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Mr White Proposes – Black Woman White Man Romance

Mr White Proposes - Black Woman White Man Romance

Part 2 in the Mr White series by J A Fielding: Mr White Proposes. A black woman white man romance.

Natasha Black and Mitchell Schmidt have been dating for a while, and things have been going well. That said, everything’s about to change… for the better! What do you do when the man of your dreams makes it clear he wants to spend the rest of his life with you? Natasha is about to find out…

Black Woman White Man Romance, Read It Now:

This book is part of the Mr White Series. See it and all parts to the series on the BWWM Books page.

Mr White Proposes Sample:

Natasha stood in the bathroom as the warm water trickled down her body. She placed her hand on the wall, leaned in and then threw her head back. She smiled involuntarily as she felt the warm water get to her scalp and then again trickling down her back.

This has to be my best moment of the day,” she thought as she ran a hand through her wet hair. “A bath would be better but this is as good as it gets.” She loved having showers at Mitchell’s place. He had the most beautiful up-market townhouse. And it was not just a house, it was the whole damn shebang. Mitchell’s house was basically every interior designer’s dream when it came to small-time decorating. The three bedroomed house was a cool blend of white, oak brown and black. The master bath came complete with a cream colored Jacuzzi and the best shower she had ever known. When it came to décor, Mitchell definitely knew his stuff.

Natasha looked up when she felt a cool breeze blow in. She smiled when she saw Mitchell standing at the doorway. “Enough room for two?” he asked as he wriggled out of his pajama bottoms. Natasha smiled and looked at him.

“I have already been here for long enough,” she said as Mitchell pulled her close. He smiled down at her and kissed her.

“A few more minutes wouldn’t hurt,” he said kissing her again. At that very minute Natasha knew she was in trouble. She felt Mitchell’s hands slowly go down her body and grab her ass.

“Whoa there, mister,” she said looking up at him with a smile. “I wouldn’t want you to get started on something you have to wait hours to finish.”

“Too late,” Mitchell said before they both looked down at his hard erection which looked angry enough to drill a hole through concrete.

“I warned you,” Natasha said before kissing him lightly on the lips. “But too bad,” she added as she stepped out of the bathroom.

“What the…?” Mitchell said looking puzzled as he watched her sexy ass, her wet sexy ass walking away from him. “What about us, Tasha?” he asked, feigning neglect. Natasha grabbed a towel off the towel rack and wrapped it around her body before looking at him.

“Not now,” she said as she wrapped another towel around her hair.

“Aaaw, why not?” Mitchell asked in a whiny voice as he walked towards her. Natasha walked to her dresser as she dried herself.

“Because today is the big meeting with Rango’s,” she said. “And I can’t be late,” she added as she squeezed some lotion onto her hand.

“Well, I suppose you are right,” he said slowly walking up behind her. “But that meeting’s at eleven and I only want five minutes,” he said as he turned her around. His eyes dropped from her face to her well shaped breasts and hard nipples.

“But….”“…shhh,” Mitchell said before kissing her sensually, interrupting whatever she was about to say. He suddenly carried her to bed and slowly lay her down. She looked up and smiled at him as he began planting small kisses on her body.

“I thought you said five minutes,” she said as his kisses got closer to her navel.

“Mh hm,” he said without looking up, his hands slowly spreading her cool legs. She suddenly gasped when she felt his warm lips going lower, almost getting to her labia. Her tough act was now totally and completely replaced by sheer intense pleasure and longing. She arched her back when she felt his lips on her smooth shaven pussy. Her heart was beating faster as he slowly kissed her lower lips making her wetter than she ever intended to be. She felt pleasure shooting through her body as Mitchell’s tongue and her clit made contact.

Thanks to Mitchell French kissing her pussy, all she could think about was how she would lower herself onto that massive shaft she loved so much but for some reason, he did not show any signs of slowing down. She let out a small gasp when she felt him push his tongue into her hot, wet depths. She grabbed onto the bedding as he intensified his tongue fuck.

She felt one of his hands roughly caress her breast as he went on sucking on her wetness. She was not sure whether it was the slurping noises or the way his hand tweaked her nipples that brought her closer to the edge than she intended to be.

“Stop…come up here,” she whimpered, yearning for that great feeling of his cock inside her. She felt him retract his tongue before she could finally see his face. He smiled at her and shook his head. He kissed her thigh and then went up to her breasts but he only teased her hard nipples.

She could not take it any longer. She raised her hips but Mitchell also raised his, denying her the pleasure she was so determined to find. She looked up at him in surprise as he turned around and leveled his pelvis with her head before lowering himself back to her wet cunt.

Natasha sighed and gasped as she took Mitchell’s hard cock inside her mouth. The position made it possible for him to push himself further down her throat without even realizing what he was doing. She struggled to suck and lick him as she heard him moan out his pleasure on her pussy. Just when her throat was getting used to the length, Mitchell pulled himself out of her and reached for a condom on the bedside table.

She watched as he quickly rolled it onto his shaft before mounting her. Her wetness made it possible for a smooth entry making her gasp as he buried himself deep inside her. She started moaning loudly as Mitchell worked himself in and out of her.

He put a hand under her knee which was dangling on the edge of the bed and pulled it up. She gasped when she felt his cock get a few inches deeper. She was surprised this could even happen. “I thought I had all of him,” she thought as Mitchell allowed himself to be lost in his thrusts. It was not long before she felt him gradually pulsating. The feeling made her walls feel like a tsunami.

She suddenly arched her back again and let put a loud moan as she felt her body weaken from the orgasm. Her body quavered as he slowed down.

