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Wedding Planning With Mr White – A WMBW Story

Wedding Planning With Mr White - A WMBW Story

Part 3 in the Mr White series by J A Fielding: Wedding Planning With Mr White. A WMBW story.

So things are getting series between Natasha and Mitch, and the planning for the wedding is well under way. But how will the couple copy with the stresses of planning one of the biggest days of their lives? And what methods will they find to unwind after it all? Read on to find out; a sexy romance story from J A Fielding. 🙂

A WMBW Story, Read It Now:

This book is part of the Mr White Series. See it and all parts to the series on the BWWM Books page.

Wedding Planning With Mr White Sample:

As she walked down the aisle, Natasha Black, soon to be Natasha Black-Schmidt, could feel the butterflies in her tummy. This was definitely the happiest day of her life. Everything she ever wanted was in this one very nice man who any woman would be lucky to call her own. She felt herself shake a little as she slowly made her way down the walkway scattered with rose petals. Her breasts looked full in her strapless Vera Wang embroidered gown. Her curly hair was pulled back in a bun giving way to the lovely tiara that adorned her forehead. In her hands she had a full bouquet of white roses. She looked like a princess, Mitchell Schmidt’s princess.

Her heart was pounding faster as she made her way towards the man of her dreams. She could see her father and Nan smiling at her, so proud of their baby. Rita, who was her maid of honor, was also looking on, smiling at her best friend. Natasha smiled back as the distance between her and her future husband got shorter.

She suddenly felt the color drain from her face when she saw Jay smiling at her. Unlike all the other guests in the chapel, Jay was seated rather than on his feet. On his lap, he had a brown haired bimbo who wore a seriously short white dress.

Who wears white to a wedding?” Natasha wondered. But the dress was the least of her problems. What she saw next made her sick to the stomach. The bimbo and Jay were in a tight lip lock, not caring for the fact that they were in the house of God. She felt sick as Jay’s hand slowly ran up and down the girl’s thigh and then under her dress. What the hell was this? He was not even invited. This was not happening. She suddenly realized that she was rooted to the ground. She was no longer walking. Her legs actually could not move. How could this happen? How had it gone from being the happiest day of her life to the worst and how could Jay do this? He was a douche, granted, but not this much. She felt her heart rate rising. She could see people talking to her, asking her what the matter was but her voice seemed to fail her. She suddenly noticed that the petals of her bouquet were slowly withering; the chapel was no longer bright and beautiful. There was darkness around her, in the chapel….

Natasha woke up with a start and sat upright in her seat. “Thank God none of that was real,” she thought as she took a sip from her half finished bottle of water. She then took a deep breath, crossed her legs, and began typing away on her computer. From the corner of her eye she could see the time: 11:49 p.m. She sighed. This was so not how she intended to spend her evening. She had her Wednesday evening all figured out by lunch hour. She was going to leave work early since it was supposed to be her day off anyway, head to the salon for a manicure, and then maybe, just maybe, do some shopping for her upcoming wedding.

She smiled as the thought crossed her mind. Her wedding. It seemed so unreal. She was actually going to get married to one of the best, most charming, most good looking…no, drop dead gorgeous men she knew. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Of course, she hoped that it would be better than her dream. Though she had not told Mitchell about it, Natasha had been having some pretty nasty dreams as far as her wedding was concerned. Her best friend and family had convinced her that it was just wedding jitters, something that happened to every bride.

“You’re just nervous and want everything to be perfect,” her father had said reassuringly. “Every woman I know has them, it’s nothing to worry about.” Rita, on the other hand, was convinced that it was more than just jitters.

“You are exhausted. All you need is some sleep, a good massage and a wedding planner,” Rita had said on a separate occasion. For Natasha, planning her own wedding had been her dream and even though she wanted a small intimate ceremony, she wanted to be the one to oversee everything. But somehow, this seemed to take a toll on her. She was tired all the time, she dozed off in meetings and she was barely getting her beauty sleep. She looked at the wedding planner’s card on her desk and sighed. “Maybe it would not hurt to have someone take the load off my shoulders,” she thought, her eyes still on the card. God knows she needed it, badly.

