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The White Werewolfs Love – WMBW Interracial Wolf Romance Book

The White Werewolfs Love - WMBW Interracial Wolf Romance Book Trilogy

Part three in the White Werewolf trilogy. Caucasian werewolf shifter Wes and his African American girlfriend Lucy are back for the third time.

Now that they’ve managed to stop Derek chasing them, things have become much less stressful. That said, things are still busy. The couple even need to resort to sneaking around to get some valuable love making sessions in.

But when the couple find out Derek’s not really as dead as they first thought, what will that mean for Wes’s people the Kaio? And furthermore, for the interracial couple themselves?

The final part of the BWWM wolf romance story.

The White Werewolfs Love, Read It Now

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Sample – Previously In The White Werewolf Trilogy

When Lucy Mayberry walked into a ball hosted by the law firm at which she was employed, little did she know that she was walking into her destiny. Wes Chamberlain was not the sort of man that could be ignored.

Despite her hang-ups about dating the ‘job’, they wind up getting close. But what Lucy didn’t know was that Wes was Kaio; a secret league of werewolves. She gets caught up in a battle between them and humans intent on exposing their secret. She was also kidnapped and taken by Derek, leader of this human sect, which led to a massacre when the wolves attempted to rescue her.

Wes takes Lucy to his people, but Violet, a past lover, makes it hard for her to get comfortable. She enlists the support of an assassin to get rid of Lucy, but as fate would have it this assassin turns out to be Derek.

In a case of clear misfortune, a man named Luke falls head over heels with a blonde haired beauty. This beauty happens to be Derek’s daughter.

Luke’s and Violet’s brief interaction outside the mansion sparks the interest of Derek and he summons the lad. All too soon he discovers he is Kaio and keeps him locked away in his dungeon.

Chrissie, the daughter, not having much loyalty for a father who shows compassion, runs to Wes and informs him about Luke’s capture at the hands of her father. Another battle ensues, this time to rescue Luke, and in its wake, Violet is left dead. Chrissie is now homeless and Derek is left for dead inside his own home.

Chapter One

Wes snuck outside his room, tiptoeing in the dark. The floor was heavily carpeted, but that didn’t stop him from trying to be as quite as he could. He peaked inside the single guest bedroom in the penthouse at the blonde haired teenager sleeping inside. She was curled up in the fetal position, and her breathing was shallow. He suspected she was asleep. He hurried back to the room where Lucy waited, modeling a black lace teddy, her back propped up on the cushioned head board, legs spread and waiting for him.

He needed no further invitation; he dove onto the bed, provoking giggles from her, and held her hips with both his hands. He closed his eyes and inhaled her, getting swept away in her feminine warmth. He could feel her already trembling as he licked her clit ever so gently, running his tongue along the surface. He tugged on it now with his lips and alternated between tugging and licking until he could hear her breathing intensify. He used his tongue to make a trail to her love cavern, and dipped it inside and soaked his tongue in her juices that had already begun to flow. The taste of her almost drove him wild and he squeezed her into him as his tongue darted in and out of her in rapid succession. He could not get enough, and now Lucy was gripping his hair and her hips danced out of control he had to hold tighter to keep her steady. He got up and knelt in front of her, and his now erect member shot out. She raised herself onto he elbows now and enveloped it with her warm pink enclave. She loved how salty sweet he tasted and she now reached out and gripped him as she covered him with salivary juices. She stroked him as he disappeared inside her mouth at regular intervals and now Wes had to reach out and press his palms to the wall before he lost all motor skills temporarily. He began to stroke slowly, and her head bobbed as she received him each time. He began to stroke faster now, barely breathing when she gripped him tighter with her fist. He couldn’t control it any longer and in a moment’s notice sprayed white rain all in her mouth. She held onto him all the way, causing him to collapse onto the bed, spent.

She reached out and pulled some Kleenex from a box that had made the night table its permanent home. As much as she loved pleasing her man, she didn’t want to swallow all of his fluids. Lucy emptied the product of Wes’ affection onto a roughly scrunched tissue before heading to the bathroom to wash her face entirely. When she got back to the bed he was already decked in his pajama bottom and a smile. He held his arm out for her and she nestled there, resting comfortably atop his beating heart.

“Do you think she likes it here?” she asked him.

He thought about that for a few seconds. “I would think so. She isn’t moping around, even though at times I have seen her in moments of silence,” he responded.

“That is expected I guess. She lost her father only two weeks ago, and even though they weren’t close, he was still her father. She has had to leave her family home and she had no one else but a bunch of strangers to reach out to. I would say under the circumstances, she is doing extremely well,” Lucy pointed out.

Wes raked his hand through his mane of black hair. “I suppose you are right. It is kind of odd though,” he said.

“What is?” she asked.

“For years I have been dodging Derek-planning on killing him even. Never did I dream that I would have his daughter here with me under my roof. I wonder how he would feel about that.”

“Well I am glad he won’t get to find out. I don’t think he would take very kindly to it.”

Just then Wes detected a slight movement, and gently rolled Lucy from his chest.

“What is it?” she whispered.

He didn’t answer. He moved with graceful agility across the carpet and was just in time to spot Chrissie re-entering her room. He frowned and worry lines instantly creased his forehead. He returned to his bed. Lucy was now looking at him almost in a state of panic. He smiled and kissed her forehead. “Not to worry my love, but I think we had an eavesdropper just now.”

