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What Does BWWM Mean? Full Explanation

What does BWWM mean?

So what is BWWM? What does it stand for? Well, BWWM stands for Black Women White Men. Some also mean Black Woman White Man when they use the letters.

What this all refers to is the race of two people in a relationship. These are black women who like white men, and white men who like black women.

Interracial relationships are becoming much more popular in many countries, and this shows in the increasing number of bwwm couples around. Many also like to read top bwwm books, even if they’re not in a interracial relationship themselves.

So what does bwwm mean? Black women white men. Now you know, spread the word. And look around this site for a glimpse into everything BWWM related.

1 thought on “What Does BWWM Mean? Full Explanation”

  1. Naomi Thompson

    That’s a very good question. I don’t watch television much but when i do the couples are usually black men and white women which has become the norm but I’ve never seen it the other way around, either that’s rare to find black women with white men or is it something the media refuse to show, but even in day to day reality i don’t see white men/black women couples which raises the question.

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