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New BWWM Billionaire Romance With A Twist – A Female Billionaire Book

A Top Female Billionaire Book

Hey there, Esther Banks here. Just a quick email to let you know my new ebook has just been released! If you’re bored of the typical BWWM billionaire romances you’ll want to check this out:

Love And Money

I really hope you enjoy it. If so I’d love to see your thoughts in the form of a review.

Thank You To All The Book Reviewers

Thanks to all the people who bought my last book and made it a top seller. And a special thank you to those who enjoyed it and left a reviewed (deep breath):

DeNata, MsCheeks, Balarie Mcleod, Yomac360, Gillian Hess, Ericka Womble, Bonded “and Mated”, Dorothy M Smith, Rayrite Patterson, Candace Hendrickson, Tina Brown, Brim Clad, PM, Kris, RaeMisha, LadyTee, Romance Reader J, Stella 1999, Tonnie6867, Linda, Andrea Fizgerald, T. Brown, Jmorika, Lovejoy, L Pettaway, Camreader, Stephanie, Cassandra and Perri1230.

I’m so lucky to have you as a reader *|FNAME|*, the BWWM Romance (.com) community truly is among the best online! 🙂

I hope you enjoy the new book, have a look now to send it to your reader for when you’ve got your next quiet moment. 🙂

Speak soon.
Esther Banks,
BWWM Romance (.com)

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