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Love By Fire – Paranormal BWWM Dragon Romance Book

Love By Fire - Paranormal BWWM Dragon Romance

The third and final part of the BWWM Dragon Romance collection by Esther Banks and J A Fielding. Join Maia and Anthony, a black woman white man couple with a difference; they can both shape shift into dragons!

The couple now have two kids and are still running their successful media company. But Maia and Anthony have enemies, ones that would want to break up their family and destroy what they have. Will the family be strong enough to make it through the tough times?

Follow this adult adventure for the season finale, you won’t regret it!

Love By Fire, Read It Now

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Paranormal BWWM Dragon Romance Book Sample

Maia was on the set of their latest movie looking at the dailies from yesterday. She stared at the monitor intently focused on her star actor’s performance. She didn’t hear Babs approach.

“Maia, I’ve put several new scripts on your desk that look interesting,” Babs said as she hopped into the director’s chair next to Maia.

“Thanks, Babs,” Maia said distractedly.

“Anything wrong?” Babs asked.

Maia pointed to the monitor screen.

“Look at Ric. His performance is off. It’s so unlike him,” Maia said worriedly.

Babs watched the footage closely. She frowned. Ric Sanders, 26 years of age was a tall, handsome, bald African American man who was an extremely talented actor. His work was garnering admirable attention from the most prominent critics in the industry. He was well on his way to being considered one of the best actors of his generation. This lackadaisical display was totally uncharacteristic of him.

“You’re right. What’s his problem? He’s missing cues and making blocking mistakes. Why didn’t Sydney catch it while they were shooting?” Babs asked.

“Sidney was out yesterday, remember?” Maia said. “His assistant was running the scenes and she’s still very green. And Tony and I were tied up in meetings.”

“Jillian missed her chance to step up. She failed miserably; poor kid,” Babs said ruefully.

“She’ll learn,” Maia said. “I’m more concerned about Ric. He’s been off his game for a while now.”

“Any ideas why?” Babs asked.

“No. But I intend to why out. I’ll be in Ric’s dressing room.”

Babs watched as Maia walked away. Her determination was evident in every step she took. She intended to discover what was bothering Ric if it took all day and all night. Babs felt a little sorry for him. He was in for the interrogation of his life.


Maia briskly walked the short distance from the soundstage to the parked trailers. She knocked smartly on Ric’s door. There was no answer. She knocked again. Still there was no answer. Maia looked up at the windows and saw that there was no light on. She sighed. Apparently he wasn’t there. But where was he? He was due on stage in twenty minutes. She considered whether she should wait for him. She decided against it. By the time he showed up he wouldn’t have time to talk anyway and she didn’t want to upset him right before going on set. She slowly wandered back into the soundstage and sat down next to Babs.

“Back so soon?” Babs asked.

“I didn’t talk to him. He wasn’t in his trailer,” Maia said regretfully. “I’ll have to catch him after his scenes.”

Babs nodded and remained silent. Maia was worried and so was she. Ric was receiving top billing on this movie and they wanted him to be at his best. A lot was riding on it. The scheduled marketing of this movie was tremendous. Reporters were already sniffing around trying to get a scoop. This movie could be a blockbuster hit for Ric’s career and for Dragon Productions. If he had a problem they needed to know about it now rather than later.

“Let’s see how he performs in these next scenes,” Maia said.

Ric finally came onto the stage. The set was staged as a bar scene. He and several other actors sat on the bar stools and listened to Sidney’s directions. Thank goodness Sidney was back. Maia looked at Jillian. She appeared a bit frazzled. Obviously Sidney had seen the dailies and was not happy with Jillian’s direction. Sidney wasn’t one to bite his tongue when it came to his craft.

Maia was sure he had told Jillian what he thought of her directing. Oh well. Jillian had to take the good with the bad. She was learning from the best and it was an opportunity that many did not get.

The scene began and Ric’s acting was much better, although Sidney was giving him more direction than usual. There was still something that wasn’t quite right. Ric’s acting was always brilliant and when it wasn’t it was glaringly obvious. Sidney called for a take five and Maia hurriedly left her seat to catch up with a quickly retreating Ric. She caught him just as he was leaving the building.

“Ric,” Maia called.

He stopped and slowly turned to face her.

“Hey Maia. What’s up?” he said jovially.

