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Love And Fire – A BWWM Dragon Romance Book

Love and Fire - A BWWM Dragon Romance Book

Love And Fire, Read It Now

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A BWWM Dragon Romance Book Sample

Dragon shifters are thought of as some of the rarest things on the plant. Both admired the world over and hunted for their valuable scales, you can either become rich with the dragon gene or die a horrible death.

Enter Maia, a dragon shifter who chooses not to reveal her abilities. But when she meets a handsome shifter who needs help escaping from poachers, her secret is revealed!

How will she cope with the new found fame she’s about to receive? And will her new male friends stick around to help her through it all?

Find out in this hot new black woman white man dragon romance.

Story Start:

Maia Avon hurried out to the dress shop and merged into the mass of pedestrians that scurried to and fro on North Michigan Avenue. Magnificent Mile was the mecca for all types of shopping. Whatever you were looking for you could find on North Michigan Avenue, and Maia had found plenty of fantastic outfits for her upcoming trip to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

She couldn’t wait to show her friend, Kenya Monroe, the clothing she had bought. Kenya would be accompanying her on the trip and they would have a blast. Kenya was outgoing and full of adventure, which was a perfect match to Maia’s personality; she also was fun-loving and affable. They were the ideal pair to take on the expansive territory of the Amazon.

Both Maia and Kenya loved animals and were excited to see the different species of creatures there. She shifted her shopping bags to her other hand as she walked briskly to the train station. She waited only a few minutes before her train arrived. Getting on, there was a window seat with her name on it. Perfect.

The train took off and Maia watched the passing scenery idly. She thought about her job at the publishing house of Schuler Publishing Company. She was a very good editor and was constantly assigned news projects as soon as she completed the last.

Her face gained a frown as she thought about her demanding and inflexible supervisor. Doreen was a tall, hefty, African American middle aged woman who abused her power of authority at every turn. She had tried her best to prevent Maia from taking her vacation; citing that the office was too busy to spare one of their editors. But Maia had anticipated Doreen’s actions and had spoken to the department manager, Paul Scott to secure her time off. Doreen had tried to counteract Paul’s decision but had encountered the brick wall of Paul’s ire. Doreen had backed off but was furious with Maia. Maia smiled as she recalled waving goodbye to everyone as she left the office. Doreen had ignored the gesture. Maia needed this time off and greatly anticipated the adventure.

Maia’s stop was coming up so she picked up her bags and moved to wait at the doors. The train stopped and Maia looked down at the ground to be sure to step onto the platform. In doing so she bumped into another body. A strong pair of hands grasped her shoulders to steady her.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Are you alright?” Maia asked in concern. She looked up into a pair of violet eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. Maia was awe-struck.

“Yes, I’m fine. No worries,” he smiled. “Are you okay?”

Maia nodded.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Great. Have a good one,” he smiled.

Maia thought his handsome face lit up like a Christmas tree when he smiled. He was a tall, extremely good-looking, muscular Caucasian man who appeared to be in fit shape. His shoulder length thick blond hair only highlighted his unusual colored eyes. He hopped onto the train and was gone. Maia stood immobile was a moment and stared at the train as it moved away. She was seldom arrested by the appearance of a man but this one was different. She didn’t understand it; she just knew it to be so. There was an immediate attraction. The magnetism was instant. She was drawn to him. He was a total stranger but that didn’t seem to matter. The sexual connection was there, tugging on her hormonal strings. But there was something else about him that pulled her to him like a magnet. She hadn’t spoken to him long enough to figure out what it was. But she intuitively knew that she liked it. She sighed and turned to walk swiftly out of the train station. She shrugged off the incident knowing that she would never see him again. Too bad. She felt that they would have hit it off.

