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New BWWM Angel Romance: Story My Guardian Angel

BWWM Angel Romance My Guardian Angel

Hi there, Esther Banks here. How are you? I know I’ve been a bit quiet with the writing recently (thank J A for holding down the fort), but I just needed that bit of inspiration. Good new, I finally found it! The result is my latest book; as always it’ll be 99c for a limited time only:

My Guardian Angel

This is a BWWM romance with a bit of a twist. You’ll just have to click the above link to see what that twist is…. Ok, you twisted my arm, the twist is he’s secretly an Angel! 😉

Have a read and let me know your thoughts in the reviews; as J A says we really value your reviews and support. It’s because of you that we can dedicate more time to writing the books you enjoy. So reviewing when you enjoy the books is win win for everyone.

But I won’t stop you from your reading time *|FNAME|*, whatever you get up to I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy this heavenly angel romance book.

Esther Banks.

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