“Can we talk for a minute?” she asked quietly.

“Sure,” he responded. He turned to open his trailer door. “Come on in.”

Maia stepped into the trailer that served as his dressing room. It was a very nice trailer outfitted with all of the modern conveniences and comforts.

“Have a seat,” he said as he indicated to the sofa. “What do you want to talk about?”

Ric had a feeling this would not be their usual ‘shoot the breeze’ conversation. He had seen her expression as she looked at the dailies earlier that day. And he had also seen her knocking on his trailer door as he watched from a short distance away. He let her think that he wasn’t there because he hadn’t wanted to have this conversation. But Maia was persistent and she wouldn’t give up easily. She would ask questions and expect answers. He just had to come up with a plausible explanation for his subpar performances; for he knew that was what she wanted to talk about.

“Is anything wrong, Ric?” she asked in concern.

He feigned surprise.

“No. Everything is fine. Why do you asked?” he asked.

“Because your lackluster performances suggest otherwise,” Maia said bluntly.

Ric winced inwardly. Maia didn’t pull any punches. She got straight to the point.

“I…uh…I haven’t felt that great. I’m trying to get over a cold,” he said. “It’s probably showing in my performances. But I’ll be fine.”

“I hadn’t noticed that you had a cold,” Maia said. She watched him closely.

“It’s not serious. Little more than the sniffles really. It’s not anything to worry about. It’s just hanging on and has left me feeling a little out of sorts,” he replied. “I’m sorry if my work has been lacking.”

“That is expected when you’re feeling under the weather. I just wanted to check on you to make sure everything was okay,” she said warmly. “You would tell me if it were something more, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes. And I appreciate your concern but there’s no need to worry. I promise you I’ll be fine,” he responded.

“Okay then,” Maia said as she stood up. “I hope you feel better.”

“I will,” he smiled. “I’ve actually felt pretty good today.”

“Great! We had better get back to the set,” she said.

“I’m right behind you,” he laughed.

They went back to the set and Maia noticed that Ric’s acting was very good. Maybe yesterday’s performance was due to his cold. There was no denying that he seemed to be back to his old self.

“It looks like the crisis has been averted,” Babs observed.

Maia smiled wanly.

“Let’s hope it stays that way,” she responded.

But in her heart of hearts she didn’t feel it would.


Maia sat in the middle of her bed trying to read a new script that had come in. But she couldn’t concentrate so she laid it aside. She got up and sat in the window seat and stared at the twinkling stars. She thought about her two children, Alonzo Anthony, age six and Shania Anna, three years old. The kids were spending the night at her sister Aria’s place, so they had the house all to themselves. Maia loved her children beyond belief but it was nice to have time with Tony alone. She realized that she was feeling a bit restless. She wasn’t sure why but she was ill at ease. She took a deep breath and released it slowly, forcing herself to relax.

“Hi gorgeous,” Tony greeted her.

She spun around and dashed into his arms. She kissed him lingeringly. When she pulled back he looked at her in awe.

“Wow! What was that all about?” he smiled.

“Can’t I show my husband how much I love him?” she grinned.

He held her tighter.

“Anytime you want,” he murmured as he caught her mouth again.

They kissed for a few more moments then pulled apart.

“I have an idea,” he whispered.

“Tell me,” she smiled.

“Let’s fly tonight. It’s been a while and I think we both could use it,” he suggested.

“Oh, I would love too. That’s just what I need,” Maia exclaimed. She quickly kissed him.

“I’ve seen you moping about and I thought you might want to shift,” he commented.

“It has been a while. And with the kids gone, it’s the perfect time,” she said.

He grabbed her hand.

“Let’s go,” he invited.

They left the bedroom and went out to the backyard. They ran three steps and shifted into dragons soaring in the night sky.

Maia felt exhilarated and alive as the wind blew into her face. She looked across to Tony and saw his beautiful colored scales shimmering like stars. He was big, bold and majestic; everything that was amazing and he was all hers.

She swooped beneath him and flapped her wings as she passed him. He immediately overtook her and wagged his tail in her face. They continued to play with one another as they flew to who knew where. It didn’t matter where they were going; it was just wonderful to expand their wings and tails and frolic with the half-moon. He laughed at their antics and winked when they sailed toward home. They both landed in their backyard and collapsed to the ground in laughter.