Anthony sat by the window and watched Maia as she stood staring at the train and then eventually walking away. He was guessing that she felt the unexpected desire just as much as he had. The second his hands had touched her shoulders he’d felt the electric impulse race through his body. And when he looked into her upturned face he had not wanted to release her. She was lovely. Her beautiful aqua green eyes were stunning in her creamy brown face. She looked to be about 5’3” in height and the golden brown curls that framed her face gave her a fresh, wholesome and sexy look that drove him insane with want. He looked her lush figure with craving as her hips swayed from side to side. He thought it incredible that he could have such stark yearning for someone he would never see again. But there was no reasoning with desire. You never knew who or what would get your motor going or why. His primal instincts prompted him to find out who she was and contrive to meet her again. At another time he would have given in to those urges and gotten off the train to follow her. But he had no time to investigate right now. He was on his way to the Brazil and did not have the leisure to satisfy his curiosity. Too bad. There was no telling where she would be by the time he returned.


Maia arrived at her bungalow and entered the house. She flipped on the wall light switch and set her keys on the small table by the door. She then went into her bedroom and put her bags on the bed. Kenya was arriving at her house early tomorrow morning; they would go to the airport together. She needed to finish packing and get her house in order.

Her Caucasian neighbors, Amanda and Jeff had promised to keep an eye on the house and collect her mail while she was gone for the two weeks. Maia was very lucky to have such good neighbors that had turned into great friends. She and the married couple were of the same age and got along famously. Jeff was always teasing her about her lack of sports knowledge while she joked with him about his limited knowledge of being a handyman. It was a running joke between the two of them. And Amanda was always trying to set Maia up with someone that turned out to be awful. But they were great people to live next door to. Maia smiled as she thought about not only going to the Amazon rainforest but she and Kenya would also be spending time in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It was the trip of a lifetime and Maia was filled with anticipation. She had always longed to travel and this was just one of the many places that she wanted to experience. If she had the money to live as a world traveler, she would be happily content. Maia had just pulled out her suitcase when the doorbell rang. She left her bedroom and went down the hall to the front door. Looking through the peephole she opened the door.

“Hi, Amanda. Come in,” Maia exclaimed. Mai held the screen door open to allow Amanda entry.

Amanda entered. She looked pensive. Maia noticed that Amanda appeared disturbed about something. She gestured for her to go into the living room.

“Have a seat. Can I get you some tea?” Maia asked graciously.

Amanda shook her head negatively as she sat nervously on the edge of the sofa. She clasped her hands tightly. Maia noticed that her usually tanned face appeared drawn and pale.

“Mandy, what is it? You seem upset,” Maia asked as she sat on the sofa with her.

Amanda looked at Maia in dismay.

“Are you sure you want to go on this trip?” Amanda asked in despair.

“Of course I do. Why would you ask?” Maia questioned in disbelief.

Amanda fidgeted with her fingers.

“It’s just that I had a dream. It wasn’t a totally bad dream but it suggested that you would be in some danger,” Amanda said.

“And what exactly did you dream?” Maia asked intently.

Maia did not arbitrarily dismiss Amanda’s dreams. Her dreams had been known to manifest. Although they never depicted anything of this magnitude, Maia always took them seriously. Maybe it was the primitive intuition within her but she always knew when Mandy’s dreams were foretelling. And instinct told her that this was one of those times. Maia could always depend on the sharp animal sense within her.

“Just that you would be in danger as you tried to assist someone else,” Amanda said. “I know it’s vague but I sensed more than saw the peril you would be in. And it would happen while you were on this trip.”

Maia grasped Amanda’s nervous hands and squeezed them.

“You know I see your dreams as premonitions, Mandy. You also know that I will not take any unnecessary chances,” Maia assured her.

“But you will also go out on a limb to help someone in need. I know you, Maia and you will not turn away when you probably should,” Amanda wailed.

“That’s just not my way. I have to help if I can,” Maia said softly.

“Great! Now I’m going to worry until you go and come back in one piece,” Amanda complained.

Maia giggled.

“I will arrive back home safe and sound and none to wear. I always do,” Maia grinned.

“And in the meantime—

“In the meantime, you will relax and know I am having the time of my life. Remember, Kenya will be with me and she will kick box anyone who dares to harm us,” Maia laughed.

