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Secrets Of The White Werewolf – A BWWM Shifter Romance

Secrets Of The White Werewolf - BWWM Shifter Romance

A BWWM paranormal romance featuring werewolves.

Lucy isn’t one to easily get drawn in by guys, but Wes is different. She feels an intense connection with him, but can’t quite understand why. Could it be because he’s something more than an ordinary man?

Based in a world where Werewolves are though of as myths by the general human population, Lucy’s reality is about to get turned upside down. But when the room finishes spinning, will she still like the human / werewolf shifter that is Wes?

A white man black woman romance story.

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Secrets Of The White Werewolf Sample

Lucy stepped back and admired herself in the full length mirror. She was clad in black, from head to toe, in a cut-off dress that revealed the soft tips of her chocolate twins resting snug beneath the satin fabric. The gown she wore swept the floor, and as she turned, you could see the lace cover that canvassed her back, revealing her soft brown skin that peaked out from under the lace before the fabric reunited with the satin it had begun with. Her attire was accentuated by a diamond bracelet and matching drop down earrings that almost touched her shoulders. Her hair was swept in an elegant chignon at the nape of her neck, and a few loose curls escaped and hung defiantly by her temples. She took up her matching purse and waited by the window for her cab that would take her to the ball. She had thought of driving herself, but decided against it at the last minute. She would probably be a tad bit indisposed at the end of the evening.

Earlier she wasn’t even sure she would have attended. The ball was a yearly thing that her company held, and all members of staff were expected to attend, but she had been bogged down all day trying to get familiar with a case she had all but ran into. A young man needed help defending himself against a crime it did not seem possible for him to commit; another young man, and an apparent rival of his, had been brutally murdered, but the circumstances that befell him seemed almost mythical. He had his arm completely ripped off and there were teeth marks the size of giant dogs on his legs. She had officially ruled out human contact, but it was up to her to make the case believable and it left her head spinning. It was appalling to her that he should be….

Her thoughts were cut short by the honking of a horn. She pulled back the blinds to check if it was meant for her. Another honk from the car confirmed this to be the case, so she hurried to the door and walked out into the still night air. She was grateful it was warm tonight, unlike the last few nights past. She gracefully slid into the back seat and directed the driver to the venue. She held her head back and drank in the flavors of the night that teased her nostrils, releasing all her inhibitions into the air as she prepared for what would be an interesting night, if nothing else. She had never liked these functions, and had always found a convenient excuse to not attend. Unfortunately this year, there was no one ill she needed to drive cross country to visit or any other family emergencies. She perceived they were catching up with her anyway, so she may as well quit while she was ahead.

The cab pulled up The Ritz, and a valet was present to assist with her exit. She extended her left hand and he tenderly held it as she rose. A tiny whistle escaped him, which caused them both to blush. She walked towards the entrance, constantly turning heads in the process. She put her hand to her mouth to stifle a giggle when she saw a gentleman get slapped with a handbag when his lady saw him gawking. He must have been an invited guest because she didn’t recognize him or them rather. She entered the ballroom and stood there, espying where she would plant herself for the night. She had no intentions of mingling extensively and she hoped she was not expected to. Before she could get a chance to single out a hideaway, she was thronged by two other counselors from her office.

“Well, what do we have here?” questioned the one they called Allison.

“What?” retorted Lucy, while pretending to look behind her for the source of the question.

Allison tapped her with her wrist-let on her arm. “I thought you weren’t coming…again.”

“I had no intentions of coming earlier, but after the day I have had, I needed all the distraction I could get.”

Distraction walked by her just then in the form of champagne glasses. She reached out and took a glass from the waiter, and instantly sipped it. She looked over the top of glass in time to witness both onlookers just staring at her.

“This is a side of you we have never seen. You need to get out more,” quipped Sara, and they all chuckled at this.

They led her to the corner of the room where they had marked as their territory, and Lucy settled in, ready to embrace the night. She scanned the crowd of people, recognizing many of the faces from her office, but there were a few that she had never seen before. She was still conducting her visual survey when her eyes came to a standstill as they rested on a tall ruggedly handsome man standing in the far corner of the room. She had never seen him before, but his presence seemed to reel her in like a fish on a hook. He was wearing a black tuxedo, and as he shifted, she could make out his jet black hair that was combed back to reveal a high forehead and arrogant features. That was never a particular feature she appreciated, but he somehow made it sexy. She was staring at him so hard she almost choked on the champagne when he turned at that very instant and looked directly at her. It was as if he knew she was looking at him, and he took over the staring game. Her friends saw her blush and turned to her, trying to acknowledge the source of her sudden discontent and nervousness.

“Who is he?” asked Lucy, holding her head down and away from him so he couldn’t detect what she was saying.

“Who?” questioned Sara as she scanned the crowd for the person to whom she referred.

Lucy wanted to draw their attention to the man in the corner, but when she held her head up again, he was gone.

“He was just there, I swear,” she said with a puzzled expression, and began to look for him all over again.

“The name’s Wes,” he responded, and this time she was successful at spilling champagne on her dress. He had startled her as he came up behind her ever so stealthily, and her heart began to race a mile per minute. She wondered if he had heard her ask, or if he was just so egoistical he felt she would want to know his name.

“Darn it, I…you are going to have to excuse me. I need a napkin,” she stated. “And I didn’t ask.”