“Eavesdropper?” she asked incredulously. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I heard movement, and just now I saw her slipping back into her room.”

“That doesn’t mean she was eavesdropping. Maybe she got up for a drink of water or something.”

“That is possible,” he said, but only to her. She was Derek’s daughter after all, and he would take no chances with her. As innocent as she appeared to be, his blood ran through her veins. Or maybe it was just his werewolf senses being too attuned. Maybe he was just paranoid. All he did see was her slipping into the room. Lucy could be right after all. This time, just this once, he would give her the benefit of the doubt.

He held Lucy in his arms, and before either of them could think about anything else, they were sound asleep.


It seemed they had only just fallen asleep when the first rays of sunlight began to peep through the blinds. Wes squinted and took up his remote. He was extremely glad now that they were automated for he did not want to move. He clicked the ‘close’ button and watched as they ate up the sunlight that had invaded his space. He looked over at Lucy, still sound asleep, and rested his head back on the pillow, his left leg raised so that his heel was now resting on the bed, and his palm cupping the back of his head. This was the time of morning that he loved most; when the dew was fresh on the grass and the air as crisp as chips. He was able to think more freely and he enjoyed being a wolf in times like these when he could run over great distances and return before Lucy would even budge from her sleep. She was a very sound sleeper, but he hardly slept for many hours at a time. He had ears that could detect sound for miles even in his human form, and that rendered it impossible to sleep for long hours.

He now got up from the bed and went to the balcony, allowing the morning breeze to stroke his fantasy now. He closed his eyes, but then he felt a presence. He turned around to see Chrissie standing there, almost shielded by the glass door. He turned around so that his back now rested against the metal railings and crossed his hands over his chest.

“Chrissie? Is there something wrong?” he asked rather politely.

She nodded to indicate no, but then she walked closer to him, stopping now by the patio table.

“Do you like having me here Mr. Chamberlain?” she asked, eyes wide with wonder.

“Why do you ask that?”

She didn’t answer right away. “You didn’t like my father, so maybe you won’t like me either.”

He didn’t even know how to respond to that. She had all right to be thinking the way she did. “It doesn’t matter that I hated your father. It was a shared sympathy between him and my kind. What matters is I love my brother, and you mean a lot to him, so until we find a permanent solution, you can stay here. Furthermore I have not been given a chance to warm up to you as yet.”

He knew her question stemmed from what she had overheard him say the night before, and as much as he had wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, she was making it a bit difficult for him. “Were you outside my bedroom door this morning?” he asked.

She hung her head. “I needed to use the bathroom, so I came out. I heard talking so I walked towards your door. I don’t know why, just curious I guess. I heard you say you hated my father, and for some reason I transferred that emotion to me,” she ended, with hung head.

‘Look Chrissie, don’t worry about that. How I feel about your father is directed at your father alone. It is not a reflection of how I feel or think about you, okay?”

She shook her head. Just then the front door burst open and who should come charging in but Luke. She spun, and her face instantly lit up. Wes smiled because it was obvious she was indeed taken with his brother. He walked off, and just as he was stepping back inside the penthouse, Luke almost collided in him.

“Hey bro,” was all he said.

“Good Morning to you too,” responded Wes. But he doubted Luke heard that. He made a beeline for Chrissie, like he did every other morning when he came there at the stroke of dawn. Chrissie had learned to mark his time and she was always up, waiting for him. Wes didn’t mind the two sharing personal space, for it seemed to give her some measure of comfort. That, plus the fact that he didn’t know how to relate to teenagers one bit. He was grateful that Lucy was there for that; she seemed to understand a whole lot more than he did.

He stood there watching the two bright faced teenagers, and wondered at a permanent solution to her staying there. She had said she had no relatives as far as she knew, but they could only take her word for that. He would contact Walter later in the day and ask him to run a background check on Derek and his family; there had to be someone living in the city. He was not her legal guardian so he could easily get into trouble by having her there. He almost jumped when he felt cold fingers touch his side. He turned around to see a half awake Lucy standing there, now robed.

“You almost gave me a fright,” he said.

“Sorry. Is that Luke? Silly question, of course it is Luke,” she asked and answered her own question. It always amused Wes when she did that. He held her hand and led her back to the sofa. “So, she did confirm she was outside the door last night.”

Lucy opened wide eyes at Wes. “What did she say?” she queried.

“She said she had come out to use the bathroom and heard voices so she naturally walked over. She thinks I may hate her too because I hate her father.”

“Oh no,” exclaimed Lucy. “How did you handle that?”

“You would be proud of me,” he beamed. “I think I did extraordinarily well, thank you. Nonetheless Luke came in not long after and her attention was diverted, allowing me to escape,” he laughed.

Lucy laughed as well. “Well I hope she is doing alright, until we figure out what to do with her permanently.”

“I was just thinking the same thing.”

They sat there in silence for a few short beats, observing the duo on the balcony. Luke was over the moon that he was being allowed to see his human girlfriend, and as much as Wes knew not all humans were the same in terms of unconditional acceptance, Chrissie was but a child; she may not be as mature to be able to deal with something of this magnitude. He was grateful for Lucy, and that she was one of the more mature humans who didn’t scream and call the dog catchers. For Luke’s sake, and for all their sakes, he hoped this girl was all she seemed. As far as he knew, they had been seeing each other for months yet Luke had not even known who her father was. There might be more that he didn’t know, and he hoped it would amount to what her favorite meal was.

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