“This is not funny, Maia,’ Amanda worried.

“I’m taking it seriously. But I intend to enjoy myself as well. I will be watchful,” Maia declared.

“You promise,” Amanda demanded.

“Yes. I promise. Now, come back and see the outfits I bought. They are so rad,” Maia said as she stood up.

Amanda joined her as they went back to Maia’s bedroom. Maia showed off her new clothes as Amanda exclaimed over them. They spent the next hour talking and laughing. All thoughts of danger were forgotten.


Maia and Kenya got out of the taxi, paid the driver and moved to the skycap to check their luggage.

“I can’t believe we are really on our way to Brazil,” Kenya said excitedly. “I’ve been looking forward to this trip for six months.”

“So have I. I’m anxious to see everything,” Maia enthused.

Kenya gave her suitcase and identification to the skycap to check. He noticed Kenya’s good looks and rockin’ figure and immediately began flirting with her. Kenya arched an eyebrow and began returning the favor. Before long the skycap was making a play for Kenya’s phone number. Maia could understand the skycap’s attraction to Kenya. Kenya was a sassy, attractive black woman with loads of confidence to match her exotic, classic looks. She wore her black hair straight and long. Her high cheekbones accented her oval shaped face and her slightly slanted cherry brown eyes radiated warmth and laughter. Her full, luscious lips would make any hot-blooded man want to kiss them. Kenya trifled a little longer with the skycap them moved aside for Maia to check her bags. Maia grinned at her.

“Thank you for remembering that I have bags to check as well,” Maia teased.

Kenya shrugged then laughed. Maia finished checking her bags and they moved through the airport and before long they had boarded the plane and were listening to emergency exit procedures. A few more minutes passed and they were then soaring through the sky toward South America. They sat in first class and enjoyed the comfort such accommodations afforded them. As they drank champagne they toasted their coming adventure and discussed their plans for when they landed in Brazil. As it was almost a thirteen hour flight, they read, listened to music and watched a couple of movies. After that they reclined in their comfortable seats and dozed peacefully. When Maia woke they were only about thirty minutes outside of Brazil. It wouldn’t be much longer. Maia looked out the window but could only see the outline of the mountains in the distance as it was evening in Brazil. She would have to wait for morning to truly take in their surroundings. Excitement was mounting as Maia thought of the things they would do and places they would see. She was eager to absorb the culture of this country and learn from its native people. The flight attendant began telling passengers to sit upright and fasten their seat belts. Maia woke Kenya to advise her they were making their descent. Kenya smiled as she realized they were about to arrive.

“We’re about to take Rio de Janeiro by storm,” Kenya grinned as she fastened her seatbelt.

The plane landed with only the slightest of bumps. There was a hum of excitement as the passengers appreciated the fact that they were in Rio de Janeiro. Everyone filed off of the plane into the ultra-modern airport. They collected their bags and hailed a taxi to take them to their hotel. The girls were amazed by the sights and sounds of the city at night. The shops, restaurants, skyscrapers and alluring beaches beckoned them like the serene siren of a distant ship. They were mesmerized by everything they saw and wanted to explore as soon as possible. The two ladies arrived at their hotel and were blown away at the interior display of architectural design and exclusive, classic European furnishings.

“I feel like I’ve just entered a palace,” Maia said in awe as she took in her surroundings.

“That is the exact feeling we want to convey here at Royal Palazzo,” Petrey, the concierge said amiably.

Kenya and Maia turned to him and smiled widely.

“You have achieved your intent,” Kenya replied. “This place is magnificent.”

Petrey bowed.

“Thank you. Please follow me,” he said courteously.

They followed him to the check-in counter where a beautiful, dark haired hotel clerk smiled welcoming at them. They completed their registration and a friendly bellhop put their bags on a luggage cart and led them to the elevator. They entered the elevator and rose to the sixth floor where they then traveled down the hall to their assigned room. The bellhop stopped at the appropriate door and Maia unlocked it. Maia and Kenya were taken aback at the splendor of the suite. The bellhop settled the bags and Maia gave him a generous tip. He smiled, bowed and left the room.

