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Darien – Interracial BWWM Vampire Romance

My White Vampire - Interracial Vampire Romance

A interracial vampire romance for Kindle.

The modern day vampire has a choice: register with the human government, or be hunted by the powers that be.

Darien is a registered vampire who takes it upon himself to hunt illegal vampires. Deadly, effective, and fully focused… until he meets her!

Rose is an African American human who captures his sense like no other. Will he allow himself to be softened by this woman, or will he block her out and protect the city he loves?

A black woman white man vampire romance story you simply must read.

Interracial Vampire Romance, Read It Now

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My White Vampire Sample

Darien sat next to the Gargoyle on the roof of the building he called home. On most nights he could be found here, surveying the city, fancying himself the Batman of DC. There had been an upsurge of violence in the area lately, and it was not the kind of attention his kind liked having drawn to them. There were some rogues out there who were adamant that they wouldn’t conform and they now stirred unnecessary trouble. Darien took it upon himself to become the city’s self appointed saviour, so every night he could be found here, searching for any signs of evil.

The night was still, as most of them were. And as he sat there with his leg swinging down, brushing against the stone teethed gargoyle, he suddenly started feeling thirsty. Odd. He pondered the last time he had fed and realised then that it had been almost two weeks now. He would have to go in tomorrow. He was one of those who had chosen to be registered with the private government facility that catered to his kind. There weren’t many of them around, but for the little that there were, they had the option of becoming registered. They were all given badges like identification cards which they would have to produce if accosted. Should they be unable to reproduce them, then they would be treated like the common ‘mongrels’ who still chose to live the unsophisticated life of bleeding humans dry for food.

Darien kept his badge with him at all times, even though he was much too powerful to be overtaken by a mere human. They did not possess the intellect and skill that he had garnered over his three thousand years of wandering the earth. He had been a small business proprietor who had chosen to close shop late one evening. He hadn’t even known such things existed until it landed lightly in front of him only a block away from his home. It had looked like a normal person until it had opened its mouth revealing extended sharp teeth.

He had tried to run, but that had been useless. He hadn’t gone ten paces when he felt his head being pulled back, and a searing pain as something bit into him. He had tried to fight it off, but that had proved just as useless as running. Moments later he heard a whooshing sound as the creature disappeared and he fell to the ground, clutching his neck. He had felt dizzy and as he laid there the world spun above him. He was conscious enough to remember he was close to home, so he dragged himself to his feet and bumped and bounced his way home. He collapsed onto the sofa as he entered and woke up three days later a new man.

The first days were the worst, and he had a fierce thirst that burned his throat. He had tried to drink water but his thirst remained insatiable. He didn’t go out because he could hear the beating hearts of everyone who passed him by, and several times he had to struggle not to bite into someone. One day when he was home he turned around to see the same creature that had bitten him hanging on his balcony railing. He had told him that he hadn’t bled him dry because he wanted to turn him. He told him that he had to feed or that he would die. He also couldn’t remain in town and carry on business as usual. Darien had been reluctant to trust him, but in the end he had to. Gabe took him to underground caverns and taught him the ways of the vampires: how to hunt, what to hunt and who to avoid. For years the two of them travelled the earth, hunting and feeding together. He became adept at this craft and even became a better hunter than Gabe.

A few centuries of that and Darien had had enough. What was the use of immortality if all they were going to do was run around and feed? There had to be more. A few years later he met a wiser vampire who told him that he didn’t need to feed as often as he did, that his impulses could be trained, and redirected. Darien practised this craft and soon became so that he didn’t need to hunt at all. This infuriated Gabe because he had lost his hunting partner. He bailed one night and Darien hadn’t seen him since. That was two thousand years ago.

After Gabe, Darien decided that he would study medicine and law. He got abreast of current affairs and followed the stock market. As the centuries turned, he realised that some of the skills he had acquired had become obsolete. What the new world craved was technology, so he used his wealth amassed over the years and invested in a software company. The Rochester Files, as he named the company, did everything in Information Technology including software development, web design and network support. In ten years his company had grown from a mere idea to a household name. He had interests lined up daily seeking partnership; he eventually partnered with Edward and Steve-a tactical move on his part. They were able to access the company during the day time when he could not. He still held sixty percent of the voting rights of the company so he maintained his power.

He shook his head as his thoughts came to an end. He had been sitting on the side of the building for three hours and there wasn’t even a stir. He lifted his coat as he stood and jumped off the building. It always gave him a rush when he was being propelled through the air. He fell to the ground in a soft thud and stepped off as if he were walking for the entire time. He kept walking left until he came upon a cosy little house wedged between two larger houses. There was something very homely about that little house, but it was what was inside that caught his affections more. He had seen her on many occasions, but he didn’t dare approach her. Who in their right mind would go out with a vampire?

He merged with the darkness opposite the house and leaned against the wall, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. It was past midnight so the chances of that were slim. The window that swung open on the second floor gave him easy access to her and he now darted across the street and leapt into the tree which stood outside the window. There he perched himself and closed his eyes, hearing the steady beating of her heart. He could hear the blood coursing through her veins and he was instantly reminded that he needed to feed. He would have to make an appointment in the morning to go into the agency and get his supply.