He was too quiet,” she thought. “He is not done yet, he shouldn’t be done yet.”As if Mitchell had just read her mind, he resumed his strong thrusts into her now over sensitized pussy. Thanks to the orgasm that had just ripped through her, Natasha’s pussy was like a sea of hot cum. She whimpered as Mitchell started grunting in time with his thrusts. She again held on to the bedding as his thrusts got harder and faster. She was like his little rag doll.

“Oh fuck…Tasha….shit….oh…” she heard him say before he finally slowed down.

Now that’s more like it,” she thought as he collapsed on his body. “Five minutes huh?” she said when she got her strength back.

“For the quickie,” he said as he slowly lifted his face. “I never said anything about the foreplay,” he added with a smile.

“You do realize a quickie is so called because there isn’t supposed to be any foreplay, right?” she asked him as she felt his limpness slipping out of her. She sighed as she felt release when the warm cum ran out of her.

“What can I say, when I decide to do something I go all in,” he said as a bead of sweat trickled down his forehead.

“Now I’ve got to shower again,” Natasha said pushing him off.

“I’ll join you,” Mitchell said as he quickly walked after her. Natasha spun around and shot him a dirty look.

“Just because I let you have your morning fun does not mean I’ll let it happen again,” she said before stepping inside the bathroom.

Mitchell smiled as the sound of the shower being turned on filled the room. He stood up and walked to the bathroom. He had a naughty smirk on his face as he opened the bathroom door.

“No, Mitchell….not this time,” she said as the water trickled down her body once again.

“I promise not to feel you up,” he said as he walked in. Natasha gave him a cold hard stare before she finally stepped aside.

“You better not,” she said as Mitchell wrapped her arms around her.

“At least not anywhere that might make you hot again,” he said. Natasha gently shoved hr bum in his pelvis. “Now that’s not helping,” he said.

“I know,” she said before quickly scrubbing herself down using her loofah. She then quickly walked out and went straight to bed where she had last left her towel. She would never admit this to Mitchell, but she loved it when he trapped her into morning sex. She smiled as she slowly oiled her body. It had been a year and a few months since she and Mitchell decided to be exclusive and even though they had their ups and downs, it was still the most satisfying experience she had ever had.

A few months after working at Nolan Schmidt Communications Solutions, Natasha had decided to move to an apartment a little closer to the workplace and of course for some privacy, something her old neighborhood knew nothing about. She loved the fact that she could be out of the house and not have to answer to anyone.

She walked to the closet after putting on her underwear and pulled out a royal blue pencil dress. “That ought to command some respect in the board room,” she thought as she slipped the dress on.

“That’s what you are wearing to the Rango pitch?” she heard Mitchell ask. She turned around and smiled at him.

“Why? You don’t like it?” she asked. Mitchell shook his head.

“No..It’s just a bit too sexy, that’s all,” he answered as he lotioned up. She smiled and began doing her makeup.

“Well, Rango is the next big thing after Bloomingdale’s, Woolworths and Victoria’s Secret,” she said as she held the blow dryer at arm’s length. “This little number got you Calvin Klein and it sure as hell will get you Rango,” she added with a smile.

“You make a valid argument,” Mitchell said as he began dressing up.

“Besides, the only other clothes I have here are evening wear,” she said looking at him. Mitchell walked up to her and placed his hands on her shoulders.

“We can fix that, you know,” he said as he slowly massaged her shoulders.

“I am not going shopping, Mitchell,” she said, looking at their reflection in the mirror. “I have too many clothes.”

“Then bring them over here,” Mitchell said.

“Why? I have everything I need right here,” she said before standing up. “A week’s worth is more than enough, Mitchell.” She took a pair of blue suede heels from the closet.

“I am not talking more clothes, Natasha,” Mitchell said, looking at Natasha who was busy making the bed. She looked even more beautiful than ever as she tried doing household chores in a couture dress and heels. “The whole thing, move in with me,” he added in a small voice. Natasha sat on the bed and looked at him.

“We have talked about this, Mitchell,” she said. He could almost hear the pit in her voice. “I am not ready to move in with you yet. I just moved into my place.” She stood up and slowly walked towards him.

“Are you ever going to be ready?” he asked as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She nodded.

“I would not be here if I didn’t think so,” she said before kissing him softly on the lips.

“What can I do right now? What can I do to change your mind?” he asked, holding her close. She shook her head.

“You are already doing more than enough,” she said. Mitchell looked into her eyes and smiled.

“Really? Why is that?” he asked.

“Well, there is the little fact that you are faithful and responsible,” she said smiling at him. “I would not have it any other way,” she added before kissing him again and turning around. “Zip me up,” she said in a small voice. She heard Mitchell take a long deep breath before pulling the zipper upwards. He then brought his face down and kissed her shoulder.

“I just want you to be mine so much,” he said holding her. “I’m sorry it feels like I’m rushing you.” Natasha smiled and placed her hand on his.

“When I’m ready, you’ll know,” she said before pulling away from his grip. “Now I’d better get going if I am to get that six figure commission.” She smiled, then walked to the dresser and grabbed a pair of earrings and her purse.

“I thought we were doing breakfast together,” Mitchell said as she headed towards the door. She turned around and smiled at him.

“You already used up breakfast time with a little something-something,” she said before blowing him a kiss.

After she left, Mitchell smiled and sat on the bed. He took his phone and quickly sent Natasha a text. See you in a few.”

He had just placed his phone on the bed when he heard it vibrate loudly. “Sure. We can make up breakfast with lunch.” He smiled and walked to the closet. In one of the jackets he rarely wore, he pulled out a small velvet case and briefly stared at it. “Dinner’s better. Lunch meeting with some associates,” he typed.

It’s not finished yet, click to read the full book.

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