“This is fantastic,” Maia exclaimed as she twirled around with her arms outstretched.

“Talking about sweet. This place is totally sick!” Kenya responded. She moved to the terrace doors and threw them open. “I wish I could see the view. It must be spectacular in the daylight.”

Maia joined Kenya on the terrace and breathed in the sweet night air.

“I’m sure it is,” Maia said. “And if the view is anything like the smell of the aromatic air, it must be splendid.”

“The air does smell good. I can’t wait to see this view in the morning,” Kenya smiled as she returned to the room. “I know I slept on the plane but I’m still feeling sleepy. I think I’ll take a nap in my fabulous bedroom.”

“I’m feeling drowsy as well. I think I’ll sleep for a couple of hours then we can call room service for a little food,” Maia said.

“Okay,” Kenya yawned as she moved into her bedroom. “See you later.”

“Sleep well, Kenya,” Maia said.

Maia moved back onto the terrace and sat in a cushion chair. She listened to the sound of the ocean crashing onto the shore. It was tranquil and soothing. She propped her feet onto the balustrade and relaxed in her seat. It wasn’t long before she fell into a deep sleep. Maia had no idea that someone was looking through a telescope at her. They stood just inside their terrace door that was two floors higher and adjacent to her room. They had the perfect angle to watch her as she sat on her terrace. They watched her for what seemed like an eternity; waiting for her to make a move. Maia finally awakened and moved into her bedroom to sleep more comfortably on her big bed. It was only then that her spy moved back into their room.


The girls slept through the night and awoke early the next day filled with excitement. Kenya came out of her bedroom and looked around the sitting room.

“This place is even more fab in the daylight,” she called to Maia who was still in her bedroom.

“I think it is. When I read about it online I had no idea that it would be this fantastic,” Maia remarked as she came into the living room. “It exceeds all of my expectations.”

Maia wore a short, red caftan and white sandals on her feet. She held a white floppy hat in her hand.

“You look great. Very chic,” Kenya smiled.

“So do you,” Maia admired. Kenya was casually striking in a white mid-thigh halter dress and white sandals. She wore a navy floppy hat on her head. Her long black hair flowed down her bare back.

“We may look like tourists but I don’t care,” Kenya laughed. “Let’s go have some fun.”

Maia picked up her canvas red bag and Kenya retrieved her straw purse and they left the room.

“I’m starved,” Kenya said as they walked through the lobby. The concierge overheard them.

“There’s a delightful café just a block away. It has a gorgeous view of the water,” he said helpfully.

“Thank you,” Kenya smiled.

The concierge returned her smile with a glint in his eye. Maia knew the look. Kenya had collected another admirer. Maia shook her head and laughed as they left the hotel.

“What are you laughing about?” Kenya asked.

“Oh, nothing,” Maia smiled. Kenya shrugged airily.

The day was hot and sunny without a cloud in the sky. They took the concierge suggestion and walked to the restaurant just a block away. The hostess sat them on the patio with a large green umbrella over the table. They ordered a huge breakfast of Spanish fare; papaya, pineapple, coconuts, cous cous topped with queiji fresco which is a very fresh, cool cheese.

“This is delicious,” Maia sighed.

They also ate scrambled eggs and pao de queijo which is cheese bread. They washed it all down with an espresso and a kiwi fruit drink. After they breakfasted they became true tourists and traveled all over the city; sometimes walking or flagging down a taxi. The people were friendly and always willing to direct them to sight worthy attractions. Before long evening was drawing near and they found a lovely restaurant to have supper and listen to wonderful Brazilian music. It wasn’t long before they attracted men to their table who were more than happy to introduce them to Brazilian dance. Maia and Kenya talked, laughed and danced all night long. The men walked them back to their hotel and promised to be their sightseeing guides the following day. This became the normal routine for them for the next several days. The men were extremely attentive and the girls were having a blast.

Read the full paranormal BWWM romance book now.

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