He was about to slide from the tree when he heard her heart beat increase. She was awake. He watched as she got up from the bed and flicked on the light. She was wearing a white cotton chemise that fit snugly to her small frame and she now walked unsteadily to the bathroom, now leaning against the wall for support. He waited there until she returned. She sat on the edge of her bed and checked the time on her bedside clock. Her hair was dark and wavy and perfectly blended with her cappuccino looking skin. She suddenly turned towards the tree and he sunk into the darkness, hoping she hadn’t made him out. She got up then and walked to the window. The slight wind that was blowing ruffled her hair and he caught wind of her scent. She smelled like honeydew and he closed his eyes as he drank her in. She pulled the windows to her and he heard a click as she closed them. The lights went out just as he fell to the ground. He looked up at the window once more and disappeared into the night.

He had seen her many times before, and he had developed an instant attraction to her. He had even made it his duty to know all he could about her. She was called Rose and was an interior decorator. She mainly worked independently, but consulted with some of the larger firms in the area. He had seen her jogging many times and had sat on the park bench as she ran by him on several occasions, oblivious to his presence. He knew his actions bordered on sociopath but he had to take advantage of every opportunity he got to see her. Once he felt her heart race as she glanced at him, but she instantly averted her eyes. She had an attraction for him too, and that knowledge spurred him to make contact.

On this particular morning, he was leaning against the post outside the local park as she jogged by. She hadn’t gone far when he saw her stop. He became anxious as she retreated and stood directly in front of him.

“Are you following me?” she asked.

He let out a laugh so long she started to get angry. He then lowered his gaze and pierced her own. She shuddered. “What if I were?” he asked her.

She glanced around her nervously. “Look, there are some cops down the street and I will alert them if you try to make trouble,” she said, turning around and resuming her jogging. He saw her look back once as if to ascertain whether or not he was following her. He wasn’t.

For a week this continued and she would see him every morning regardless of the path she took. “This is getting serious you know,” he said to her one of those times. “You need to stop following me.”

She stopped and looked at him incredulously. “Following you? I would think it is the other way around. How do you know where I will be every time if you aren’t stalking me?” she asked.

“I think, and correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t stalkers usually behind their victims and not in front? If I recall, I am always in front, so maybe it is you who are stalking me.” He gave her the coyest smile and he could feel her heart rate increase. He was having an effect and she could only deny it to herself, but he knew better. He made a sweeping bow and motioned for her to pass, but she just stood there with her arms folded.

“What do you want? This many days cannot be a coincidence. Did someone ask you to follow me?” she asked.

“Is there reason for someone to hire me to watch you?” he asked curiously, his eyebrows now twitching.

“Don’t play games,” she said. “Does this have to do with Ethan?” she quizzed.

“Who is Ethan?” he asked.

“My stupid ex who refuses to leave me alone. I know how sick he is and he is the only person I can think of who would do something like this. Other than that, I don’t get why you would be following me, because you are following me.”

“If I were following you, I would go with a simpler assumption” he said teasingly.

“Okay, I’ll bite. Why would you be following me?” she asked him, folding her hands and leaning against a nearby tree.

“Maybe I just like you,” he said.

For the first time since they spoke, she didn’t have anything to say.

“Cat got your tongue?” he asked.

“I am just surprised, that’s all. This isn’t typically what someone would do when they have affections for someone else.”

Just then the sun starting peeping from beyond the horizon. He slid behind some trees. “Maybe I will tell you why at another time.”

It seemed as if he literally vanished into thin air. Rose walked around the bushes but he was nowhere in sight. She rubbed her eyes in confusion, hoping maybe that she had hallucinated all of what had just happened. She turned on her heels and jogged in the opposite direction, this time heading for home. She has had enough weird in one morning.

Chapter 2

Rose opened her door and threw her iPod on the coffee table. She took a bottle of water from the refrigerator and practically threw the contents down her throat. She couldn’t understand what had her feeling this thirsty or her mind that unsettled. She didn’t have to probe too far in her mind. Her first thought drifted to the stranger along the path. For close to two weeks she had passed him every morning when she went jogging. She loved to jog in the early hours before the sun came up; it always seemed to relax her and give her positive energy and boy did she need positive energy. She was to go and see a client she had visited the day before. The couple had bought a new house and they needed her expertise in interior decorating, but the couple were at odds with what they considered decorating.

Rose fancied modern art, so she showed them a few pieces and included some abstract pieces of sculpture, but while the wife loved them, the husband thought them ugly. He would rather paintings of forests and trees and other things old fashioned. Rose wasn’t quite sure there was anything she could do for them. Sure she was being paid for every day that she turned up, but her job meant more to her than her salary. She loved decorating and seeing colours come alive in rooms that were once dull and drab. Personally she preferred minimal decor, so she embraced modern styles, architecture and decorating. Even now her living room consisted of a beige circular couch which fell in the middle of an olive green room. On the wall facing it, she had her television set wedged therein, and two rows of shelves opposite that had abstract art and a painting from Picasso’s works. She blended colours well and no room had a single colour. The wall that acted as the backdrop for the television was painted in a rust colour and the roof was a shade of pale yellow. To think of it would conjure images of a circus, but to be in the space only did wonders for the imagination and attitude.

Even her bedroom had an accent wall, and opposite that was a wide queen sized Victorian bed. A footstool was at the base of it and a rectangular mirror hung from the wall to her right. No one would guess at how comfortably the inside of her home was until they were admitted and she loved being here. Her favourite pastime was sitting on the sofa, watching movies and sipping chamomile tea. She was an introvert at heart, so she was mostly home when she wasn’t working.

She finished her water now and tossed the bottle into the bin. She walked up the stairs to her bedroom and removed her wet clothes. Even as she stood in the shower, and the water beat against her body cooling her down, her mind lingered on the face that she felt she had come to know.

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