-see-this-from-my-point-of-view kind of way.

Want to read the rest? You can get the full BWAM romance here.

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