Pull yourself together Tasha,” she thought as she shrugged her shoulders. Suddenly, the serene environment of her office was interrupted by the shrill ringing and loud vibration of her phone. She looked at the screen and smiled.

“Hey, baby,” she cooed despite the fact that she was exhausted.

“Hey beautiful. What you up to?” Mitchell asked. She took a long deep breath before leaning back in her chair.

“Nothing much. Just finishing the reports for tomorrow,” she said looking at the figures on her laptop screen. The numbers just did not make sense anymore, and who would blame her? She had been sitting in the same spot working on the same thing for almost six hours.

“Are you for real?” Mitchell asked. Natasha could hear the surprise in his voice. “Girl, I own the damn company but even I don’t stay that late,” he said.

“Well, my name is not on the door so….”

“…so what?” Mitchell asked, cutting her short.

“This is a major deal for the company. You said so yourself,” she said in her defense.

“Yes but not as important as my fiancée,” Mitchell said. Natasha smiled.

“That sounds good,” she said. She knew that Mitchell knew she was blushing. She did not know how he did it, but somehow, he always knew.

“What? Fiancée?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Natasha said in a voice almost as sexy as she wanted it to be. “Say it again,” she cooed.

“Fiancée,” Mitchell said softly. “If you like that how about wifey, Mrs. Natasha Black Schmidt?” Natasha laughed.

“Nah, there is something about the French and the Britons,” she said. “Somehow, wifey does not at all match up to fiancée,” she added.

“Fine,” Mitchell said. “So, what did you have for dinner? Take out?” Just then Natasha felt the hunger pains sting her belly. She had not eaten yet!

“Oh my God, Mitchell. I did not even remember,” she said. She knew how stupid it sounded but somehow Mitchell understood her.

“Seriously?” Mitchell asked in a shocked voice. “I am coming over right now,” he said. She could hear a distortion of the signal, letting her know that he was getting up from wherever he was.

“No, honey…you really don’t have to,” she said. “I have half a sandwich from lunch and….”

“…the new Chinese place that serves that kung pow chicken you love so much is open 24 hours,” he said obviously paying no attention to her pleas. “I’ll be there in twenty.” She heard the familiar click that signified the end of their conversation.

Did he just hang up on me?” she wondered looking at the phone. Mitchell Schmidt: Call Ended. Yup, he just did,” she thought as she put the phone down. For some people, that would have been a major factor to fuel an argument, but for Natasha…she knew she was in the wrong. Mitchell hated it when she overworked and neglected her own health. She pushed her chair back and stood up to stretch. She suddenly looked up when she felt the door creak before it was flung open. Her heart almost skipped a beat. She did not expect anyone to come barging in her office, at least not for another nineteen or so minutes.

“Oh Miss Black. I not know you here,” Juan, the late night janitor said apologetically. Natasha took another deep breath.

“It’s okay, Juan,” she said with a smile.

“Too much work today?” Juan asked smiling back at her. She loved the way his warm brown eyes seemed to dance in the light.

“A lot,” she answered.

“Okay, I will wait for you to finish, then I come clean,” he said before leaving.

“Thanks Juan,” she called out as he closed the door. She looked around her office and then slowly walked to the window. She kicked her shoes off as she looked at the beautifully lit city below. She had always thought that major cities looked their best in the evening, each skyscraper competing with the next in lighting, height and art.

She was still looking outside her window when Mitchell walked in carrying two take out bags.

“Kung pow chicken, my love?” Mitchell said with a smile. Natasha turned around with a smile.

“Kung pow chicken my love to you too,” she said walking towards him.

“Barefoot,” he said walking to her office couch. “Foot rub?” he asked as she sat down.

“Oh, would you?” she asked looking up at him. He nodded as he put the bags on the table.

“Anything for my baby,” he said as he kissed her forehead. He then took her leg in his hands as she helped herself to the food.

“Hope you don’t mind,” she said as she opened up the boxes.

