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New WMBW Romance Book Preview And New BWWM Forum Login Details

Hello again, I hope you’re having a great week. Two things today:

1. Follow Up To My Man, My Family

‘My Man, My Family’ has been one of my best received books so far, and the follow up to it is coming out this weekend! Here’s a preview of the cover:

The Proposal - BWWM Billionaire Erotica
As you may have guessed, a big step is going to be taken. I’ll be sure to email you with a link when it’s out. 😉

2. Can’t Login To The Forums?

It’s come to my attention that people haven’t been able to login to the forums as the login button hasn’t been showing up. I’ve now changed the login process, so you can login at: with your details.

If that doesn’t work, please register for a new forum account. This only takes a few seconds to do.

I’m sorry that you may have to register for a new forum account (try to login first as you may not), but believe me when I tell you it’ll be worth it! On the forums you’ll be able to talk to myself, other BWWM authors, and thousands of other BWWM romance book fans like yourself. So once you’ve got your login details, come and get social with us. 🙂

J A Fielding.

P.S. To those who got a email earlier saying they requested their login details, that was part of the system moving over. You can ignore that email if you already have your forum login details and they work. 🙂

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