“That was fabulous,” Maia exclaimed.

“We have to do that more often,” he said as he lay on his back.

“The night is so beautiful. I wish we could sleep out here tonight,” Maia sighed.

“Why can’t we?” Tony asked. “I’ll be back.”

He went into the house. Maia began counting stars and laughed when she lost track of which stars she had already counted. Tony soon came back dragging a blown up mattress, pillows and blankets. Two of the pillows fell from his grasp as he moved toward her. Maia got up to retrieve them. Tony laid out the mattress and spread out the blankets. Maia dropped the pillows onto the mattress.

“It’s perfect. Thank you, Tony,” she smiled.

Tony sat on the mattress and extended his hand to her.

“Come,” he whispered.

Maia took his hand and sat down on the ready-made bed. They laid back and stared at the scattered stars.

“Did you see the dailies today?” Maia asked.

“Yes. What’s going on with Ric?” he asked.

“So you noticed it too? I wasn’t the only one who thought his performance was lifeless,” Maia said.

“I noticed it. Did you talk with him?” Tony asked as he turned to look at her.

“Yes. He said he had a cold but was beginning to feel better,” she stated.

“That could explain it. Do you doubt him?” he asked.

“I don’t want to,” she replied.

“What do your instincts say?” he pressed.

“I’m not sure I believe him. He seemed to flip the switch too easily for the ‘under the weather’ explanation to ring true,” she analyzed.

“You mean he acted perfectly after you spoke to him,” Tony surmised.

“Precisely. But the acting seemed a bit forced. It wasn’t as effortless as his other scenes,” Maia said.

“Do you want me to speak to him? Maybe he would open up more with a man,” Tony offered.

“Maybe. I’ll let you know. Let’s just watch him for a while. It may clear itself up,” Maia said.

“Alright. I’ll keep an eye on him,” Tony said. “But in the meantime, I can think of other things I’d like to do.”

He pulled her close to him and ran his hand down her belly. Maia writhed under his fingers. He could still ignite her with the slightest of touches. It seemed that she was even more sexually heightened since she gave birth.

She remembered the first time they made love after Alonzo was born. Maia had been wild with desire. Tony had matched her tempestuous exhibitions with eager intent and they had made passionate love for several days; stopping only to take care of necessities. Her sexual appetite was fierce, furious and almost insatiable; and she loved every second of it. Tony sat up to pull off her pajama bottoms.

“It’s a good thing we have total privacy back here. Otherwise our neighbors would be shocked,” he whispered.

“They might be anyway. We do tend to be exhibitionists,” she laughed.

Tony and Maia had moved out to the burbs after the birth of Alonzo. And one of the things they had insisted on was absolute privacy on their property. They knew how tempestuous and wild they could be when they had sex, and they hadn’t wanted to curb their spontaneous tendencies. Their realtor had found them the perfect house and they enjoyed it immensely.

“Whatever they may see will make them green with envy,” Tony said as he ran his fingers through her private curls. Maia’s hips twisted.

“Well, if they are somehow watching, let’s give them a show,” Maia gasped as his fingers massaged her.

“Gladly,” he chuckled.

He took off her pajama top and stared at her smooth brown skin in wonder. She was lovelier now than she’d been when he first met her. That seemed impossible but it was true nonetheless. The pregnancies had filled out her slender frame nicely. Her breasts were fuller and her hips a bit more rounded. She looked amazing and she was all his; every single inch of her. He stripped off his clothes then bent to suckle her breasts. Maia remembered how he had sucked the milk from her breast while she’d been feeding both Alonzo and Shania. The gesture had been sweet yet erotic in the extreme. She slid a hand behind his head and pushed her breast further into his mouth as he tugged on her nibble. She moaned as he moved his hand to her haven to finger her nub. Maia bit her lip to still her scream of excitement.

“Tony! Come into me,” she begged.

“In time, my love,” he returned.

He moved down to mouth her cloistered haven which nearly sent her over the edge. His tongue did such delicious things to her cavity that set her on fire with desire. He made torturous, sweet love to her for the next several hours. They would come to a thunderous climax only to start all over again a few minutes later. Sex between them never got old and Maia knew it never would.

You’ve only read part of this Dragon WMBW romance! To read the rest in full go here.

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