“No, you do your thing up there and I’ll do my thing down here,” he said as he began rubbing her sore feet. Natasha gave him a questioning look.

“You do realize how bad that sounded, right?” she asked as she looked at him. He nodded nervously. She could notice that he was avoiding her gaze. She smiled as she took a large bite and closed her eyes.

“Oh, food,” she said her eyes still closed. Mitchell smiled.

“I know,” he said. “So, how was your day?” he asked as Natasha took another bite.

“My God the McLane thing tomorrow…”

“…I don’t want to talk about work right now,” he said taking her hand. “Tell me about you. How was your day?” he asked looking into her eyes. She smiled at him.

“I have had better,” she said. “But I’m still alive, aren’t I?” she added. Mitchell looked at her and smiled back.

“Yes you are,” he said before taking a long sip of his juice. “So, tell me, what is this I hear about you not getting a wedding planner?” he asked, his voice suddenly turning serious.

“Not you too,” Natasha said as she leaned back on the couch.

“You are overworking yourself,” he said. “And you have too much on your hands right now,” he added. Natasha looked at him sternly.

“We are not talking about this, Mitchell,” she said before taking a large bite of her rice.

“You do realize that a wedding planner would mean less time in the office, more time to relax,” Mitchell said. He smiled at her and put a warm hand on her thigh. “More time for us,” he added leaning close for a kiss. Natasha put her finger up just in time and gently pushed Mitchell away.

“Nah uh, no sugar for you,” she said sternly.

“I don’t know what you are so worried about. This woman has planned every major wedding I know,” Mitchell said. “She is really good,” he added with a smile. Natasha looked at him.

“Oh really? Like who?” she asked crossing her arms over her chest.

“Well, Phil from the New York office had an 800 guest wedding planned by her. Felicia Kane…”

“…the Malibu goddess?” Natasha interrupted quickly. Felicia was one of the company’s top clients and even though she was a great asset, she could drive you crazy. But that was what growing up a spoiled brat could do to a person.

Mitchell nodded. “Yes, the Malibu goddess” he said. “Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian…” Natasha suddenly put her hands up.

“Hold up,” she said. “You mean to tell me this planner is responsible for Brangelina’s hush-hush wedding?” she asked in surprise.

“You know I only get the best for you,” he said smiling at her. His smile slowly faded away when he noticed Natasha’s frown. “What?” he asked.

“Kim Kardashian,” she said. “What if this planner is a bad omen? What if she makes us also have a three month long marriage?” she asked in a panic. At this moment, she was surprising even herself.

“Wow, these jitters are really bad,” he said looking at her. “”Just calm down. I am not Kris Humphries and you are not Kim. So you are stuck with me.” He pulled her close. This time, Natasha offered no resistance. He lifted her chin with his index finger and slowly gave her a short but sensual kiss. “Forever,” he said in a whisper. Natasha smiled and wrapped her arms around him.

“Yes I am and I love it,” she said kissing him again.

“So does that mean that you will call her?” he asked looking at her. She sighed and relaxed in his arms. It was getting increasingly difficult to think with his hands slowly running up and down her back.

“Maybe,” she said smiling at him. “We’ll see how it goes,” she said before pulling him close for another kiss.


After a mere four hours of sleep, Friday morning was a bit tough for Natasha. She quickly walked down the hallway to her office, carefully avoiding eye contact.

“Good morning Natasha,” her assistant Stacy called from her desk. Natasha flashed her a smile before proceeding to her office. When she opened the door, the familiar, delicious aroma of fresh coffee drifted up her nostrils. She stopped in her tracks and turned around. Stacy was already on her feet, following her, ready to give her the day’s schedule. When Stacy saw her boss smiling at her she knew exactly what was going through Natasha’s mind. “Triple espresso and warm bagels,” Stacy said as she took Natasha’s bag from her hands. “Juan told me that you were working late and I knew exactly how to get you fired up for your nine o’clock with McLane-Kane,” she added as the two of them walked in together. “Which you almost missed by the way,” she added politely.

It’s not finished yet, click to read the full book.

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