“Oh, please allow me. I believe I am the cause of that, so the least I can do is assist. And you did ask.”

He walked off and Lucy indicated to her friends that he was the person she was referring to earlier. She found him audacious, but he had been correct nonetheless.

“Are you kidding me? That’s Wes Chamberlain, a client of ours, and he is packing if you know what I mean,” Allison volunteered.

“I have never seen him before,” exclaimed Lucy. “How long has he been with us?”

“A couple of months now. He is high end, so we don’t get to mingle much with him. His affairs are usually handled by persons higher up on the hierarchy. Even though he is hot, he has never given in to any of the ladies that keep throwing themselves at him.”

Lucy was about to comment on that when Wes returned with a moist toilette that he handed to her. She dabbed at the spot where the champagne was already beginning to settle, and after a few attempts gave up the ghost; she would just have to leave it at the cleaners in the morning.

“So, do you have a name or something?” he finally asked.

“Oh, Lucy Mayberry. But you can call me Lucy,” she replied with a smile. He reached for her hand and when he received it, he gently placed a kiss upon it. The gesture was a simple one, so she could not comprehend why her heart was fluttering so. A tiny blush began to rise to her cheeks, and before he became aware of it, she turned her head away and pulled her hand back and rested it on her chest to keep her heart in place.

He chuckled at her response. “It is agreed. I will call you Lucy then. So, do you work with this firm, or were you invited by someone else?”

By this time her friends had withdrawn their presence, giving the two some much needed room for conversation. “I work here. I am a defense attorney.”

He whistled at that. “Wow. What’s a little lady like you doing with a big role like that?”

“Don’t be misled by my size. I can be a pit bull,” she retorted.

“Heel,” he joked. “I was only kidding.”

She seemed to relax a little bit. “Would you like to go somewhere quieter?” He indicated some private booths to the back of the ballroom. She glanced around, as if expecting to be rescued. She gazed back in his direction. Why the hell not? He didn’t seem harmful, plus there was a roomful of persons there just in case she needed assistance.

“Lead the way,” she urged him. He shook his head and weaved through the crowd, and she followed not too far behind. She turned her head to her right just in time to see her friends egging her along, all too excited for her.

They found an empty booth, and sat down. Lucy was offered another glass of champagne which she gratefully accepted because she needed something to keep her nerves in check. He didn’t take anything, but instead kept staring at her. They talked about everything and nothing really for the better part of the evening. She was always opposed to being with anyone from her firm. Not that they were together, or that she wanted to, but it seemed to be heading in that general direction.

“Look, I think you are a nice guy and all, but this isn’t something I normally do.”

“What don’t you normally do? Drink champagne, or talk to men?”

She suddenly began to blush. She had not considered the possibility that he may not really be interested in her like that. She decided to retract her former statement.

“Oh, my apologies. I was assuming otherwise, that…” Her voice trailed off and he was sure he could detect a faint blush of embarrassment.

“Don’t be embarrassed. You did not assume incorrectly. I have been here for a while, but my breath did not escape me until you walked through that door,” he gestured as he spoke and his arm swept the length of her body. “That dress looks amazing on you.”

“Thank you,” she said. “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

“Come on,” he defended. “I look a little bit better than that.”

Usually arrogance was a turn off for her, but on him, it reeked of sexuality. She was drawn to him in ways she did not understand, and a part of her did not want to fight it. He invited her to the ballroom again for the final dance of the night. She could not believe she had been there for so long, and that she had spent the majority of the night with him. He held her hand and led her to the center of the room, and as the waltz began, and he held her in his arms, she was instantly swept away under the current of emotions swirling around her. One of his hands rested just above that satiny entrance, where the lace ended, in the small of her back, and the other enveloped hers in mid air. As they swirled around, she became dizzy with his smell, and when she rested her head against his chest, she all but melted. His essence was so compelling she felt as if bound by a spell and it didn’t make sense to her. She had always had a rational mind, but at the moment, all logic seemed to escape her. In this moment, she belonged to him and there was nowhere else she would rather be.

Her fantasies were cut short by the ringing of his cell phone. He excused himself and answered. She could not hear what he was saying, but by his tone she could tell it was urgent. She should have known this could not have lasted much longer. After all, she didn’t seem entitled to a fairy tale. He apologized and told her that he would have to go, and that he would make it up to her. She stood there and watched him go, and half expected to awaken from a dream. Suddenly her friends appeared by her side.

“Where did he go?” asked Allison.

“Girl, you have no idea how I envied you just now. I cannot believe you actually caught the attention of Wes. He has never been known to be dating anyone, much less to be seen publicly,” added Sara.

“He had an emergency and had to leave. Maybe I should do the same thing.”

“Well, the party is almost over anyway. Did you drive? I can give you a lift,” offered Allison.

“Thanks Allie, I didn’t drive so I appreciate it. See you at work Monday Sara,” she added and the two walked off together.

At home Lucy could not believe the evening she had just had. She had expected interesting, but she had gotten mind blowing. The thoughts kept replaying in her mind, and it was as if his essence stuck to her gown. She removed it and sat at the edge of her bed, holding it to her nostrils, breathing it in, to keep him with her a while longer. She was a realist, so she knew that things would most likely change in the morning – champagne has been known to alter perceptions. There was only one problem; he was not drinking at all…

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